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  • Added thought: I recall someone mentioning that Kabam would most likely rate the update's success on datamining his usage. *Hopefully* it's taken into account new people using him simply to experience the difference and figure out how to play this transformation. Not too familiar with how the datamining works.
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    Nothing to see here lol math was wrong
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    @Woody_feder He can refresh Hexes with mediums. So it's not that impractical.
  • Woody_federWoody_feder Posts: 584 ★★

    @Woody_feder He can refresh Hexes with mediums. So it's not that impractical.

    I totally skimmed over that...

    You’re 100% correct, removed my math since you could actually stack up to the amount of bullets plus missed hits and buffs staggered on the first fight. My apologies 😅
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    This is so clown. I really thought Kabam was smarter than this.
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    I am genuinely amazed that a mod has not commented on this yet. At least give us a bit of insight into why these changes were made. Even if they took this new kit and restored the fate seal and heavy refresh, I think that champs like doom and SS will still be superior. I just want to hear what Kabam is thinking about this and what the general plan is.

    Yes! Like what specific content did they think hood would now shine for. Or what champs are they targeting to counter with his updates.
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    What does kabam have against the hood? They just needing him because he’d be too OP for the 7.2.6 boss coming soon?
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