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    To sum it all up, we were randomly selected for a test without being asked for permission or told what the test was. Many issues arose from the update that we didn't agree to, but nothing new that we can see. And Kabam won't say what it is.

    well whats the point if u cant discover it urself Dont annoy kabam be an explorer
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    shake96 wrote: »
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    @Kabam Miike

    Just to be clear, I was selected for a beta test without being asked or informed?

    And that beta test is causing ridiculous load times before every single fight, thus severely affecting my chances to grind for Cable?


    Android user ?


    Also, lag during fights is terrible.

    kabam doesnt like android users ik i am one of them
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    I have the update should I update or not?
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    How can so many have the update and not notice the "new feature"

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    Just had my second Crash after a battle while on the new patch. In Arena, second battle of the set...last time it was on the third....I did NOT lose my streak because of it (the win registered) the past I would sometimes lose my streak when this happened...
    Once again, Galaxy S8, Latest patches from Android and Samsung.
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    Arena fight Guillotine 5* vs Rhino 5*....suddenly became a slide-show....but in the background you could tell the game was moving at normal speed...just the display was a slideshow....So from my perspective it was jumping around, but it still registered my swipes and blocks...made for difficult play.
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    Several times now during fights, my champ will suddenly rush forward in the fight even though I did not tell them to do that...this is a new issue for me since this patch.
    Also had a couple more fights that suddenly became slideshows. Wolvering VS Rhino (this was in a quest not Arena), and Moonknight vs Ultron (in Arena).
  • Hey All,

    What you're seeing is an update that is not available to all players at this time. We are currently running a beta test with some users, for a potential feature we may release in the future. If you have any feedback or are seeing any issues arise, please let us know! Your feedback and information helps us improve this development process, and any additional details you wish to provide us will further aid us in our work.

    If you are a player that is noticing some missing assets or blank spaces, this should resolve itself after a session or two. You may want to try restarting the App as well.

    I got the download and every thing seems fine..for now at least. I would like to know more about what you guys were testing out as it may shed some more light for those who did get it (only android users got it btw).
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    I updated and am in war, lost 3 fights on the same node and spent 300 units plus a rev and a few potions. This is **** all because of a **** update that i didnt ask for.
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    The thing I'm noticing the most from this update is lag and choppy screen rates. Also my light attacks are registering as heavies. Other than that not noticing anything else. Device is GS7 edge.
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    Okay just ran into a MAJOR bug in AW. My R5 wolverine against a 4*r4 Electra... As soon as my wolverine began to heal... Instead of gaining life, I lost life equal to my healing... It was like I took an sp2 from guillotine... At first I thought I was mistaken, but when it happened while I nearly had full power I died in seconds... Not cool...
  • @Kabam Miike what features are you tssting I got the same download screen but see no difference and will there be an announcement
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    @Kabam Miike, what is new? Besides a few bugs, I can't see anything new. Come on. We shouldn't have to go out of our way to figure out your riddles.
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    What if...

    Kabam isn't testing a new feature, but they're testing us? They're seeing how long we'll go trying to find something new when there really isn't anything. It's a social experiment.

    Nah, that wouldn't make people pay to win. Nevermind.
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    Ugh, finding lots of combat bugs now... Blocks that don't happen, sudden jumping forward and backwards which really screwed me up in arena... Enemy pretty much always blocks specials... I can only rarely parry, and when I dodge the enemy just keeps coming at me until I run out of room.... I'm also finding that wierd other bugs like bleed that doesn't kill... Gets them down to almost no health, but they don't die even though there was a lot of time left on the bleed... It's very strange... Nothing is consistent though... Each big halogens randomly.
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    Another update was released. Version (14.0.5) not changed.

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    I updated the game this morning but only just played recently, i have to see my hatred towards the game hasn't changed. It didn't get any better, if anything it got slightly worse. The unreliable response of my champs movement, the specials randomly connecting or not even though I'm throwing a special at the same moment after a combo within the same fight, lagging of fights and of course the most infuriating bug in constant crashing are all still there. In the space of 45 minutes today the game crashed 3 times. Twice in the space of 1 minute
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    I am facing issues after the strange update. All the faces of champions are gone. Arena and Quest doesn't start. I'm stuck in middle of Cable Arena.
    @Kabam Miike can you please tell me when can this be resolved? I cannot participate in Cable Arena because of this update. The game has been unplayable since last 8 Hours
  • The game is so Laggy right now I can't even block in duels. Usually if there is an incompetent update it means no blocking in aq and war. This is so crazy it affects all play. I'm on an android tab. No point in playing at all until this is sorted.
    I'm not aware of having updated when I just logged in, unlike the others
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    I'm quite lucky in the sense I had plans over this weekend and decided not to go for cable, hoping it's ok come Monday. I'm finding war a bit tricky due to the inability to parry. Also had one instance of an insta-heavy with no wind up time whilst running in to start the fight. Still no clues as to what the test is yet but the fact I'm hardly playing, must give the some indicator something is wrong. AQ tonight.....that'll be fun.
  • I absolutely agree with u who can ever play like this,this is by far the second worst update ever make grinding for arena impossible also many feature too especially like AQ and AW i mean why Kabam?
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    I noticed the game had automatically updated when I was sleeping and also got hit with mini load screens between fights. It would be nice to know what the update was about, and exactly they are testing. Please shed some light on the matter other then that vague description of a beta test @Kabam Miike
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    Hey @kabam mike , if you guys want , I can be a beta user , I don't play in alliance , so I can help you guys out in finding and reporting bugs :)
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