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Are you guys joking with this side quest design

This is by far the most absurd thing difficulty wise in a SIDE QUEST...this isn't story mode or summer of pain it's a side quest...up the middle ...u got super skrull , Korg , and terrax then annihlus as the boss....good thing I chessed it last week because this is absolutely not worth the time ...10minute fights in a side quest , Ludacris


  • ItsDamienItsDamien Posts: 5,626 ★★★★★
    Personally didn’t find this week overly difficult. Majority of it was done with Mags, and BWCV with Sersi or Ikaris for their paths. Only on the two highest difficulties did I take Omega for the middle path as it didn’t need either of the two required champs.
  • K1nnyK1nny Posts: 46
    While I agree this week’s new SQ is slightly more difficult - I can see that it can be very difficult with players who have a limited roster and not the right counters. Which isn’t helpful as the crystal openings are based on RNG and it’s hard to get who you want.

    I 100% this week’s SQ already using 2 champs only - 6r3 CGR and Doom. For all lanes. the middle lane in legendary was probably the most brutal, long fight - as I used doom for korg, skrull and cgr for terrax and annihilus.

    CGR for all annihilus boss difficulty and the rest of the paths were either doom or CGR. I hope this helps.
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