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Freeze when using Energy Refill [Merged Threads]



  • Morpheus_123Morpheus_123 Posts: 792 ★★★
    This darkened out screen happens to me on lots of different parts of the game, not just energy refilling. I haven't filled out any sort of bug report, I generally put it down to connection/server issues, and as of yet it corrects itself on re-booting the game.

    Not ideal for someone in a hurry, or going for the time attack leaderboard etc.
  • ZanerJayZanerJay Posts: 131
    Yea thats all I do is reboot the game just super annoying having to do so, havnt ran into it in other areas though just when the use energy tab should be popping up
  • Morpheus_123Morpheus_123 Posts: 792 ★★★
    ZanerJay said:

    Yea thats all I do is reboot the game just super annoying having to do so, havnt ran into it in other areas though just when the use energy tab should be popping up

    Opening in-game mail, when opening or directly after opening a crystal, going into or collecting objectives from the bottom right icons. That's a few instances I get it.
  • Antony687Antony687 Posts: 87
    I updated my game but didnt get the extra energy bars when i use refills. Is it a bug or the update is not live yet?
    I dont need any compensation, just give me my 30 units back because i know you developers are just running the game as your part time job.
  • Aidanis95Aidanis95 Posts: 2
    Just had the dark screen multiple times when using small energy refills right after another
  • ProducteProducte Posts: 71
    Hi, this happened to me and I deleted the app in iOS and downloaded again. It has not happened again.
  • ProducteProducte Posts: 71
    Hi, this happened to me and I deleted the app in iOS and downloaded again. It has not happened again. Delete the app completely including stored data.
  • TheHeroDeservedTheHeroDeserved Posts: 699 ★★★
    Happens to me as well on Android.
  • Brutus2099Brutus2099 Posts: 52
    Same bug, iOS, iPhone 13 Pro Max.

    Simplest work around atm is just to use energy from inventory screen not via the pop up or hitting energy at top of screen.
  • BassanioBassanio Posts: 162
    iPad mini
  • НеАйсНеАйс Posts: 8
    Reinstalling did not help, I do not know what to do (((
  • SearmenisSearmenis Posts: 1,545 ★★★★★
    serv71 said:

    in fact, just one time....

    In bandcamp?
  • NoobdaNoobda Posts: 787 ★★★
    Ya . I restrated game twice just now.
  • AverageDesiAverageDesi Posts: 5,074 ★★★★★
    Is this for iOS?
  • SanmugamSanmugam Posts: 3
    Bug in energy purches problem hang is very problem.game play

  • SanmugamSanmugam Posts: 3
    Hang this update all alliance friend this problem
  • SanmugamSanmugam Posts: 3
    No purches energy screen off . return close game and reopen after purchasing energy pls help
  • SanmugamSanmugam Posts: 3

  • BassanoClapperBassanoClapper Posts: 54
    Same here. Another update, another round of bugs.
    Beta testing still insufficient, apparently 😔
  • Ddr7822Ddr7822 Posts: 20
    Seeing this too, android s21 ultra
  • altavistaaltavista Posts: 1,109 ★★★★
    I updated to latest version on iOS for both iPhone and iPad. I have experienced this on both devices.

    There have been a few times, where I am in a quest in the map/path screen, where the screen will dim in brightness, and I am not able to tap in any inputs. If I suspend the game to go back to my iOS home screen, the home screen will have the normal screen brightness and ability to tap the screen. Going back to the suspended game, the screen is still that dim. I will not be able to move, go back, or affect any of the normal game elements. I will have to force close the game, and then re-open the game for it to load and behave normally again.

    I don't know if this has something to do with being out of energy and the game not bringing up the energy refill menu up correctly. Normally, when you don't have enough energy, the game automatically brings up the Energy refill prompt (ask for help, use single energy, use a big energy refill). The energy refill prompt will be bright and in the foreground, while the rest of the game is in the background and dimmed.

    But, the last time this happened I did notice that I had only 1 energy left (and the path required 3 energy to move), the screen dimmed (as if to dim the whole screen, so that the energy refill menu is brighter and draws your attention), but no menu popped up. I don't see any menu at all when the screen dims.

    Not sure the energy thing is related to the problem I have, but I wanted to bring that up.
  • altavistaaltavista Posts: 1,109 ★★★★
    Just posted seeing this problem as well!
    On iOS devices.
  • Il_JooOIl_JooO Posts: 460 ★★
    I've been trying to do act 7 and I already reset the game like 30 times!!!!! THIS BUG IS SO FRUSTRATING
  • RC51RC51 Posts: 182
    Same. When I hit the big button in the middle to bring up my Energy Summary, that works fine:

    But when I hit "Use Items", the screen dims, and the game dies. I am forced to kill the app and restart:

    I can then go back into the Energy Summary and hit Use Items, which brings up the screen where I can ask for energy help, use a 5-energy, or use a full-energy. I can hit what I need to, OR just close out of that window. But if I try to go back into the Energy Summary window and hit "Use Items" again during the same session, the screen again goes dim and the game dies.
  • Mpd1Mpd1 Posts: 92
    Just deleted game and reloaded. Still having same issues. Game goes dim on energy request screen and the only thing I can do is force close.
  • hmdemerahmdemera Posts: 78
    edited June 2022
    Experiencing the same bug after the update. I've had energy refills expire because I cannot claim them. Will they be reimbursed?

    Any update?

  • hendemerahendemera Posts: 6
    Same thing happening on my second account. Happening on Android and iOS devices. Game IDs: hmdemera and hendemera

  • GigeticusGigeticus Posts: 16
    I'm having the same problem. I run out of energy, no prompt to use a refill, screen dims and then the game freezes. I can't open anything. Have no choice but to close out and restart the game
  • Crine60Crine60 Posts: 1,343 ★★★★
    I just had this problem happening but it was when clicking to view someone's account profile. The kicker is I haven't updated to the new version yet. What the heck is going on here?
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