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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • Dan99Dan99 Posts: 132
    Kraven the Hunter

    Has the ability to prepare for his Prey. Every time Kraven fights his chosen "prey" in any game mode (arena, duels, quest, etc) he gains "hunting points". He can then spend these points in a fight to gain certain bonuses.
    So a player can prepare for an entire month for his chosen prey by diligently dueling the target. At the end of the month, he resets and loses all unspent "hunting points".

    To "mark" his prey, the player must either have that champion in his collection or find someone in the game with that champion. Maybe a menu option "set as prey for Kraven" can be added in the UI.

    Possible advantages over his prey:
    ability accuracy reduction
    ambush (Kraven has a high chance of getting the initial parry at the start of a fight)
    tracking (he will know where on the map his prey is in case of Alliance War)

    Boss node idea: "Unlife....the Eternal Curse"
    In the comics, there was a time when Kraven can only be slain by Spider-Man's hand.
    Maybe his boss node makes him extremely difficult to kill unless you use a Spider-Verse Hero against him.

    "Suicide Master"
    In the comics, Kraven committed suicide.
    Maybe in game, he can somehow exploit suicide masteries further, or suicide masteries have extra potency for him.
    Maybe receiving bleed and poison benefit him somehow.

  • Sheer_ColdSheer_Cold Posts: 183
    I want to build on the idea of @Dan99, with his Kraven the Hunter idea. I think that the extra menu option and hunting points are a little much for one character, which is why i think it should just be something where when you defeat a character of a class, for the rest of the quest he has bonuses fighting against that class, and extra bonuses if fighting a character they have synergies with or something like that. I would love to see Kraven in the game, and I like where you took this idea.
  • Sagittarius78Sagittarius78 Posts: 34
    Silver Surfer..
  • NabiletyNabilety Posts: 54
    Black Panther (Movie / Infinity War / Endgame) or the upcoming Black Panther movie, and this time you give Black Panther what should've been his abilities and not Captain America (Infinity War) and more.
  • Bajan_SamuraiBajan_Samurai Posts: 107

    I have a suggestion. How about Songbird.

    I'm with you about Songbird. I actually think the game should bring a group of Sonic Based characters for a couple reasons. I would put Klaw (#Tech), Banshee (#Mutant) and Songbird (#Tech) in to set up a number of possibilities:
    1. Play on the weaknesses of Symbiote characters based on their classic weakness to loud sound and blazing flames (since this has never been explored in MCOC, change it up a bit that when a Sonic champ is teamed with an Incineration/Flame/Fire/Combustion champ they disrupt the ability accuracy of effects benefiting Venom, Carnage, Agent Venom, Venom the Duck, Symbiote Supreme or Venompool
    2. Add Black Bolt to the list of champions that can be paired with a fire champion to affect symbiotes
    3. Modify Hawkeye's abilities (triple tap block to switch between arrow types adding Sonics, Flames, Shock, Toxins and Adhesives with the Bleed and Power Drain abilities) to count as a Sonic and Flame champ when he switches appropriately
    4. Enhance characters that could benefit or could be harmonious with sound/vibrations (Quake, Daredevil, and if ever added, Dazzler whose light powers augment with sound absorption)
  • GrandmaTarkinGrandmaTarkin Posts: 9
    I saw someone’s idea for Fat Thor and thought of my own version. Some of the abilities and their names were inspired by the other post.

    Fat Thor (Cosmic)

    Critical Rating- 7%
    Critical Damage- 250%
    Block Proficiency- 45%
    Armor Rating- 10%

    Signature Ability- Still Worthy

    Thor’s self-confidence soars whenever he strikes a critical hit with either of his weapons

    Whenever Thor strikes with a critical hit, grant an Aptitude buff increasing the potency of all Fury, Precision, and Cruelty buffs by (75)% for (5) seconds. Additionally, Armor Breaks and Shock Debuffs gain a flat (50)% potency.



    At the beginning of the quest, gain 16 persistent charges.

    Thor’s poor life voices have given him -15% poison and incinerate resistance, but +30% physical resistance

    When inflicted with a shock debuff, gain 10% of a bar of power for the duration of the shock

    When holding block for 2 seconds, gain a precision passive guaranteeing the next hit to be critical. This ability has a 10 second cooldown.

    Pre-Fight Ability

    Can be used once per quest.

    Thor gains persistent charges until his max amount is reached.

