Hey kabam, with OVER 200 champions in the game now, isn't it about time....

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We revisit the topic of the wish crystals? At this point, even the dual class crystal pools are too big to make a difference or get the Champions we want or need (I've opened over 40 of them chasing apocalypse with no luck). They were YOUR idea, and the idea was received with excitement from the vast majority of the community, yet getting any information or updates about them has been like screaming at a wall.
Will these things ever exist, or was that announcement just to placate us while you continue to dilute the pool?
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    Skiddy212 said:

    Wish crystals are the new bases

    We don't mention such things...
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    If we can't get the Wish Crystals, I wonder if instead we could get the yearly Cav crystals added into the store and rotated daily.

    Wouldn't be as good obviously but it would be better than nothing and it would allow Kabam to focus resources elsewhere. Maybe even increase the cost to 300 units and make them Nexus.
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    Simple dual crystals are long overdue
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    Zeraphan said:

    Raganator said:

    At minimum, it's time for a dual class 6* and a class specific 5*.

    Dual Class 6* should be an easy quick thing to implement I would imagine and yes they would be very beneficial. Maybe then I could end my Warlock hunt.
    I was hunting for 5* venom and never opened any dual crystal and recently pulled him from last month sinister 6 cavalier 🤣
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    I’d love to know what progress if any has been made on implementing wish crystals. If I had to be bet, Kabam has made no progress at all beyond what they posted in the road map. It’s been nearly 2 years since Kabam informed of a change to masteries system and we’ve had zero update since. It’s Wish crystals are Bases all over again.
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    Zeraphan said:

    While I do like the idea of the Wish crystal, I think there are far more important things that need/should happen before that gets implemented.

    Champ acquisition and advancement should be a top priority for Kabam as ultimately that's the big money maker. The bugs suck, but they're just kinda annoying, not enough to make me quit. Spending money and still never getting the champs I want, Nova's "buff" being insultingly pathetic, popular old champs continuing to suck, miniscule chance of acquiring new champs before they're old news. Reversing that Nova situation, and the other ones I guess, would boost $$$ and keep Kabam making money hand over fist. A much more worthwhile use of their limited resources than pulling people to chase minor annoyances.
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    For every month that goes by and champions are added into the pool concerned, the attainment of specific champions gets harder. Duping CAIW or Aegon naturally is harder now than it was six months ago, or twelve months ago.

    I feel sorry for newer players, who are trying to progress against the rosters of players who built up theirs from as more limited pool. Yes, newer players have access to a wider pool of champions but that is assuming that all champions are equal in total viability - which they are certainly not.

    I'd scribbled down half a dozen ideas.- some are better than others but there's two obvious ones to me.
    • A 'Featured Cavalier', or a 'Featured Cavalier Nexus'. It has the same champs as in the 6* Featured.
    • In the last week of an event, allow the direct purchase of the event crystal, such as the Cavalier Sinister Synergy crystal, for units.
    I don't think this is a priority for Kabam. But it is for many players. That is why a regular Dev Roadmap is useful, to let us know what Kabam's priorities are. We can then set our expectations accordingly.
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    I do think wish crystals would get some restrictions, balance-wise. Otherwise, people would just put all the god-tier in it. I expect Kabam would divide it in a similar fashion as featured crystals.

    Featured crystals contain 24 champions. Of those, 6 are new and thus high-value, 6 are trash and thus low-value and 12 are inbetween and thus mid-value.

    Wish crystals would make sure you can pick 6 champions out of the high-value pool, 12 out of mid-value and 6 out of low-value. The odds to pull what you really want stay the same: 25%. You have 50% chance to get a consolation prize. 25% chance to get something you didn't want at all, but is at least of your own choosing.
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