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  • He sure is worth it.
  • If you have Blade, go with GR for sure. If not, Magik's the best option.
  • You mean a 4* 5/50 and a 5* 3/45, right? And OP, LOL just stop. Cap WW2 is far down on the list of champs that need to be upgraded.
  • X-23 R4 NEEDS 4 attack synergies, so bringing 2 others is not an option sorry. You could R5 her and then do it along with 4 other champs. If your Angela is 5* R4, you could use her as the main attacker. With 3 synergies and suicides, she can be a pretty solid option as well.
  • Well a challenge that everybody would beat won't be that challenging of a challenge now, would it?
  • Why do I think the next announcement would be: 'Congratulations Summoners, you defeated the challenge. As a result, these six warriors are ready to join your team as the first batch of 6*s. Collect your very own 6* now from the 6* crystal in the crystal Vault'
  • Well of course!
  • So ? That just shows that to reach his maximum potential he needs 2 other guys. So you have to waste a spot or two. But for champs like Sparky, AA, Iceman, SL, Magik etc they can do their best on their own.
  • Well a 4* wolvie can heal upto 100% from less than 10% in a fight. So? Everyone has his own abilities. You say sparky can't regen. I say Blade can't power drain.
  • I did. And my 4* sparky dodged it all :wink:
  • That's exactly what I said. Blade is better than stark only when it comes to fighting those mystics, who deal unavoidable damage. Anything else, sparky can do just fine. About bleed and poison nodes, use immune characters for them. Degen, if you mean nodes. Sparky can kill them quickly before degen takes him out. If you…
  • Bring in Drax. He'll be a great option for Maestro. If you bring in the GotG team, your SL will have infinite parries available though. But only SL will get the longer enrage timer. About the fights. I solo'ed Magik and Falcon with a 4/55 SL so don't worry much. Against Falcon, heal up to full and when he gets over L1 just…
  • Surprised no one talked about the real reasons why featured cutoffs are higher than basic, no matter the champ. 1) Only 800 people get the featured, while around 10000-13000 people get the basic champ. 2) Featured arena also gives a lot more 5* shards. Some people just do it for the shards.
  • Starky No question. And also awaken him if you are R5ing him. The crit rate he gains when awakened is Super High. Not needed but really good to have.
  • Yeah there is a drop from last month. But last month was a special occasion. I opened like 12 5*s in December (Tho I did do LoL easy path and 100% Act 5) But still the special event quests and calendars gave out a LOT of extra 5* shards which aren't usually available. Now it's back to 2 crystals per month. Maybe 3 with…
  • I got 2 science gems. 5.3 and LoL first run. But with the current champs in basic pool, I'm not going for any featureds. Maybe because I already have Blade (used a skill gem from 5.4 on him) and SL duped, GR unduped at R4. All i need now is starky and I'm set. If I get any of these science champs when they are in basic,…
  • @"Kabam Miike" I saw you guys posted Sentry's Prestige for 5* Rank 5 without sig and at sig level 200. FINALLY !! Now can we have the list of all our older champions as well?
  • Umm I haven't gotten one in 2 years of playing this game, but I'm guessing they weaken your champs? If you are asking about that AWAkening gems, they awaken(unlock) your champions' signature abilities at level 1. You can use sig stones to power the ability up after that. Without gems, the only way to unlock the sig ability…
  • 1) No it doesn't ' VOID ' a legends attempt. You can do Master first then heroic and you'll be eligible for legends still. 2) It was just for the first uncollected event. No title for Jan quest. 3) Uncollected Exploration has really great rewards. What are you talking about?
  • Here's a post from reddit, first LoL path with r4 5* SL. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  • Yeah because at high levels, the game gets really competitive. And a 5* awakening gem is possibly the rarest and most sought-after item in the game right now, after maybe T5Bs. It sure can, lots of people have been sitting on unduped SL for months, waiting to dupe him so they can do LoL. Similarly, there are a number of…
  • I hope not. I am not a fan of random-based events. Some guys can get lucky and score 5* gems, T2As, 5* crystals while others got T4B or 2-3k 5* shards. I'd rather have events like Modok labs, where most (if not all) rewards are same for everyone.
  • OP did mention he would've done those if he could. I think he means he can't get enough T4ccs/T1as to rank these champs up to 4 by the time his T2As expire. Otherwise who would do Rulk over Magik/X-23 in their right minds. OP, if you still haven't I suggest you use your RDT's to rank down a 4* rank 5 character of the same…
  • Although I'm not a big fan of unavoidable damage myself, but I read this somewhere and I agreed somewhat to the argument the person made. Basically he said that as we play the game more, our skill keeps on getting better and after a while most of the people master the game's mechanics. I mean it's just a matter of swipes…
  • This is a game where spiderman punches harder than a man made of steel. Seriously why do the big guys have such low attack? Rhino's horn attacks should cause bleed / armor break. Colossus and Luke should get furies !
  • Haha SAME here bro. I always use 15-min ones in such cases, and mostly it is those ones that are expiring. But sometimes, it can be the 30-min ones and i have to use them again. A good method i found is that whenever you get these boosts, in the crystal vault before going in the stash, tap them and they'll show what time…
  • Blade Stark GR with Vulture. Blade and Stark get longer enrage timer.
  • I said that because of this comment of yours. Look how you said Magik ' IS 'crushed by some of the oldest champs, meaning you are referring to something that's happening in the present. So talking about pre 12.0 BW, I'm not sure who's getting unreasonable here. And then DV, again, not that old. And I also like that when…
  • The new BW? I don't think so. Elektra is you current counter? Good luck on right debuff immune miniboss. DV is one of the oldest champs ? Cool. Can you name those for me please? You know what? You can cry all you want, Kabam will do what they want to. If they nerf him, cool. I will get RDTs and I'll get my resources back.…