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    Is been 3 months and I still got the same issue where you can't use app unless is under wifi. @Kabam Miike @Kabam Porthos @Kabam Vydious . Can anyone update on this issue. 3 MONTHS AND NO WORDS YET. Decided to verify today after 3 months and I still CAN'T log without wifi.
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    Well, they edited a post and jailed the only person in the thread who had useful info on the issue. That's our response.
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    Thanx @FuzzyLuzzi for the info man
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    Prolly gunna have to change to a 5g phone worst case
  • Not to worry, they have 9 months to fix this according to reports of the 3G shutdown. Not that there would be any T-Mobile/Sprint, or other Countries ISPs with this issues, players left by then.

    Interesting that letter says the network will still be up thru most of 2021.

    But my phone has been sent messages saying it will no longer work as of (well, as of 1 or 2 months ago), and yet it is still up and running (I only run the game on my tablet, but as far as phone calls, etc, goes it is still working). Wonder if it will stay up for calls thru more of this year like above letter said ?

    So bought a new phone already in Dec, but haven’t needed to take it out of box and actually activate it yet.
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    This is occasional in my case.
    I use JIO LTE connection(INDIA). It happened exactly a month ago and it started happening again 2 days ago. But it works fine when I connect to mobile hotspot of the same JIO LTE. Probably its a monthly thing where it automatically switches between modes(atleast in my case). Hoping for a permanent solution for this issue.
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    Knowing from experience and looking at all the other bug reports, I think it's safe to say that one of the major issues right now might not even be Kabam's fault. Sprint and T-Mobile merged recently. I know I still have problems making phone calls using Cellular. The LTE Data connection is just ****. Whatever they did to Merge the towers still isn't working. Now this doesn't affect many other apps that aren't accessing the internet as much (amusingly I can still hotspot with 40mbs), but I'm sure CoC and many other apps play like **** now.

    If you are experiencing this issue, I recommend not only letting Kabam know, but also T-Mobile.

    I am having issues also and i cant get the labyrinth of legends fight to load after i click the fight button.
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    Still nothing. Still no comment from kabam since November beyond threatening one poster for calling out their inaction.
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    This has been going on for 5 months for me they haven't done anything to fix it after 30 plus tickets just to be told we are working on it they dont care about most of us as long as the have there whales who spend thousands Kabam should be ashamed they have let this go on for so long
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    Actually, I don't see it there.
  • Is this issue happening with iPhone uses with TMobile? I need a new phone and I'd consider switch
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    ... and months later kabam refuses to even acknowledge that the issue exists/persists, much less discuss progress toward solving it
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    Is this issue happening with iPhone uses with TMobile? I need a new phone and I'd consider switch

    Yes, I have an IPhone 12 pro and since November 10( right after that maintenance schedule) I had connection issues with data (T-Mobile issue) but after the last maintenance schedule it only took a few minutes to enter but no more connection issues when I’m playing like before
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    That means they are using the same code, making the same IPv4 call, Apple just has better DNS64 for translation compared to other companies. If only someone would tell Kabam to look at the code they added back in November and fix those IP calls.

    Lol. If only someone could do that... hmm... Oh, look at that. You just did. Again.
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    This has gotten so little attention I feel like this:

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    edited March 2021
    I think iphone issues are just the normal MCOC connection problems. Android has been literally unplayable since November without workarounds. I'm in texas and during the blackouts a couple weeks ago I had switched my phone back to default connection settings. Couldn't figure out why the game wouldn't load at all when the grid was back up. Set it back to IPv4/IPv6 and I could log in (with frequent freezing).
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    I still get way more freezes/disconnects on ipv4/ipv6 than on wifi.
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    Or just drop to 3G. That doesn't use IPv6 at all.

    I have to use 3G to do anything in game, pretty much made me quit except for AQ.
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    I've only just found this thread, read the whole thing. I use an iPhone 11, very fast UK EE 4G, and I have to wait about 2 minutes watching the connection icon flashing before I can get past the loading screen. Once I'm in the game, it's fine, but I have that 2 minute period where I can't get into the game.

    It's been like this since last year, probably November. No other game or application on my phone has this issue, only MCOC. The silence of the Kabam developers is a little shocking, I can't believe they don't know what's causing it.
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