    Asgardian Equipment

    All strikes with Thor’s Axe Stormbreaker (First and second medium, second light, and second heavy, excludes special attacks) inflict a passive shock debuff dealing 0 Damage. These shocks can stack and last indefinitely.

    All Strikes with Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir (first, third, and fourth lights, and first heavy, excludes special attacks) inflict a passive Armor break, reducing the opponent’s armor by 0. These Armor breaks can stack and last indefinitely.

    Whenever Thor uses Stormbreaker to strike with a critical hit, remove all shock passives to inflict a shock debuff that deals (25)% of attack per shock passive removed over 10 seconds. This shock cannot be purified or removed in any way.

    Whenever Thor uses Mjolnir to strike with a critical hit, remove all armor break passives and inflict an armor break debuff that removes (15)% of the opponent’s armor per passive armor break removed over 20 seconds. This Armor break cannot be purified or removed in any way

    Thor’s Asgardian armor grants him 5000 armor rating and 500 critical resistance until struck by a critical hit or inflicted with an armor break.

    That’s No Six Pack

    At the beginning of the fight, consume a persistent charge to gain 3 Intoxicated debuffs that last indefinitely. Intoxicated debuffs decrease critical rating and poison resistance by 10% per debuff.

    Gain 3 indefinite Intoxicated debuffs for the cost of a persistent charge whenever throwing off a heavy attack.

    For every 25 hits on the combo meter, remove an intoxicated debuff and gain a fury increasing attack by (30)% for 5 seconds.

    Special Attacks

    Special 1- Another!

    Thor sends a wave of lighting towards the opponents with Stormbreaker, calls a lightning bolt onto them using Mjolnir, then celebrates by popping open a cold one.

    Inflicts a shock debuff dealing (50)% of attack over 10 seconds.

    Gains 5 Intoxicated debuffs that last indefinitely for the cost of one persistent charge.

    Special 2- A Shocking Turn of Events

    Thor hits his hammer towards the opponent with Stormbreaker, leaps forward to close the gap, and after slamming the Axe into them, strikes himself with a bolt of lightning

    Inflicts armor break, removing (35)% of the opponents armor for 10 seconds.

    Remove all debuffs on Thor, with each debuff granting him a fury increasing his attack by (20)% for 10 seconds. These furies are paused for 2 seconds whenever Thor strikes with a critical hit.

    Special 3- Should’ve gone for the head

    Thor Throws Mjolnir into the opponent’s face, knocking them down. He then leaps into the air, crackling with electricity, and hurls Stormbreaker into them.

    Inflicts 5 of his shock and armor break passives.

    For each shock on the opponent, (including passives), regenerate (1)% of Thor’s base health.

    Inflict a concussion debuff decreasing ability accuracy in the opponent by (7)% for each armor break on the opponent, (Including passives).


    Drinking Buddies- Valkyrie, Rocket Raccoon

    Fat Thor- Gain +6 persistent charges at the beginning of the quest and when the pre fight ability is used.

    Valkyrie- Bleed debuffs gain +50% Ability accuracy

    Rocket Raccoon- Each Shield charge, no matter the kind, increase attack by 20% each

    Other synergies
  • DavEPICDavEPIC Posts: 14
    Dr.Doom !
    And he must be the first MCOC dual-class champion: Tech+Mystic .
    Because that’s what make Dr.Doom so cool and popular, with tech support as advanced as iron man while possess the magic as powerful as Dr.Strange !
    So please make him a dual-class champion, if he’s ever on the list~
  • EraldErald Posts: 1
    I have 3 weeks I buy Cristal and never see one 5s.and now I buy 55$ to have 6s 5s 4s 3s . And all the crystal are 3 s only one 4s and is a ****. What happened with this game it was the best and now is a **** I spent my time and my money for nothing. Look something
  • PotatolegionPotatolegion Posts: 290 ★★
    So I have read the contest of champions comic series recently and found it odd white fox isn't in the game yet as she is In the comics a fair amount. I think you should add her at some point.
  • Dan99Dan99 Posts: 132
    Franklin Richards

    idea for his sp3:
    If he has (?) on his combo meter, he can summon any champ in the game to fight on his behalf. That champ then replaces Franklin for the remainder of the fight.
    The combo meter determines what star level the champion comes into play as. (i.e. if it's a rather low combo, maybe just a 3*. If it's a high combo, maybe a 6*.)

    As to what character is summoned, it can be any champ (even those you don't own) and could probably be pre-determined in setup, just as Stealth Spidey selects his cartridges.
  • Dan99Dan99 Posts: 132
    High Evolutionary

    He evolves his teammates: each gains the highest stat among them (i.e. if they have King Groot on the team, all of them gain his HP. If Wasp is on the team, everyone gets her base attack. Same goes for crits, armor, and block proficiency)
  • How about old school Spidey villains in addition to the ones already in the contest...Electro/Vulture.
  • elgaberinoelgaberino Posts: 74

    Thanks Kabam! Recent graduates from the list include longtime top-20 vote-getters Invisible Woman, Namor, and (finally!) Mysterio. We will be retiring Warlock (Technarch) and Sunspot soon!

    New Candidates for the Contest! Summoners are always adding new suggestions to the poll. It now contains more than 500 decent suggestions for future champs, and YOU can vote on all of them!

    Recent additions in the Spider-Verse category include Superior Spider Man, a couple versions of Spider-Girl (both Mayday Parker and Ashley Barton), as well as mysterious Spidey-rival Black Tarantula, Spidey-hunters Morlun and his brother Karn, Agent Anti-Venom, and the imposter Spider-Woman, Veranke.

    In the Mystic class, you can now vote for the Ancient One, Malekith, Odin, Crescent & Io, Davos the Steel Serpent, Doctor Druid, Hellcow, Frankencastle, Ghost Rider (Blue), and a few different werewolves and monsters.

    Recent movie characters needing votes include Thanos (Endgame), Hulk (Endgame), Rescue, Thor (Stormbreaker), Captain America (Mjölnir), and Korath the Pursuer.

    Phase 4 characters recently added to the list include Eternals characters Ajak, Gilgamesh, Makkari, Phastos, Thena, and Kingo (Ikaris and Sersi having already been on the list for a while and Sprite not having been added yet). Black Widow movie characters now on the list include Red Guardian, Iron Maiden, and Black Widow (Belova). Other Phase 4 characters to vote for include Shang-Chi, the Mandarin, Hawkeye (Bishop), and Photon.

    Golden-age and vintage characters recently added include the original Vision (Aarkus), the Blonde Phantom, Dominic Fortune, Toro, and Blazing Skull.

    Nostalgic sword-and-sorcery/adventure champs now receiving votes include Arkon, Skull the Slayer, Crystar the Crystal Warrior, Conan the Barbarian, and Ka-Zar.

    Other games appear to be getting Galactus, Silver Surfer, Wave, and Black Cat, among others. Our community is still left behind on those. Though there may be silver lining coming. In the July event quest dialog, Deadpool mentioned the Spider-Man version of Captain Universe and then said "Oops! Spoilers."

    Have suggestions? You can vote for them or add them to the list yourself!
  • MeGaLechMeGaLech Posts: 1
    I'd like to see the Endgame/Ant-man and the Wasp version (since they are the same) of Ant-man. New suit, and of course, would like to see a special attack where he would grow giant.
    There's been three other MCU movies where he appears since his first movie in 2015 and we still have the original version. Shame.

    Oh, and also Stormbreaker-wielding Thor.
  • MadplanetMadplanet Posts: 20
    It hit me that maybe looking at the Runaways might be good for new playable characters. A lot of this seems to revolve around television and movie exposure and the Runaways do have a tv show on Hulu. Another plus is the team pretty much consists of each class in the game.
  • Ry78Ry78 Posts: 2
    Any chance in having an Asian champ? Over 100 playable champs and there's 0 representation and no Psylocke(Elizabeth Braddock) don't count. Seems a chance was missed by having Sunspot instead of Sunfire.
  • ButtehrsButtehrs Posts: 2,256 ★★★★★
    Ry78 said:

    Any chance in having an Asian champ? Over 100 playable champs and there's 0 representation and no Psylocke(Elizabeth Braddock) don't count. Seems a chance was missed by having Sunspot instead of Sunfire.

    Shang chi movie is coming soon. Id expect one then
  • OjosRojosXaXaOjosRojosXaXa Posts: 136
    Por que no Han agregado ningún villano de Ironman? Creo que lo merece
  • GrandmaTarkinGrandmaTarkin Posts: 9
    Sauron (Mutant, Science)

    Signature Ability

    The savagery of Sauron’s attacks drains the opponent physically, and start to take a toll.

    For every (10)% of health Sauron has taken from the opponent they have -(10)% Ability accuracy. This only applies for the health Sauron has taken.

    Ravenous Appetite



    Sauron’s thick skin is difficult to penetrate, giving enemy bleed effects -(25)% Ability accuracy

    An excellent sense of smell gives Sauron a passive true strike while the opponent is bleeding.

    Life Transfer

    Whenever the opponent is bleeding, each hit heals for (50)% of the damage done. Also, gain +(50)% the offensive power gain when they are bleeding.

    Whenever a debuff is placed on the opponent, gain a fury increasing attack by (10)% for the duration of that debuff. These furies can stack.

    When the opponent is bleeding, every 10 seconds randomly inflict one of these debuffs, which are permanent. This 10 second timer continues over to the next time a bleed is activated. Max- 10 Permanent debuffs. Any debuffs triggered after the max have a 10 second duration.
    Fatigue- Reduces Critical rating by (25)%
    Exhaustion- Reduces Critical Damage by 25%
    Power sting- Deals (2)% of base health as direct damage when the opponent activates a special attack (One stack can not exceed 1000)
    Weakness- Reduces attack rating by (10)%
    Heal Block- Blocks all healing
    Power Siphon- Siphons (15)% of the power gained to Sauron

    The odds of a debuff being applied decreases for every other instance of that debuff on the opponent.

    Heavy Attack

    Each hit Inflicts bleed, dealing 20% of base attack over 5 seconds.

    Special 1- Animalistic nature

    Sauron tears away at the opponent, showing off his brutality

    Inflicts up to 3 bleed debuffs, each lasting for 5 seconds and dealing (50)% of base attack. These bleeds fall off one at a time.

    Gains a Precision buff, increasing critical rating by 25% for 5 seconds

    Special 2

    Sauron flies up into the air, then darts down, biting the opponent.

    Inflicts bleed, dealing (300)% of base attack over 10 seconds

    Inflicts Essence steal, which steals (100) health and (10)% of a bar of power each second for each instance of bleed on the opponent at the time of activation. This lasts for 7 seconds, +1 second for every debuff on the opponent other than bleed.

    Gains Cruelty, increasing critical damage by 100% for 10 seconds

    Special 3

    Sauron shows his opponent what it means to be prey, quietly stalking them before pouncing and tearing at them.

    Drains all power and inflicts Power Lock, blocking all power for 10 seconds

    Inflicts bleed, dealing 200% of base attack for each bar of power drained over 7 seconds

    Regenerates 5% max health for each bleed on the opponent.


    Winged Terrors- Annhilus

    Sauron- For each debuff on the opponent, 5% chance for medium attacks to be unblockable

    Annhilus- When hitting an obliterated opponent, 25% chance to inflict bleed, dealing 75% of attack as direct damage for the duration of the obliteration.

    Hunter and the Hunted- Kaazar, The Beetle

    Sauron- While true strike is active, nullify unstoppable effects when hitting the opponent

    Kaazar- When Kaazar isn’t blocking, gain a 15% chance to evade and inflict his disorient on the opponent.

    The Beetle- For each Concussion passive on the opponent, gain 5% of a bar of power per second.

    Savage Land Natives- Zabu

    Sauron- When fighting against Bleed immune characters, deal direct damage equal to 50% of the total damage of the bleed whenever a bleed would be placed

    Zabu- For each synergy Zabu has, gain +5% Health, +20% Attack, +20% Offensive power gain, and +50% Bleed and armor break potency.

  • GrandmaTarkinGrandmaTarkin Posts: 9
    Kaazar (Skill)
    (Based off of a 5/65 4 star)
    Health- 16,678
    Attack- 1,340
    Crit Chance- 18%
    Critical Damage- 175%
    Block Proficiency- 62%
    Armor- 2%

    Signature Ability

    Protective Warrior

    Kaazar is a protector of all, so when his allies are hurt he has a tendency to get angry, and relaxes when they are out of harm’s way.

    For every one of his team members under 100% Health, Gain +(200) attack, and gain a (10)% Chance to shrug off a debuff when hitting the opponent.

    For every team member at 100% health, gain +(1000) health and regenerate (100) health with each hit, doubled if the hit was critical.



    Spear strikes have a 100% chance to inflict bleed, dealing 40% of base attack as direct damage over 4 seconds.

    Kaazar’s years of running and swinging through the jungle give him a 5% chance to evade attacks while not blocking. This chance is doubled when dashing towards the enemy.

