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    Ronin916 wrote: »
    If you’re going to remove the revive from Act 1, you should at least add in a 25% to 50% chance to drop a revive from beating ROL Winter Soldier. At the moment, there’s no reliable way to farm revives in this game. I understand the need to keep things balanced and from being overly exploited, but there should at least be some way to reliably farm revives

    Nope. Would be too beneficial to the player base.

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    So...getting items from maps and other areas of the game is exploits?

    I hope that we all keep quiet that we can get T4B from CCB...otherwise...
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    Jokes on them. They don’t know about the other chapter.
  • Kabam changes the game because of their own mistake and basically threatens players that figured it out. Ridiculous...I heard about it but simply don't care to farm L1 revives. I'm glad they're not gonna punish people that did because it would've been a mass exodus of members like after 12.0 came out.
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    Most tone deaf customer support in the history of anything that was profitable.
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    that is true
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    this whole situation is disgraceful to the player base that you remove an item you purposefully placed in a quest and indirectly threatening players who used it to their advantage to complete difficult content
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    This is the exact reason why I left this broken, busted and time consuming game.
    Discussions was still open in my Safari and no surprise, I see Kabam is up to their same old tricks.
    I left the game months ago and highly recommend everyone doing the same.
    Boycott time
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    .. It looks as if you've offended your whales as well. So,.
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    IOSJasoN wrote: »
    Well my comment was immediately removed for being non-constructive.. Personally I thought it was awesome.. As I got warned and it was removed immediately kabam must of secretly thought the same ;-)

    I’ve had 3 removed today and none were even vulgar or attacking. I’m surprised this thread hasn’t been deleted.
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