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    @Kabam Miike , I have but one question, why is MD getting preferential treatment? I've seen your post stating that Pure skill is more effective at level 3 prior to changes in the game, and that levels 4 and 5 are now only of benefit against high armors champs. Sure, I could have enjoyed opening the last two, most-costly levels of MD and reaped the benefits, but upon having what is being done now, I'd have nobody to blame but myself. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! I think what is being done for MD is more than fair, and well beyond anything being requested for the last 18 months or longer by those of us that invested equally heavy in Pure Skill. So what makes the MD case different? I'm going to hazard to guess that it's a numbers game. Too many folks have subscribed to MD to sweep them under the rug. I wonder what Google and Apple will think of this bias. It's been ignored repeatedly in this thread. ...so how about being fair and continue to attempt to placate us with a "it's complicated " and "it's still being investigated"....it would go a long way to showing these MD folks how good they are getting treated.

    He already commented that they're turning their attention to PS after this is finalized.
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    Can someone clarify - When dexterity triggers a precision buff and then i hit the opponent, my champ will get a precision buff with a timer, now what if i evade again and hit again, will i get another precision buff or will the old one refresh? @Kabam Miike
  • We spent money+units+masteries+iso to max out mistik champs and to optimize through th md. What about this? You are , just deciwed to lowdown so all this invesfment is pointless.wl gou refund, them??
  • Sorry , about the typing mistakes, but i am using a cellphone and at the same time i am upsend, with kabam's attitude, on this issue!!
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    @Kabam Miike i am not the one who cries for rank down tickets but this change does affect mystic champs alot and the community deserves at least 1 mystic rank down ticket (Not a generic one). Just imagine summoners ranking up Morningstar to rank 5 just because anyone trying to evade her L2 would feed MD like crazy getting her back to 1 and a half bar of power and this change now renders her L2 almost useless now.
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    As members say its a nerf. to Mystic champions, so testing was carried out in June with members from community That was good, but it appears that the testing is still ongoing and a final decision has to be made about MD on certain .champions (Dormammu /Magik Juggernaut)

    I do have MD maxed out , don't use MD r5 for a long time with new champions that counter Mystic champions (Blade Luke cage and Hulk-ragnarok). I do like that we are getting refund for all the units i used to max out MD. I did rank up Juggernaut and Dormammu for AW defence ( i don't use them in any part of the game only in arena) . Feels a complete waste time and items to have ranked up these champions.

    I think it would be fair to have 1 RDT for 4 and 5 stars
    Over the past few months this game has been unstable (overheating, network outages lag). I do hope that these changes don't make the game more unstable

    its just my opinion, i really hope the game is better for these changes , we can test MD again, its going to feel like a new game
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    I just would like my loyalty that I spent on these mystic cores. That'd be over a million plus for sure...
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    Kabam should have free reign to fix anything. People need to move on and not cling to a broken mechanic
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    Kabam should have free reign to fix anything. People need to move on and not cling to a broken mechanic

    My personal view is that it wasn't broken, perse. It reacted with Dexterity in such a way that fed it powerfully. Unfortunately, Dexterity is a necessary mechanic for basic and crucial gameplay. That created somewhat of a loophole, one that became very beneficial to Players in War Defense. People used it very advantageously, up until now. That made it extremely overpowered, to the point where it was a trap that fed Power and generated almost certain Kills because of basic functioning. As the game changed and evolved, it came time to revisit the relationship, especially with so many newer Champs with more Abilities to trigger it. I agree, though. You can't rely on one strategy forever. The game changes. It's been used for years. Just like all things that change, it's time to let it go and find new strategies. As for Ranking, it's pretty much any change that comes where people try an angle at Tickets. That defeats the whole purpose of making changes, not to mention contradicts the point of Ranking and earning more Resources to Rank, as well as diminishes what the real purpose of Tickets is. Start giving them for anything but changes to the Champs themselves, and they become a go-to for any change whatsoever to content. Point blank, when changes are made to content, we have to adjust as we are. When they were introduced, those changes altered the very way the entire game performs. Not at all the same situation. Not to mention a number of changes to Champs.
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    You guys used medusa autoblock as exemple, but I have a question about crossbones! If I can keep gain his fury buffs this will activate MD? I mean, if I can keep at least 1 fury buff. Or everytime a fury expires will be the same as today??

    That will still trigger Mystic Dispersion, as the Buffs are still expiring. There will be no change to that.

