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  • To the Kabam Mods: So how much revenue has been made since the monthly sigil has been implemented? Because you would think with this extra revenue y’all would be able to pay for better serves or employees because damn it’s BS that this has happened so many damn times this week. Game down. Game down. Wtf. I need a drink now
  • 6.1.2. I've only done 1 path on 6.1.1 so far.
  • What. A. Tease. lol
  • I'm glad some people here have some common sense. There was not a single line at Comic-Con or in any official words from Marvel or Kevin that Chris Hemsworth was being replaced. No one outside them knows the story line yet, so we don't know if she's taking over the role of Thor. If you know from the comics, Thor Odinson…
  • Anytime I've used KM against Hype, he's always lost 2 charges. And he's lost all his charges with SP3's that had 3+ hits. I'm pretty sure this has always been the case.
  • If you've done 9 mill and are on a streak, then what's the complaint? lol
  • I think I became UC in November....I've only pulled 1 from the daily crystal and 1 from the bi weekly one (GMC). One of those was KK I honestly don't remember the other one. (4* by the way. I have yet to pull a 5* from any GMC). I've bought like a total of 3 or 4 GMC since becoming UC and I've only gotten 3*'s. I'd rather…
  • I think the problem is that End Game players treat this game as a sport.(Which not bashing hardcore gamers, I understand nowadays "gaming" is considered a type of sport now with tournaments and money rewards and whatnot). But why complete content so quick? For the resources so you can upgrade champions for wars? Yes,…
  • Patience really is a virtue.
  • Yea I just read the article/interview today regarding the difference between "the snap" and the "blip". Going in blindsided on opening night though, calling it "the blip" was kind of annoying I guess but I also took it as these kids are in high school. Once I read the interview, I guess I've learned to let go lol But still…
  • The fact that the "snap" was called "the blip".
  • Red Skull, Diablo, then Hela. I'm going to assume fourth time is the charm.
  • Perhaps BrudixTree is still half asleep because anyone can understand "allows for the game making team to have a little fun", means you're talking about them not us having fun. Chill man. Anyways, also the fact that they put in the whole Spiderman Stealth talking to IMIW and just complementing him and whatnot....deff a…
  • I don't think it's about who you like....actually let me scratch that. If you are a big fan of the character in general, then yes go for it and awaken Miles or Hulk. But if you want to talk the rarity of awakening gems and which one will help you progress, then no Miles or Hulk wouldn't be anywhere near worth it when you…
  • This is the only time I have ever, and probably will ever quote a mod, but I always here mods posting about "balance". If balance is such an importance to them, then they shouldn't use the excuse "contest is always changing......power dynamic of classes change". If balance is so important then there shouldn't have been…
  • Just do Act 5 100%. Honestly it only takes about two months.By the end you will have a lot more 5* champs, trust me. Between the shards from completing each chapter to EQ to wars and calendar and eventually 100% prices, you might be in a better place for Act 6.
  • Yes actually. lol Personally I would, it's a waste of pixels. I'm all for free items but when it comes to these crystals it just feels like a way to get on the good side of people. Idk...I would've been happier with a 4*, at least I would've gotten more ISO. 3*'s are just a kick in the....
  • Maybe cause I don't have a 5* Hype yet, so I haven't noticed, but I think CAIW has the best heavy. I mean, as a 5* R4 duped, he finishes my fights in about 10 hits, with just parry and heavy, rinse and repeat. Domino yes, but only cause of the synergies, without it its meh.
  • Gambit was one of my first champs on my team back when I started with 3*'s. It was GR, Wolverine, Gambit, Netflix DD, and 4* Ultron (got lucky to get him from a PHC, my first 4*). I really enjoyed timing it properly and spamming that SP1. Now with so many champions, whats the point of him except for Variant lol
  • I think I opened 20 UC BC the other day and I got a 5* punisher, 600K gold and 800 units. And my units and golds that I've received has always been pretty rewarding so, also from MY personal experience, UC is better :wink:
  • I've been waiting for her but she just avoids me. I have 2 Mystic 5* AG, one of them I've been saving for her. Like they say her dupe is mostly for defense, but it is nice as an attacker if you get hit and are in Limbo you get that regen. Plus not a bad defender for war and great power control champ. No mastery necessary…
  • I got King Groot as my first. It's not "god" tier but hey, at least it's a 6*. That's the way I like to look at it lol
  • Did someone really just called RNG "science"?
  • Save your $100 and put it towards a trip. Wasting it on pixels, ridic lol But seriously, $100 for a CHANCE at getting the champ you want from that one class it's just ridiculous. Maybe for a 6* for those that take gaming seriously, would be a better offer. I personally still wouldn't do it. Conspiracy or not, it is not…
  • He's not even an officer in his alliance so he wouldn't even be able to kick him out. Lowest rating account in his alliance, he might even be kicked out himself lol
  • I think I've seen three threads about advising people on not to spend on these featured item deals because Fourth of July deals are around the corner and some are just bashing the OP's saying "let them do what they want". Last time I checked the second word on OP's original post was "advice". It's an advice for those who…
  • I've only ran through it once, but I used Omega Red. Buffet is the only annoying one. My Omega is at R3 unduped but I had a synergy with GR I think it was, but not sure if I needed the dupe for that. First time actually using Omega. It took 100ish hits but simple enough, you'll just have to deal with the buffet healing so…
    in UC Abom Comment by InfinityM04 June 2019
  • From what I hear Blade will help a lot for LOL. But Blade really only heals himself which yes would help with saving resources but Hyperion might be better. But honestly, if there was a fifth option I would say save it.
  • https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/130979/which-mutant-champion-to-awaken#latest Didn't you also make a post asking for opinions on who to awaken? :wink: