Domino/Red Hulk Synergy - Incinerate on Heavy [MERGED THREADS]



  • DrZedicusDrZedicus Posts: 13
    Thought she was fixed albeit a bit nerfed but nooooo, double crit heavy ticking for 584 on a r4/55 yeah right!
  • ChosenOne94ChosenOne94 Posts: 108
    DrZedicus said:

    Thought she was fixed albeit a bit nerfed but nooooo, double crit heavy ticking for 584 on a r4/55 yeah right!

    That's what i was thinking!
  • UlfricFrostUlfricFrost Posts: 43
    IPhone 7 Plus V.12.2
    I also close my game and every other app I have running when I sit my phone down ever 10-15 mins.

    I have played allot today and the past week bc of spring break. And having a 6* Domino as my go to character I can tell you that she is not fixed. It is hit or miss with her. Sometimes her heavy and SP2 work other times no. Today I’ve played Story Act 5.2/5.3 to 100% Master monthly quest today from about 5% completion to 100% and Domino is still buggy.

  • ChosenOne94ChosenOne94 Posts: 108
    They need to fix her Crit rating or smt
  • BaltumBaltum Posts: 2
    Dominó is not fixed atm, and she is breaking the blockade as before.
  • ChosenOne94ChosenOne94 Posts: 108
    Baltum said:

    Dominó is not fixed atm, and she is breaking the blockade as before.

    Not worried about that, there is way to counter her without blocking, she isn't same attacker, that's problem
  • Is this normal incinerate damage for a 5/65? No it is not ... it is absolutely not
  • VoltolosVoltolos Posts: 1,120 ★★★
    @TheRealLucifer can you post videos so we can see how much damage you dealt with the heavy attack?
  • Voltolos said:

    @TheRealLucifer can you post videos so we can see how much damage you dealt with the heavy attack?

    I wish I could but It seems that i can’t do it using my phone I’ll try later on another device
  • ChosenOne94ChosenOne94 Posts: 108
    Voltolos said:

    @TheRealLucifer can you post videos so we can see how much damage you dealt with the heavy attack?

    No need for that man, I have 4/55 one and damage is so low, I went for medusa boss kill today and got nothing, that fight was so painful to watch and play. No big crits, no crit bleeds no nothing. Last time I went for the boss kill with domino was so good, so fun and that was a month ago. Now is a different story. We all know that damage now is not even close like before. @Kabam Miike @Kabam Lyra fix this problem guys, it's so annoying, it's not fun and it's not playable. If this continues i can say that i regret using class AG on her and all stuff to bring her up to r4 lvl 55 as 5*. I'm done with testing until you fix her. Until you bring stuff back like from 10days. Thank you.
  • LoganLogan Posts: 135
    This is bogus I just got her preupdate with plans to take her to rank 5 after seeing first hand what damage she can do, post update it's like I am playing with a different champ. There is still something wrong.
  • SamaritanaSamaritana Posts: 18
    So today's fight against Cap Marvel in the negative zone quest.

    Start of the fight first heavy:
    1st hit no crit: 1230
    2nd hit no crit: 1508
    Incinerate damage: 685

    Second heavy
    1st hit crit: 4407
    2nd hit crit: 6074
    Incinerate damage: 2621

    Third heavy just the second hit lands. No crit: 1385. Incinerate damage 1448.

    Fourth heavy
    1st hit no crit: 1389
    2nd hit no crit: 1756
    Incinerate damage: 787

    The damage is off tbh. She does seem weaker than before.

    Here is the vid:
  • LastBoyScoutLastBoyScout Posts: 23
    edited April 2019

    Still no fix
  • VoltolosVoltolos Posts: 1,120 ★★★

    Still no fix

    The main issue that this thread is about is fixed as proven by the post above yours (btw. the third heavy replaced the missing first hit with the first hit from the second heavy). I'm not sure if the damage of the heavies is correct but it does seem like the kind of damage I expect from a 5* r5 champ
  • LegionDestroierLegionDestroier Posts: 101
    This looks fixed to me. Thanks Kabam
  • SDPSDP Posts: 1,618 ★★★★
    Any word on this, or are they just hoping it will go away? I feel like her damage overall has gone down. I use her in ROL daily, and there is a noticeable difference.
  • Fred_JoeityFred_Joeity Posts: 1,168 ★★★
    It’s fixed for me. Maxed 4* Domino getting 2k incinerate damage per tick in RoL
  • CammonRoCammonRo Posts: 377 ★★
    She’s not fixed. Mine is 5/65. I use her all the time and she’s back to her crummy numbers again. Low incinerate damage and less crits on her L2. This is not the same champ.

    It’s still the weekend so hopefully we’ll get some clarity tomorrow. However, if this is how she’s going to be going forward then it’s only right that Kabam issue rank down tickets.
  • LegionDestroierLegionDestroier Posts: 101
    Mines r2 6*.. I would say 100% fixed
  • Fred_JoeityFred_Joeity Posts: 1,168 ★★★
    If anything, my Domino is hitting harder than before. Not entirely sure why.
  • GottesfurchtGottesfurcht Posts: 14
    edited April 2019
    I have 2 Accounts. Both have a Domino 5* R5. Both are working different. One of her makes good damage but far away from the damage before the update came out. The other rank 5 makes further bugdamage with 800 per tick after crit with heavy. Maybe a good sign to see it is not major. But a bad sign should Kabam only testing one and the same Domino on Beta.
  • GalloFenixGalloFenix Posts: 15
    edited April 2019
    Yea mine still showing the same bug damage. Her damage and crit on specials is not the same pre update. Hopefully the fix comes soon and works.
  • HeraldofNoneHeraldofNone Posts: 368 ★★★
    This issue still persists for me on Huawei Mate 20 X running latest software. And Android 9.0.

    Its the 8th of April and 2 fixes haven't worked, update please @Kabam Miike @Kabam Lyra??
  • HeraldofNoneHeraldofNone Posts: 368 ★★★
    Correction to my above comment.
    It seems to be happening in certain content now.
    Epic bounty on SW path 300-400 incinerate damage every 2 or so heavies if it crits or not.
    Couldn't replicate in ROL so some improvement made!
  • G2DKG2DK Posts: 240
    I have a 5* 4/55 and her heavy isn’t hitting as hard. Which in turn makes the incinerate way less than it used to be. Hasn’t been right since the update. Hotfix did nothing.
  • Luke208080Luke208080 Posts: 103
    I just looked through, havent seen an uodate since they thought the hotfix fixed this.

    When will this get fixed?

    There is the known issues thread, but could we get some clarity on relative priority of fixes?
  • Riverbullet84Riverbullet84 Posts: 9
    What I’m looking for also, a timeline, acknowledgment or something. This months event is pretty tough and all these problems make it twice as hard.
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