Kitty Pryde has got it all

As we all probably know by now Kitty has some incredible utility with her phasing and that she can do some decent damage but after pulling her as a 6* from the early access bundle along with a 6* Peni i’ve done a lot of testing and experimenting to see what exactly she is capable of. The clip below is of an unboosted 6* r2 Kitty Pryde without suicides against Realm of Legends Winter Soldier and well… i’ll let the clip speak for itself


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    Sadly she is just a defender.
    And, true focus is here to stay
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    Not gonna say I told you so, but…
  • TheBair123TheBair123 Posts: 5,340 ★★★★★

    Sadly she is just a defender.
    And, true focus is here to stay

    I can get behind the maw hype

    but “she is just a defender” is utter ridiculousness
    Fine. Mostly a defender.
    I mean, even Korg for example has some offensive abilities
    I’d say this is closer to saying “well, apoc has some defensive abilities.” Not saying she’s anywhere near apoc, but closer to him than korg
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    Thanks for sharing. I'm a huge fan of your channel btw. Keep up the good work.
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    Fintech said:

    Fintech said:

    Werewrym said:

    Too OP! Must put true focus on everything!

    True Focus actually helps her
    Well it helps but also hurts her damage output as you won’t be able to phase any hits before firing off a special
    Doesn’t matter. If awakened, she takes no damage, the phasing is paused, and she gains a lot of power
    Yeah it’s a great piece of utility which makes her close to immortal against opponents who counter miss but it does hurt her damage a bit though she still hits like a truck
    Doesn't even hurt her damage in most match ups. You can't stack prowess above the cap but instead have access to your specials multiple times faster. No need to sp1 spam for incinerates when tanking 1 combo will get you just below a sp3 anyways. Outside of high multi hit specials like WS sp2 true focus is a positive for damage as well.
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    She ain't a letdown like Jubilee thats for sure.
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    Waiting for Nimrod bundle lol
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    GarrettN said:

    Sadly she is just a defender.
    And, true focus is here to stay

    I can get behind the maw hype

    but “she is just a defender” is utter ridiculousness
    Its a meme account.
    Unfortunately not, that person was specifically chosen by Kabam to help them moderate the forums.
    Though they do spend half the time trolling and being generally unhelpful.
    No, the 'Guardians' chose to put themselves forward for the role. And I don't think Kabam were especially thorough in how they accepted.

    As to how much their role benefits the forums? Well, I don't think there's been any more recruiting of 'Guardians' for a couple of years, so...
    So Kabam chose him among others out of the pool of applicants, so they chose the people to give the guardian role too.
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    Had access to the post data of thousands of players, many of whom are nothing but helpful yet still managed to Rick roll themselves
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    And she's incredibly suicide-friendly since she takes 80% less damage while phased. Recoil damage is basically negligible if you throw specials while phased. She actually heals up from the suicide poison over the course of a fight (given you play well) if you have willpower. She's capable of that while unawakened, so her regen over the course of a fight is even better when she actually takes 0 damage while phased. On top of that, she has really good damage, access to passive incinerates, access to a pretty lengthy passive unblockable, passive prowess, and access to risk-free intercepts.

    She's really quite ridiculous.
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    This sounds more like a brag post 🤔

    Everything’s brag posts, underrated and overrated in here. Point of this post is to show kitty prydes damage without suicides or boosts, and utility. Mainly damage
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