    I used crossbones a lot before and one of his function is that he can reduce defensive abilities 20% for each fury active buff and when I had more than five and one of them expires (sometimes even four) the mystic dispersion would not trigger, this can still happen right? for crossbones to avoid triggering MD thanks to his defensive reduction abilities?
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    How will these changes effect poise generation of Stark Spiderman......How will it feed MD?
  • I have been a long time user of the MD mastery, pretty much have been using it since I've started playing a few years ago. Since I believe this change is an improvement of the game and completely support the change of MD and dexterity, this has greatly impacted a large amount of the player base. A lot of people have put a lot of resources into such champions based of how they worked with MD weather they were used for attack or defence this change has cost people using awakening gems, sig stones and very valuable rank up resources. I am one of those affected by this change and honestly I took my 5* Dormammu to rank 5 only to use him for a defender in alliance war, I know even with this change he has potential to be a decent defender in the current state of the game, I still would not have used the resources I did just for a defence purpose that was going to be impacted the way it has been.

    This change can't be referred to as a bug of any type, I do strongly believe that summoners should be given the option to have a rank down ticket ONLY for mystic champions that they have ranked up for this reason, even any awakening gems and sig stones that many people have used should have the option to be refunded to the player if they chose they would like to do that. All these resources are very valuable in this game and for a major change like this it can be a step in the right direction to show the community that yes this change has impacted a lot of people we are changing it for the better but hey this an option now if you would chose to take back any resource you have used on specific mystic champions.

    Refunding the mastery cores and units that people have invested into the masteries was a very good idea and the community appreciates the effort to do such things I just hope you can reconsider the decision and apply it to all resources that have been invested into the champions.
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    You succeeded at getting me to review all the previous pages, yet again, but I was not successful at locating this comment of which you speak. Perhaps you could lend a hand locating it?
    Hi There,

    As we said in the original post on the Mystic Dispersion/Dexterity Beta, after we are done with them, we are going to turn our attention to Pure Skill.

    We don't have any more information on that right now, but as soon as we do, we'll let you guys know!

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    IsItthough wrote: »

    Why are you guys proceeding different this time around then you had with Willpower. It seems like a monumental waste of effort and time on your teams part to comb through that data to ensure who gets what. With Willpower you just gave out a blanket refund let everyone keep what they had and moved on. Just curious why you guys are decide to dedicate developers time to this, instead of them focusing on real in game issues.

    What i would like to know is, why wasn't/isn't this refund done for the pure skill mastery? The mastery isn't what it once was after changes were made. No compensation was given for a broken mastery that still doesn't work like it once did. You also gave compensation for when you nerfed will power. So again i ask, why no compensation for the pure shill mastery. You say it works just as good at the 3rd lvl. But what about lvl 4 and lvl 5 that's not needed anymore. Where is the compensation for those two lvls?
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    @Kabam Miike
    It has been asked several times without an answer— what are you guys going to do about mystic cores obtained in the mystic daily quests? I spent several months farming those quests for those cores. If I am not refunded loyalty or units for those cores I won’t be able to re-rank my mystic dispersion after you guys nerf it. How are you guys addressing this?
  • There's a lot to think about here... First off, I feel very sorry for those with r4 Juggs. The only reason anyone would rank him to r4 was because of the way MD interacted with him. Without that power gain, he is a really easy champ to fight. For those with Dorm I am much less sorry, because he is still quite useful. I'll be honest, Dorm hardly ever scares me on defense because he really isn't that hard to fight even with MD. I almost solod a r5 dorm the other day with Magik just power locking him in the corner. I don't expect Kabam to see a big difference in the effectiveness of Dorm in AW. Most have a Blade to deal with him, or like me a Magik. I think that RDT should maybe be handed out based on players that have invested resources into champions like Juggs who have no usefulness outside of the way that MD interacts on war defense.
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    @Kabam Miike Just for 100% clarity if a champion like Wolverine or X-23 currently have a regeneration buff on and a new one applies over top the old one (not stacking) does this not trigger mystic dispersion? Same for say StarLord with Fury or Juggernaught with unstoppable?
  • If i don't want to change my mastery (Mystic Dispersion) then is still i need to purchase and rank up mystic dispersion after Sep. 11th..?? or It will same as it is now...???
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    @Kabam Miike

    A few points I hope you can pass to the team to consider:

    The ability to see the effects of the change to MD is somewhat low initially. In order to see the change with dexterity (which most of the player base is concerned about), we need to face a mystic champ in AW or arena that has MD. We cannot quest. This leaves a very random and low chance during the 6 days. I understand this may or may not have been the same setup for those in the Beta test, but most of us, including myself, were not in it. Can you share some of the data which shows how the mystic champs performed during the beta test?

    Mechanics vs Performance. While the mechanics of mystic champs remain unchanged, the performance is expected to be significantly impacted. I will wait for the 6-day trial to confirm, but by text, all indications support mystics being nerfed. If data supports the performance being impacted, I do think a mystic class RDT is justified. 99% of the player base, not considering brand new players, do not rank up dorm and juggs for their mechanics. They are not ranked up for questing. They are ranked up for their performance capabilities for AWD, which will have been impacted by your decision to change the meta.

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    Yes that's right concerning pure skill mastery, you should refund us at the same time
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