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    Jh_DezJh_Dez Posts: 1,306 ★★★
    kish_a wrote: »
    Bottom line ...

    I agree not the fault of pluaers who finished it early and were surprised to find that gen worked on all champs ..

    But it still should be reversed ... Knowingly or unknowingly someone cannot be given advantage over others in the game .. whatever tier they are in ... That's the definition of the word "fair"...

    Kabam said it was going to be 2015 champs only so ppl who used it on other champs shouldn't be surprised that their rank ups r gonna be reversed ..

    Be fair to ur user base kabam ... Stuff like this open u up for lawsuits even ..

    Totally agree with this
    People just be accusing others of exploiting their way through the game lol
    Yes it should be reversed but accusing others...meh
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    rwhackrwhack Posts: 1,055 ★★★
    sounds like Apple will be sending refunds to any that request it so we have that going for us.

    Choices at Kabam HQ have consequences.

    Not sure me being able to take up storm equals someone else taking up say domino.
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    Frodo_livesFrodo_lives Posts: 3
    I think this is totally unfair to all! This is an unfair advantage and hurts the game! Roll it back or give to all to re-balance the game.
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    Deli12Deli12 Posts: 3
    When Kabam changed the gem back to how it was to intended they made a huge mistake. Why do they continue to make these poorly thought out decisions that affect every end game player in the battle realm? Once again I’m not surprised that Kabam is doing this and screwing over ample amount of summoners. Just annoyed now that I didn’t 100% chapter 1 before they changed the rewards.
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    MavRCK_MavRCK_ Posts: 474 ★★★
    Wow. Wow.

    This is so wrong Kabam.


    @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Miike

    Please reconsider.
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    BozwelBozwel Posts: 8
    Echoing others thoughts... this is a poor decision and should be reversed. This encourages players to abuse bugs they find ASAP and goes against Kabam precedent.
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    It’s unfair.Kabam should make the rank up gem can use on any champions,like the last time July 4th cristal everyone got two,that’s fair.
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    Bruce12342Bruce12342 Posts: 237
    I think rather than reversing their rank-ups they should just change the gems to normal 3-4 gems... That way those who finished fast won't feel cheated nor those who waited.
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    Bwest289Bwest289 Posts: 182
    edited November 2018
    I finished fast, didn't use it on champs I could have....because, that's "cheating" and I wasn't feeling like being banned over ranking up rogue or x23.

    Guess I was wrong, it's not cheating.
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    ackrite26ackrite26 Posts: 51
    Also I think this topic has been set to not renew when a new post is entered. It doesn’t go to the top.

    It will be lost soon.
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    blindside493blindside493 Posts: 51
    Have to keep pushing this. So contradicting to their previous stances on exploits. Ridiculous @Kabam Miike. This has to be rectified. Or change the rewards to apply to all champs going forward.
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    Epsilon3Epsilon3 Posts: 1,138 ★★★

    I literally just showed you they’ve done exactly that before

    The restrictions were in the item description and on the forums

    Go troll somewhere else please
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    Minkl3Minkl3 Posts: 129
    edited November 2018
    Have you guys noticed how none of the famous youtubers (apart from Dorky obviously) are making a single video about this or even mentioning it.
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