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  • Thank you for the response. We appreciate it.
  • 1) Why does it even need to be a choice? The fact that there is overlap and sacrifices should send up red flags. 2) In my specific isolated instance, it's a long time officer who unexpectedly got an offer to be in a p1/2 alliance and those don't exactly grow on trees. This officer will gladly be welcomed back if he doesn't…
  • Without question the cheats ruin things for all and the frauds are the reason to even need the rolling 14 day restriction window
  • Be grateful??? Be grateful that Kabam doesn't make the player base spend time, units, oftentimes money on events to literally get nothing for? Come on now. Let's be honest though. This issue hurts their revenue stream more than it hurts the player base if they don't do anything. If players have less rewards potential they…
  • Why should it be a choice though?!?! Why should any sacrifices have to be made because of scheduling? Just change the schedule or change the restrictions. I absolutely support the intent of the restrictions set forth by kabam based on previous gifting events but considering this set of circumstances I think they can do…
  • Here is the single biggest problem with your post. Why should players have to forgo rewards they contributed to for a new alliance with less BG contributions? Many people spend in the game, and many would have spent for 1 alliance not to receive the rewards. Just receiving rewards vs the rewards players contributed mostly…
  • @"Kabam Miike" @"Kabam Jax" please comment. Any YouTube player is also awaiting a response. At this point all you'd need to do is given a 24 hour window from the time BG rewards are released to the community in full and post when that new window begins and ends and I think that is a reasonable compromise that also fulfills…
  • @"Kabam Miike" @"Kabam Zibiit" @"Kabam Porthos" @"Kabam Vydious" @"Kabam Lyra" @"Kabam Jax"
  • I've tried with other Champs too in the past but the point is the verbiage used by kabam. Like cap iw doesn't trigger after the medium dash has been completed and doesn't count either. You can truly intercept with a special attack and it doesn't count from what I've experienced in terms of interacting with nodes
  • Supposedly someone else in my alliance was gaining power from it. Yes, I started there before coming to the forums lol
  • He does. It's the shock that's not 100%
  • I'm more wondering just from general combat and it starts the moment the fight starts, without concussion. Idk something seems odd to me but it seems like a logical explanation is out there versus us merely speculating and trying to collectively piece it together lol
  • While I find it odd, I have heard people like Karate Mike on YouTube talk about increased power rates from ranks so I guess that it does make some sense, even if in Cav EQ the same exact node is there and the only power gained by either side is from blocking that I noticed, and yes I used a 6r3 champion for both EOP (1st…
  • Good question on perfect blocks, and sometimes yes but I've intentionally tested blocking an sp2, getting about 1500 ish damage per non perfect block while bane is doing damage, and nothing. It won't trigger for magneto
  • I'm saying that the regen does not proc ever for crossbones. Per the node, when you block a hit it regen 500% of the damage dealt. He proc 0 regen so there isn't any -105% regen that triggers. Why is that, especially when CB is immune to AAR per another node so there is no reason it should not trigger
  • The problem with the gifting is there is a substantial drop off from ranks to even the the top 10%. Many in the top 10% will be spending big but will literally get a fraction of what the no limit spenders go for. If I dropped a boatload and got the short end of the stick I'd be livid. The drop off in reward tiers shouldn't…
  • I literally came here with the same exact bug. Um @"Kabam Miike" @"Kabam Zibiit" @"Kabam Porthos" @"Kabam Vydious" @"Kabam Lyra"
  • Regardless of the name, the original intent of the message has been overlooked by the comments. Regardless of the name, the OP mentioned Kabam not notifying a single person in the alliance, most notably the leader. How does the alliance know what's happening? How does the alliance know if there are repercussions beyond a…
  • People are talking about. Comments just keep getting moved and taken down
  • @"Kabam Miike" @"Kabam Zibiit" @"Kabam Porthos" @"Kabam Vydious" @"Kabam Lyra" please advise. Thank you for your time
  • @"Kabam Miike" @"Kabam Zibiit" @"Kabam Porthos" @"Kabam Vydious" @"Kabam Lyra" this problem isn't fixed. The only way I can get into the game is by full blown Uninstalling it. I've rebooted my phone probably 10 times since the game update has been released. Cleared cache. And then my game has a 50-50 of full blown crashing…
  • I experienced the exact same thing. Went into mix master korg in a war and brought 3 star white mag 565 colossus (hero and metal) 6r2 omega red (metal). 0 passive stuns and korg shrugged all but 1 stun over 2 fights. Its an off-season war with our tier locked so I don't care about the impending L but thats a broken…
  • @"Kabam Lyra" @"Kabam Miike" @"Kabam Zibiit" @"Kabam Vydious" @"Kabam Wolf" Can't Understand Normal Thinking C-NT I'm the leader with ign GameChanger12 if that helps find the alliance 146610 for the war 50000 for the bonus (didnt even show up) Tier 5 equals 4 times multiplier 196610 x 4 = 786440 missing points Season total…