Game Down Aug. 9 [Merged Threads]



  • FloorKillerFloorKiller Posts: 112
    1* gamora is on your way, no worries 😂
  • crogscrogs Posts: 659 ★★★
    If they just did a 3 day ban it would be easy to see who hasn't logged in and then boot them. Problem solved. Assuming it's an active alliance.
  • HaMMilHaMMil Posts: 7
    Down again... 5 times with this :| you need to repeat the arena!
  • LegionDestroierLegionDestroier Posts: 101
    Naaaa game working as intended 👍
  • MattyPerlerMattyPerler Posts: 91
    A guy joined are alliance just before war and blitzed through a fully booked boss, which was in possible for his pi. We blocked, kicked and reported them and we got dropped 200 points in aw rating. Then we got a message saying someone else was cheating in are alliance and we had to remove them and because we didn't get information we had to spend 2 hours going through people's rosters to find the cheater so we could get rid of him
  • borntohulaborntohula Posts: 447 ★★★
    I’ve seen GW post this a lot and it’s always bothered me, but here is my correction to the flawed logic.

    Don't you think it's a bit presumptuous to assume everyone is into logic? I mean, you got to honor alternative viewpoints, dude.

    Nudge, nudge, wink, wink

  • Player9876Player9876 Posts: 32
    Lol. Whoever kabams “partners” are in regards to their server issues, should maybe be looking for s new partner. This shite is ridiculous
  • MBadialiMBadiali Posts: 22
    You would think that with the money they make from crystal sales alone they could upgrade their servers ten times over
  • MigginslyMigginsly Posts: 39
    WingTSE wrote: »
    Seriously I just get done beating an unstoppable colossus in aq and I get this ****. Let me guess my champ will be at half health and ic will still be therep0bibiknb07z.jpeg

    I think thats a pretty good guess.
  • Antony687Antony687 Posts: 87
    edited August 2018
    I will start using mod now as there is no value in playing so sincerly when the game developers treat u as ****.
  • Lou_FerrignoLou_Ferrigno Posts: 13
    Legend run out the window. Smh
  • BaeyensBaeyens Posts: 14
    Spidey miles morales...
  • BaeyensBaeyens Posts: 14
  • mugichamugicha Posts: 46
    emergency maintenance =only reboot server
  • GsxrmackGsxrmack Posts: 6
    Anybody having any connection to server issue
    Havent been able to log in for 20 mins now
  • BigDWSUBigDWSU Posts: 212
    DOA40 wrote: »
    Seems nowadays we spend more time out of the game than we actually do in it.


    This **** is way beyond getting old. #FixYourDamnServers

  • DOA40DOA40 Posts: 94
  • MfallsMfalls Posts: 94
    A game down again, speaking of which what happened to the compensation for all of the over heating issues from last month.
  • roberto94roberto94 Posts: 779 ★★
    edited August 2018
    It’s just weird that they won’t reveal the player’s name because of ToS... but there’s nowhere win the ToS that state that a name of a player shall not be reveled... who cares? They cheated so it’s only fair to let community know the name to be more careful next time.
  • Itay1234212Itay1234212 Posts: 62
  • @Kabam Miike you better look for replacement.
  • HaMMilHaMMil Posts: 7
    You need to repeat the arena at least... 5 times in 3 days
    Whats that? Candy Crush servers?
  • TheSquish671TheSquish671 Posts: 2,876 ★★★★★
    Yes game's down so time to take a break for some emergency maintenance!
  • RixobRixob Posts: 505 ★★
    this is annoyingggg. it is 7 am est lol how the hell are the servers down. i have one chance to move in AQ before work....there goes that smh
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