Fixing all the heavy attacks that link.

My question is will there be RDT given for the other Champions that are not working as intended with the same issue that she hulk had?


  • Is this going to affect being able to spam a Heavy over and over while opponent is back to wall ?? Did not always work 100%, but Ultron or Ironman could get in many Heavies in a row repeatedly like that at times against opponents.
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    more than likely not. The excuses that people ranked them up solely for that feature and its interaction with other champions after a beta period is non existent for these bugs.
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    So.. is the heavy spam against the wall gonna work still for some champs?
    Mixalis said:

    What you're doing is not a "bug fix." You are nerfing champions that have been in the game since 2015. You're going to tell me it took over four years to figure that out? You have a team of experienced programmers and it took this long? Why do you keep doing this to your loyal player base?? Do you enjoy upsetting us? It's getting harder to put up with this game. What ever happened to transparency?

    Considering that like no one really used these champions yeah it would be pretty hard to find this out especially when it's not a usual thing people have.
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    So annoying it’s claimed to be a “Bug Fix”

    Yeah since the existence of the champs? Really a bug, it’s onoy because she hulk was costing them money on Champion.... like they don’t make enough anyway which is plain greedy!

    No other way to look or explain it, well all see through it Kabam, absolutely disgrace!

    I remember @DorkLessons did a video asking a dev if there would be a way to chain into a combo; and he even loved the idea (the dev)

    Well what’s happening now... is that was a feature and you are taking it away, just to get more money in Act 6 which is absolute trash content anyway.

    You can see all your players are loving this, why remove it?

    Already been out in jail so guess my ban is due now, just to shut me up.... even though I defend things you do too, which is fine clearly.

    Someone needs to speak up though, just a shame we get thrown to the trash and not able to be part of the community.

    In your post you just illustrated that it was not known these champs could do this, otherwise the dev would not have loved the idea but pointed out it could already be done with these champs... Wait to defeat your own argument.
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