    Moral Compass

    When fighting heroes, Kaazar focuses more on incapacitation, giving his critical hits a 50% chance to inflict a Slow debuff for 5 seconds. This prevents any unstoppable effect and evade from triggering.

    When fighting Villains, Kaazar doesn’t hold back, giving him +(500) attack, +(5)% critical rate, and +(25)% critical Damage. He also gains (10)% of his max power when they activate a buff effect on themselves.

    Battle Strategy

    Kaazar starts the fight tracking his opponent, switches modes with special attacks, and each of these modes lasts for 7 seconds. Only one can be active at a time, and they can only be activated in order. Tracking-Trapping-Attacking- Restart

    Tracking- While Tracking, Kaazar gains true strike, and the opponent looses (40)% Ability accuracy.

    Trapping- While Trapping, Kaazar inflicts a Taunt debuff on his opponent, decreasing their attack by (35)% and increasing the chance of them throwing a special attack by (70)%. The first hit of an opponent’s special attack also has a (50)% chance to miss while this taunt is active.

    Attacking- While Attacking, Kaazar gains
    A fury passive, increasing his attack by (100)% of his base attack, a precision passive granting a (50)% chance for a hit to be critical, and a cruelty passive, increasing critical Damage by (500).

    Special Attacks

    Special 1- Doing the Research

    Kaazar kicks the opponent away, then throws his spear at them while flipping in the air, finishing off the move with a kick utilizing both of his feet.

    Activate Kaazar’s Trapping mode as soon as the attack is finished.

    If his Attacking mode was active at the beginning of the attack, this attack cannot miss, and is unblockable

    Inflicts bleed, dealing (100)% of attack (including extra attack bonuses) as direct damage over 5 seconds

    Special 2- Stick in the Mud

    Kaazar flings dirt onto the opponent, then uses his spear to vault towards the opponent, ending with a hard downward swing of the weapon.

    Activates Trapping mode as soon as the attack is finished.

    If Tracking mode was active at the beginning of the attack, double the duration of the taunt gained by entering Trapping mode.

    Inflicts Falter on the opponent for (3) seconds, causing all attacks to miss.

    Special 3
    Kaazar blocks attacks by the opponent as he calls Zabu, who pounces on the opponent and drags them off camera as Kaazar watches.

    Activates Attacking mode at the end of the attack.

    If Trapping mode was active at the time of activation, deal (5)% of the opponents health as direct damage, cannot exceed 10,000 damage.

    Inflicts 3 Bleed debuffs, each dealing (500) damage for each critical hit scored by during trapping mode.
  • GrandmaTarkinGrandmaTarkin Posts: 9
    Dan99 said:

    High Evolutionary

    He evolves his teammates: each gains the highest stat among them (i.e. if they have King Groot on the team, all of them gain his HP. If Wasp is on the team, everyone gets her base attack. Same goes for crits, armor, and block proficiency)

    I love this idea, plus imagine a synergy with Mister Sinister. It would probably be pretty good.
  • JohnHSJohnHS Posts: 509 ★★★
    I feel we should have a champ that reflects the coolest part of Endgame

    Captain America (Endgame)
    Awakened ability: Worthiness
    He's got really powerful armor break, shock, and block proficiency. A cross between Beardo and Cull.
  • I would love to see the original Alpha Flight...perhaps an event around Canada Day, July 1, 2020?

    Guardian (Tech)
    Vindicator (Tech)
    Shaman (Mystic)
    Snowbird (Mystic)
    Puck (Skill)
    Sasquatch (Science - since we thought he was science at first)
    Aurora (Mutant)
    Northstar (Mutant)
    Marrina (Cosmic)
  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Argos Panoptes = (Mystic)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Bi-Beast= (Tech)

  • How about a character that was a HUGE part of the Contest of Champions comic book from a couple years ago?

    Nigel Higgins = Outlaw - the British Punisher!

    Which ALSO got me thinking about the international characters created for/used in the ORIGINAL 1982 mini-series that inspired this all...Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions:

    Blitzkrieg (Germany); Collective Man (China); Defensor (Argentina); Peregrine (France); Shamrock (Ireland); Talisman (Australia); Vanguard (USSR); Darkstar (USSR); Captain Britain (England); Arabian Knight (Saudi Arabia); Sabra (Israel); and Sunfire (Japan)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Frankenstein's Monster= (Tech/ Science)

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