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    I was doing a legends run......FML

    I am beyond upset at this. @Kabam Miike what happens with those who were going for a legends title?

    Legends titles are not affected by Server Outages because we make sure to take the downtime into account when calculating your Legends Run time.

    With all due respect @Kabam Miike I don't see how that's possible. The servers were wonky for what seemed to be several minutes before going down completely and that seems impossible to factor out of a Legends run. On top of that, disconnected in the middle of a fight means the timing for that fight gets thrown off also. And I guess it is possible the times are adjusted to record when the player logs back in after downtime ends, but even if you do that there's got to be an impossible to fully account for time to reenter the mission.

    And that's separate from the fact that players using boosts to accelerate their runs will likely have those boosts expire. That might be correctable by reboosting and waiting to be compensated for that, but that also seems to be a difficult thing to fully account for.

    It might only be minutes of discrepancy, but that could affect someone close to the cutoff time. I don't know how Kabam could be certain that Legend run times would not be affected by this kind of downtime.

    Stop it with all that realistic logic ****. We all know Kabam is never wrong about this kind of thing. Lol.
  • I’m starting to find myself constantly let down by the game being down at some of the most unfortunate times, one of which includes the begging of the 3rd year anniversary arena. Today 7:30 central time it’s down again, and I feel like these “emergency maintenances” are happening more and more often. This time I lost some rewards on the MODOK hotel that I was going to do at the last minute. Other times it costs me potions and revives in AQ and AW. This is a sincere question Kabam: Why does it feel like these blackouts are happening more often? What’s going on in the background? I would like to stay informed on what is going on, and hopefully this will help me feel less irate when I lose rewards or units.
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    This isn't just about AQ timers. Sure, that's part of it, but it's also the guy who is losing time to do arena. An arena he might already be backed up on because of losing two rounds of arena time on Sunday, which he had to make up for. It's the one who lost their arena streak because of stuff dropping. Or the one who was finally getting time to do Modok, and can't now. Or the one who just used an energy refill, and now their energy is full and they can't do anything about it.

    The problem is this is becoming more frequent, and while Kabam employees tell us they are sorry, they've done nothing to prove it. No attempt to make it up to us, they haven't fixed the's frustrating. Really frustrating.

    It's also the people in the lab who won't finish, people trying to do aq for the evening before maintenance. People with war ending and bosses waiting to be killed. It's boosts expiring into nothing. It's energy refills used that will be wasted. It's a myriad of things that we will get no consideration for.

    Timed events and the like do not pause and Kabam could care less.

    Emergency maintenance now, scheduled maintenance next. It's done for the day. Good job.

    Oh yeah, and the 7 hour timer on my 5*s is about to finish. But who knows if I'll get a chance to use them. Another five hundred points lost in arena.
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    We are going to need 30 minute timers with the extended downtime today. Please make this happen, it's been down an hour already and with more scheduled this will really mess up aq today. Luckily we took down all our bosses before this hit, but I imagine our opponent is having fits as they were working on ours when game went down. Thanks for the win.
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    So missed out on Modok's lab...that's messed up.
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    Lol if we are gonna be salty @Kabam Miike can be salty.

    Someone who's in customer service, which is what a mod really is, shouldn't be salty with a pissed off player base.
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    With all these emergency shut down, I really hope a great compensation package is coming. It's really starting to make people mad, and me personally, is making me worry on buying more into the game (which sucks I really enjoy the game when it's going)
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    Dang, and I was in the middle of spinning a collector crystal when it said there is a problem with the wifi so it kept spinning until i got off the app. Hope there is some gift in the mail for all these emergency maintenance's.
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    And back down
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    I was doing a legends run......FML

    I am beyond upset at this. @Kabam Miike what happens with those who were going for a legends title?

    Legends titles are not affected by Server Outages because we make sure to take the downtime into account when calculating your Legends Run time.

    If you are doing a legend run and there is an outage does the time start again when you login next or the servers come back up? If you don’t know when the servers are up you could add a bunch of extra time to your run through no fault of your own

    I was literally going to post exactly this. I have never understood this explanation from kabam. Let’s say it’s misnight where u are and servers go down. Eventually after an hour u go to bed. Then game back up two hours later. Does legend time restart then or when the person is able to log back in? My guess is it’s when the game is back available which is most certainly not fair.
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    Up then down again. Awesome.
  • I think there needs to be compensation because I was in the middle of doing arena. And this is the second time in three days the game has gone down
  • Wish yall give us sumn nice
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    glad my items and reroll's were put to good use. Basically lost them because I went past the timer amount in modok lab. No shards and lost items. ****!!! Any chance I can get those items back @Kabam Miike ???
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    30 min AQ energy, arena histamina and boosts.
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    I was fighting Mordo in AQ smh...this so not fair at all.
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    @Kabam Miike thanks for closing my post without explaining the situation, luckily for me you're kind enough to post on this post. When can we expect this problem to be resolved?

    Well, when there are multiple threads on a subject, we choose to answer the one that is most constructive, and tend to delete the ones that are completely non-constructive.

    We are currently working on the situation, and will try to resolve it ASAP.

    When is ASAP? Its been an hour...

    So the game is up, but it still freezes for minures on end before resuming

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    if this isn't fixed before maintenance, it's going to really mess up our Map 6 run.

    Plz fix or give 30 min timers.

    Same here.... Every time they add something it's a week or so of hellfire and dead server hamsters. The % on the health bar for a wasted map 6 run.
  • Some of my alliance can connect and are playing, some of us are stuck, unable to login. So much for this war, gonna end with me unable to connect and contribute, not to mention many others. This is beyond old...
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    so awesome. So glad I don't have arena to do.
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    I’ve been having the same issue
  • Kabam should shorten times for champs in arena and energy in AW/AQ with all the connection and maintenance issues!
  • I am so tired of the game having emergency maintenance. I spend way to much time and money for your servers and programmers to be so incompetent. I'm sorry if that rude, but i neen compensation!
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    It's down again
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    All right that does it. This is totally not what i signed up for. Way to celebrate 3 years of a roller coaster of quality.
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