Dev Diary: Cavalier Difficulty in 2021 and Beyond - New Buffs for February!


Everybody's favourite Balance Designer and sick beast of a gamer, Kabam John, has taken some time to jot down some thoughts on Cavalier Difficulty, what we've seen so far, and what's to come in the future! There's also a sneak peek at the new Buffs coming in the Cavalier Difficulty Event quest in February!

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  • RotellyRotelly Posts: 604 ★★★

    Rotelly said:

    Why 50% chance to evade
    It's mix masher korg and doom all over again

    The idea here is to encourage Evade encounters, and combined with the Skillful Distraction buff, this gives more Skill Champions access to the kit necessary to prevent Evasion.
    This is a horrible idea, lets talk about the number of skill champs that can cause Disorient, Incinerate or Shock effect.
    - Disorient (Fury[SP1], Night Thrasher[Synergy], Ronin [SP1])
    - Incinerate (Agent Venom [SP2], Cross Bones[SP2], Gwenpool [SP1], Winter Soldier [SP1/SP2]
    - Shock (Black Widow DO [Basic], Night Thrasher[SP1], Thor Rag [SP3]

    Okay based on that only 8 out of 32 skill champs are useful for this buff and only one of the champs can inflict the debuff without having to rely on a special attack
    You are forgetting masacre and fury.
    Good catch with Masacre, i have fury on the list but he requires an SP1 to trigger disorient
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