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  • Yep I kill all regeners with this suped up future version of Cap America.
  • Agreed. His power drain is nice and after 3 Sp1s and getting armor buffs in a long fight you're free to start pounding away at the opponent. He's top 5 in power control but everyone is addicted to Magik/Gwenpool/Vision to look past them. He's great if you don't have those champs and you're just starting out. The haters…
  • Did it again just now in AW on node 23. CROSSBONES blocked my 4 star maxed out Gwenpool mid combo and just decimated me. @"Kabam Vydious" Again Samsung J3 Prime os Knox 2.7.1 Let me know when this gets fixed because this is too many things going wrong to accomplish anything in AW with the season just starting. I'm usually…
  • @"Kabam Miike" Android os Knox 2.7.1 Samsung J3 Prime 2017 I'm getting the same thing in arena and events and his Sp1 is doing the same, going through connecting but they still have the same power and then come at me for a combo....But only on AoE Vision OG Vision seems to work fine.
  • A good utility is also OG Daredevil with his auto evade. I used him for the Collector and his odd Specials. Just a suggestion of course.
  • @"Kabam Miike" Samsung J3 Prime 2017 version Knox os 2.7.1 Ultron on node 55 in AW wouldn't allow me to evade hence killing two of my champs. Champions consistently evading or dashing forward when the command I want is either attack or block in all types of game modes whether it's events, arena, etc. Also champions are…
  • I get GG and Redpool every time lol Redpool has the best regen in my experience even better than Wolvie
  • @"Kabam Vydious" Samsung J3 Prime Knox 2.7.1 issue Blocking not catching and Block is also releasing without me doing so. DORMAMMU is unstoppable(not literally as in gets the buff) in AQ Map 3 and barely has breaks in his combo attempts sporadically. Champs getting parrys in before I can blink after and in mid-combos. I…
  • Exactly. Progression in a game like this goes towards everything. From gameplay to character development. We higher players have been stuck at 70 for EVER. You don't think upping that to 90-100 would be a.....progressive step? 75-80% of the players are kids and to keep the appeal of the game going for the next couple…
  • J3 Prime phone with OS Knox 2.7.1 same issue, also opponents are breaking attacks mid combo and after a 5 hit combo blocking too fast and not able to get specials off like usual. Happening during arena, daily events, and monthly as well.
  • @"Kabam Miike" I agree Green Gobby took me 4 revives because of his Madness/Cunning just OP' his regen and I kid you not got him to 12% and he fully regen'd to 100% and was so enraged because he always got an extra bomb in that never failed so I mis-timed his Specials, then since the patch no matter if in an event or arena…
  • Hello again Kabam, I understand that you sent a compensation package to all those that fought the overbuffed Ice Phoenix and they are ever so grateful. I however did not receive anything for such and used at least 10 revives on her, potions as well. If you could explain as to why I was overlooked that would be greatly…
  • My Kabam account never got compensation for fighting the many times overbuffed Ice Phoenix and I've had many friends and alliance mates get compensated. Any clue as to why I haven't received even my 10 revives I had used, let alone potions in a compensation package? I know you guys are busy but can you look into this…