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    Valeria von Doom (Earth-99315)


    Valeria von Doom


    Marvel Girl

    Powers and Abilities


    Nullify Reality Alteration (Potentially): She claimed she could block Franklin's reality-manipulating powers.
    Time Travel (potentially): She has the ability to teleport herself and others though the space-time continuum through force of will.
    Psionic Force-Field Generation: Valeria can also mentally generate a psionic field of invisible force apparently drawn from the same reality warping time and space quasi-psionic energies her brother uses, which she manipulates for a variety of effects. Most commonly, she generates near-indestructible invisible force fields around herself or other targets. She can vary the texture and tensile strength of her field to some extent, rendering it highly rigid or as soft and yielding as foam. She is capable of generating and manipulating multiple psionic force fields simultaneously. She may also use this power to create powerful force-bolts and levitate herself and other objects similar to Telekinesis.

    Concussive Blasts: She can focus her psionic energies into very powerful energy blasts of concussive and explosive force.

    Enhanced Strength: She can use her power to add force to her already powerful blows.

    Enhanced Durability: Her aura is made of the same energies she uses to make her force fields.


    Marvel Girl possesses an intellect on a par with her father.

  • Vladimir Kravinoff

    Young Cable

  • Queen Shiklah



    Weapon H

    Scream & Agony

    Please kabam xD !!!
  • LLEEXXLLEEXX Posts: 29

  • LLEEXXLLEEXX Posts: 29
    Iron Fist (Fan Fei)

  • The Multiverse Hulk



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    Why bring all the old post to the new discussion. If the reason you started the new discussion was that the old one was ballooning. Is this a prank?
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    Queen Goblin


    Venom Space Knight

    Alpha Ray

    Raptor (Damon Ryder)

  • The All Powerful Sentry

    Tarn the Uncaring

    Living Monolith
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    Black knight





    Balder the brave
    Sunfire as my top wish. And Black Knight as Second, and Exodus as 3rd
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    Please add Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) 🔥💀🔥 next year
  • MirTural8MirTural8 Posts: 26
    Next year add Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) 🔥💀🔥
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    Hello Kabam I see very little inhumans as playable champions in this game. I am a big fan of the Inhumans I would really appreciate it if you would add more. Here are some suggestions.






    Absorbing man
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    Cyclops (Phoenix) is the most powerfull versión of Cyclops
  • LLEEXXLLEEXX Posts: 29
    Sunfire is a mutant japones

  • LLEEXXLLEEXX Posts: 29

    Médico Místico

    Red Lockust
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    There's no doubt there's ton of well known champs that have yet to arrive to MCOC, who have unique and interesting powers. The character I'd like to see in the contest, isn't a super-human but he's definitely a well known enforcer in the criminal underworld. That man is Hammerhead!

    Here's why I think he should be considered as a potential champ:

    - He could be a skill champ (or science).

    - He has ties to other crime bosses therefore opening the door for great storylines.

    - He would have amazing synergies with many champs in the contest

    - He represents a huge crime organization known as the Maggia (we need more stories revolving other organizations other than Hydra or the Cabal)

  • The Maker



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    The Spot

    King Cobra

    Doctor Druid







    Grim Reaper
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    Stardust (cosmic) herald of Galactus
    Gladiator (Mystic) hes probably more cosmic. But taking a guess. Member of the imperial guard.
    Blink (mutant) member of the exiles
    Vulcan (mutant) omega level
    Cannonball (mutant) member of the new mutants.
    Sebastian shaw (mutant)
    Toxin (cosmic)
    (Zzzxx) (cosmic)
    Cloak (science)
    Dagger (skill)
    This is what i have so far. But its growing
  • Godstriker56Godstriker56 Posts: 25
  • Mr.0-8-4Mr.0-8-4 Posts: 370 ★★★
    Class: Science
    Reason: we need a science champ with radiation debuffs! Maybe a D.O.T. champ similar to Omega Red, Void or Memphisto.

    Class: Skill
    Reason: we need another mobster that represents another major organization. In this case it would be the Maggia crime family. He would have great synergies with the cabal, the top crime bosses (Kingpin, Joe Fixit, Mr. Negative and Hood) and other criminals!

    Class: Mutant
    Reason: we need native American representation! I've always found Forge to be an incredible mutant but rather than having him as an OP champ, we could make him a formidable champ but with a kit that supports/benefits the tech class. I can see him being a Nick Fury of the tech class.

    Wave (Pearl Pangan)
    Class: Science
    Reason: we need more aquatic character! Not to mention she's from the Philippines! (shout out to our Filipino brothers and sisters). It would be cool to see her use water manipulation (kinda like Sersei's SP2) and she could have awesome synergies with Namor and Hydroman down the road!

    P.S. I forgot to mention that she's part of the superhero team called Agents of Atlas! Yet another cool superhero team!

    Class: Science
    Reason: I don't even need to list why he should be included. He's Hydroman! The coolest water based character in the Marvel universe! Other characters who manipulate water are cool but being made of water and being able to use water based attacks to further empower you is beyond cool. This man needs to be in the game asap!

    Class: Cosmic
    Reason: we need more Atlantean presence in the Battlerealm. Interestingly enough, I put down Attuma as cosmic instead of mutant because it turns out that his species originated on a different water planet which migrated to Earth and established itself in the oceans. He would make an interesting foe with awesome Atlantean tech and sweet sweet synergies!

    Class: Mystic
    Reason: we need more champs associated with the dark dimension! I put down Cloak's class as mystic because although he got his powers via a drug, his powers connect him to an ancient hunger that life steals opponent's health. He would have some good synergies with Mr. Negative and other heroes like the midnight sun's.

    Omega Sentinel
    Class: Tech
    Reason: she was one of the top most anticipated champs that would have sweet synergies with the tech class and sentinels! She's from Indian decent (which awesome to have more representation) and she could have great synergies with Forge! (seeing as Forge is a natural with tech)
  • I'd like to see Sleepwalker added as a new champ. All characters on the 2022 tree are ****, and SOOO many characters are remade (spiderman, captain America, hulk, etc) when there are still so many good characters that haven't been made yet. And all the newer ones have been a lot less popular and crappy as a character. 7 years of playing, PLEASE make Sleepwalker!!!
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    Warpath the brother of Thunderbird who he looked up to but quickly surpassed.

    “ I don’t want to be a killer. But now I have no choice”

    He has super everything, has super human strength, super human speed, super human reflexes, he can regenerate, later on he learns to fly, and he has vibranium weapons.

    There are so many different ways you could incorporate this character and mix and match / pick and choose his abilities because he has a lot. Tons of options for synergy’s and opens the door to incorporating other champs with his story. He also had a small role in days of future past; so some people know about him. It would be the first Native American included in the diverse roster of Mcoc and he undoubtedly would be a fan favorite.
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    Silver Samurai


    Radioactive man


    Galactus the Butcher of worlds

    What if Ultron
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