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  • smdam38smdam38 Posts: 324
    With a mess up like this where only rewards are involved, it makes more sense to just leave it.

    Then there's no backlash about different rewards for the same content.
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    xNig wrote: »
    Everyone would be happier if Kabam released the numbers of those who 100% the quest pre-fix.

    It would really help us understand whether it is worth making noise over.

    Like they will release the ppls who cheated in an alliance to their own leader? Good luck with that... it shouldn't matter if it is 1 ppl or 100 ppls this is not a time attack quest.
  • IKONIKON Posts: 1,272 ★★★★★
    How many players did this realistically effect? Probably very few

    Was it reasonable to not realize the gems were only for 2015 characters? Definitely yes.

    Can this be exploited indefinitely to a point the player would obviously know it was wrong? No.

    This is clearly a case of the community making a mountain out of a molehill.

    As per usual.
  • Maddog0894Maddog0894 Posts: 24
    This is ridiculous. You can’t tell me it would be difficult to see what champs were ranked up using these gems and rank those champs down. This is a slap in the face to everyone that plays this game. That’s a huge advantage being able to rank up new champs vs champs from **** 3 years ago. The restrictions need to be removed for us all of that’s the case. Remove all 2015 restrictions and let everyone rank up any champ on the roster.

    Kabam you talk about being more transparent. Talk about being a game for the players. But this is complete **** and a direct slap in the face to us all trying to better our rosters and alliances. I can’t believe that this is the direction that you’re wanting to take the game for 2019. We’ve all been loyal players and spenders but this is nearly my boiling point. Fix the **** Kabam or risk losing long long time players.
  • razorjack10razorjack10 Posts: 42
    Its completely unfair cause due to static content many players like me wait for roster to grow before finishing content and due to many end game players have advantage with ranking gems like this it will definately giving them an edge over other players. Not fair kabam have to replace gem with normal or reverse other players rank up decision. Kabam is simply using a simple route because they dont want to give normal rank up gem to all players and dont want to go through hard process of reversing rank up decisions. NOT FAIR.
  • RektorRektor Posts: 678 ★★★
    big_mags2 wrote: »
    This is ridiculous because it rewards those who knew it was a bug and went ahead and did it anyways versus those who decided not to take advantage. It proves again that money talks considering those who are able to keep from this bug spent/ spend lots of money. The advantages given to those who spend is evident.

    It’s not even about money talks. There are plenty of massive whales that didn’t do this.

    Idk what this even is. This makes no sense at all considering what they’ve done in the past about exploits that weren’t nearly as significant as this one.

    AW is already a garbage dump due to all the scheming, tanking, ducking, and cheating. Now this.
  • edjieedjie Posts: 2
    This is totally unfair.

    If anything, it just goes to show how inconsistent Kabam has been in dealing with people who knowingly exploit bugs and gain an unfair advantage in the game. Kabam can get heavy-handed by reversing gains and rewards, and even banning accounts. Why act differently now?

    I have completely explored just the first chapter. I got the correct gem and used it on a 2015 champ. It feels like I did all that effort for nothing, knowing that others got a much better deal. I'm not inclined to go any further in these quests until the issue is properly and fairly resolved.
  • AWL1985AWL1985 Posts: 2
    This content is tough and is expensive to complete. If one set of summoners received a advantage from this bug it must be corrected or the same advantage given to all. This needs to be taken more seriously than we will do nothing.
  • Brutus2099Brutus2099 Posts: 51
    @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Miike

    I’m sorry but I think you guys have buggered up big time on this and the community will not let you forget it.

    The game needs to be kept fair - either everyone can use the gems on any champ and you accept that YOU stuffed up and allow it as a gift to the community or you roll back anyone who used gems on a champ not 2015.

    I assume Based on your current response that it’s going to be a nightmare for you to work that out so that really only leaves you with one option.

    Time to admit you goofed and allow a level playing field. Same for everyone either unrestricted rank ups or rolled back and used on 2015 champs for those that abused the glitch.

    You decided but what you have decided now is going to cause you grief for a long time to come. You need to get onto this and resolve it for the communities sake.

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