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  • It’s wildly inconsistent for me which is the most frustrating part. One fight I can’t parry at all even though I know my timing is fine. Then the next fight it works just right. It seems like the game lags recognizing inputs sometimes and then not. My internet is just fine and with all the people experiencing issues I have…
  • This happens to me all the time now. Once I get hit once it’s like the entire parry/block timing gets changed on me and I just keep taking combos to the face. The only way I’ve found to get it back is to try to dash all the way to the other side of the screen and hopefully get a long dash from the computer, I can usually…
  • So after playing for awhile I notice it the most when trying to parry a dash medium that has a shorter range. If they dash all the way across the screen then it seems to be working fairly close to what I’m used to. It seems if it’s 3/4 screen length for the dash or less I get clocked in the face almost every time. That’s…
  • I can’t install it either. It stops at about 75% every time.
  • I’m a parry fighter. Never been good at intercepting so needless to say I’m not a huge fan of this new aq. If he had vigor and I could parry him, ok. If he didn’t have vigor and I can’t parry him, ok. But both is a pain. For me AQ was one of the last things that didn’t feel like work. We run 3 bg5x5 since we’re not…
  • My game is missing inputs all the time. I got whacked by 2 unblockable sp1 from hela on map5 aq just because once the special started the game lagged/froze and even though I swiped to dex I just stood there and got hit. It also seems that like as soon as I get hit once the parry timing gets changed or is way off after. I…
  • Happened to me against domino on a boss island fight today. Middle of a combo and she fired off a sp2.
  • Been happening to me all the time as well. Also sometimes when the computer fires a special and I swipe to dex I just stand there and get smoked.
  • We didn’t get a match either. I haven’t seen Kabam say anything about why we didn’t get a match either, which is rather frustrating. I realize the game is a dumpster fire right now, but someone needs to explain why certain alliances didn’t get a match and what the consequences of that will be. Do we get a win? Do we just…
  • Well the random 6* ag over 4th of July was 6k units and you had to spend 15k units just to get the privilege to get it. So a generic/choice would probably be valued at 50-100% more? Then a T5cc of your choice as well? Maybe 15k if it’s a super special offer, but I would imagine much more than that.
  • Don’t know much about her so I don’t know if that’s good or not.
  • Thought they did that last year but I could be wrong I guess.
  • Been making sure I have 15k units. Been saving since 4th of July. I’ll be rather upset if those offers don’t show up again.
  • We were able to stay enlisted Friday but today we were not. We didn’t get a bye either. If I would have known how today was going to go I wouldn’t have spent units and glory on potions I used in the last war. This compensation better be substantial considering how colossal this mess that’s been created is.
  • Will we have the chance to finish war and aq no matter how long this takes or are we just going to be hosed?
  • Mutant. The only one I didn’t want. Surprise surprise. RNG my behind.
  • Opened 25 of them so far. 3 4* and the rest 3*. Maybe I have to spend more money for my odds to match what they say they are.
  • I have no idea. I’m just relaying what they told me when I asked why he was taking damage all of a sudden. It only prevents damage when it’s caused by a champion ability according to them. Pretty sure it didn’t work that way before the last update. I feel like it has more to do with how popular Corvus is and that he can…
  • I sent a ticket about this after the last update when I started taking bleed damage in aq when I hadn’t with Corvus before. Sounds like their position is if it’s from a node then his immunity doesn’t stop it, even though it always has before. I posted the response I got from them but it got taken down.