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  • Havok, Professor x, Domino (just mediums), Elsa (mediums), omega red (mediums/heavy), Hyperion sp1 spam works, I think good Quake players can do it... Cmm, gulk, Bishop are not non-contact but can handle the energy damage feedback, maybe max sig n…
  • Gwenom rising synergy is best one. Let’s u build attack up to +60% via sp1. Slow on heavy. I see more hype for Red Guardian but think SG has wider range of utility. And doesn’t need awaken plus max sig to get it. You can let go of controls during …
  • Nick Fury is one of few champs you save a generic gem for. And he might be best of that group because he needs sig stones the least. Other options in photo are class stone worthy at best.
  • I haven't followed the "hype" too much. But I think you point out the main factor in Abyss coming out and HT stock rising accordingly. Some of it may be nature of science class. You have 2-3 top champs Quake, Cap, Void. I haven't seen muc…
  • life model decoy seems special
  • OG Vision
  • OP is right, or at least give us a synergy that reduces ability accuracy on the game crashing off Doom's sp2, maybe w Groot?
  • I think a category missing from OP's original breakdown, but related to range of use/versatility is what you might call holistic play style. There's probably a better way to label it. But it's what some of the OG champs who have held up over the yea…
  • 5r5 Ghost. Not good enough w her to use without synergies and too many better options to round out a team. I’m at 6.2 sinister tho w no Heimdall CMM etc and I think she’s my best option. So redemption may be on hand for her
  • damage to sustainability ratio
  • Same, iPad
  • I think you need distinction between best, as in best to clear most content, in which case Colossus is best all-around champ eligible for horseman buff making him de facto best horseman. Or best as in champ that exploits the horseman buff best, imo…
  • Hulkbuster is too good to regret ranking up in any rarity. There’s 3-4 tech champs you can pull that are better, mostly because of base immunities/phasing, but they all have their own quirks/imperfections. Waiting for Ghost, you still have to learn …
  • I did a post on this maybe a month ago, and someone said then that they had done a post about it as well but so far I don’t think any mod has commented. The timer does turn to gray for Colossus, I haven’t noticed same problem w Cap, but I didn’t ac…
  • HB well worth rank gem and awakening. Feel the power! And esp if u got V3 and V2 still on docket..
  • I don’t run suicides and found him underwhelming until he got max sig. If u can get him there then he’s prob worth it. His synergies help too, Sabretooth, Red Guardian, Colossus. If u don’t have sig stones + synergies I’d prob wait for champ who nee…
    in Omega red??? Comment by Tru100 October 3
  • Too many IMIW counters/problems nowadays, and too many better tech options for that level investment. I’d grit teeth and hold at least one more month. I think Guardian is hitting basic pool soon too
  • Also they adjusted this node for difficulty already. Was worse w oscillate on it. I don’t think the goal is for everyone to get through the map without dying.
  • Elsa has no immunities, so probably shouldn't be likened to Omega wrt suicides. I do know she's annoying defender w suicides on for the degeneration she applies. Her awakening is a nice damage boost at high sig but not needed. After Fury and Aegon…
  • I third it. Colossus is among first u think of to benefit from hero+metal synergy boosts, but this negates his most effective form of damage output.
  • Having two horseman on a quest is interesting to play with, but I’m particularly curious if horseman buff x2 is working as intended. Does it mean 200% bleed resist, 60% ability accuracy, 100% special attack damage and longer unblockable/unstoppable?…
  • unless you have spider gwen, also Tigra can make both specials miss
  • Venom is a great champ, might as well take up the 6* if you’re not worried about the resources. Awaken ability not a big enough deal for him to take up 5* I see both Venom and Medusa on similar tier, right behind the elite cosmics (corvus, CMM, hyp…
  • Wow, you’re not kidding. Mordo wins the energy resistance competition hands down, more than double max sig Guardian. Thanks for the responses
  • Ghost is great awakened, but doesn’t need max sig to get most out of her. (U add 2.5-5% power when they miss) Aegon needs awakening and high sig, but I don’t think he needs max. From sig 160 or so you’re only getting +5% more In his combo meter, fr…
  • Yeah, that is sick. Just realized who I might save my generic AG for So is all energy resistance the same, or does it matter if it comes via passive, sig ability or base kit? If there’s no difference, it’s all just a number, why would they make som…
  • “This champ’s special/mechanics are so satisfying” “kit” “baiting specials”
  • Can we do Guilly 2099 vs Aegon now? Both combo meter ramp-up champs, but who’s more usable in all-around content? Also who’s better to r5 for the boss rush?
  • Haven't tried yet, just speculating, but mystics that can keep his unstoppable under control. Longshot, Sorc Supreme, Tigra, Man-Thing amongst others
  • He won't be as good, but he'll still be good. Work on getting to max sig which helps if not running suicides. Sabretooth and Red Guardian have good (spores) synergies w him as well.