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  • (Quote) I thought it was a good idea before I got all them tech gems. Lol. Maybe they’ll get buffed soon.
  • @xNig You and GroundedW have given valid points but you’re speaking as if I’m frustrated because I have a mystic gem and no one to use it on. That’s not the case. I rolled 4 mystic gems. Every champion you named I have and are already awakened other…
  • (Quote) So what have been the 5* awakening gems you pulled since playing?
  • (Quote) I assume you think the class catalyst exchange was a bad idea too.
  • (Quote) When I had one Mystic, I didn’t care. Anything could happen or anyone could get released. Then I got 2. Ok. Just tough luck. Then 3. Now I’m like what the effff. Then got 2 Mutant. I’m thinking, "There is no way I get another mutant or …
  • Join the club. Maybe it’s random. Maybe it’s not. We’ll never be able to prove it. At this point of the game, Kabaam should an exchange just as they did with class catalyst. Maybe a 2:1 switch since awakening gems are way more rare.
  • @GroundedWisdom I feel what you’re saying about giving other champs a shot. I always make my own decisions as well. I do watch people’s videos but I rank up who I want, who I need, or who I like. This thread was more about constantly getting the sam…
  • Very good points. A lot of us are lvl 60 accounts and completing endgame content or trying to complete endgame content. Some of these events are not easy or cheap. Rewards should be rewarding. I know it’s a gamble but to get the same gems over and …
  • (Quote) Your point is valid if it was about not having good champs to use it on. It’s about getting the same gems over and over. Mystic is by far my weakest class and I keep getting Mystic ****. Who am I gonna to awaken Juggernaut? Thor Jane Foster.…
  • My last gems have been Mystic, Mystic, Mutant, Mystic, Mutant, Mystic. 🤬
  • (Quote) All those are good choices. You can't go wrong with any of them. I personally don't care to much for Magik. She's still good. I just don't like her very much. Rank up the one you like the best. Don't let people decide for you.
  • (Quote) This is the second time the game has gone down in the middle of completing the variant difficulty. Once again boost and resources are wasted. This is unacceptable. Then when we submit a ticket, we get a canned response that doesn’t adresss o…
  • (Quote) The emergency maintenance killed my progresss. I was in 1.2 for ultron variant assault and it ended the quest. I lost energy and resources on the path I was clearing. ☹️
  • Domino was the hardest for me as well. I’m sure there is probably a technique for facing her on that node.
  • Supposedly you get the right one if you got the wrong one and the wrong one if you originally got the right one. At the end, everyone that brought the deal should have got both. I got the wrong one so now I have the right one.
  • I agree. We spent $500 to get to that offer. Some have already invested resources in the champ we pulled. If we choose to trade, do we get all our resources back? We should just get sent the correct crystal without having to trade the champ we got.