An unknown error has resulted in Grandmaster Gauntlet progress being reset for a portion of our playerbase. As a result, we will be temporarily removing the Grandmaster Gauntlet as a playable mode. The mode will be reinstated when the team has resolved the issues.
There appears to be a bug causing missing VFX (visual effects) for a number of elements including traps, phasing and some blocking animations.
The team is aware and looking into the cause of the issue.



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  • I swear that there is some shady stuff going on. In the past couple of months, I have opened 100's of premium crystals but haven't gotten even a single 4 star from it. The drop rate is so bad and it's almost always a 2 star and very very rarely a 3 star. If I am in the progress of ranking of ranking up a champion of a…
  • If she is the only 5* you got, you can take her to R2... She is for the arena only...
  • It's a visual bug.
  • Void's petrify debuff will block his Regen... Even unduped he can block Regen... Just use him... The only other option is civil warrior... He can heal block on heavy... But doesn't hit that well... Use health boosts and Go with void... Just play like a regular fight and bait his specials...
  • Medusa...
  • Probably the classic iron man
  • Got 5* Thor Jane Foster.. fml...
  • I never got it to work either... When i do the light attack they just come to my face... Dunno what i am doing wrong.
  • I have 5* duped WS and 4* KM... You will get 2% damage on every hit in the combo meter... Even though he is 5* rank 2, his damage is underwelming... He crits like 4K after 100 hits... Also WS doesn't need to be awakened for this synergy to work... The only thing you will get is random power drain... Save the gem and wait…
  • He is worth the AG...
  • Please change the message from "Please check your connection" to something meaningful. 99% of the time the issue is at your end and 1% at our end. You need to understand that people from all over the world play this game. It includes all sorts of networks 2g/3g/4g etc.. mcoc hardly opens in 2G/3G... While the whole game…
  • Don't waste the gem. Venom and corvus both are good without the gem. I would save up for hype or medusa or better yet some other future cosmic champs... Who knows you might get a silver surfer lol.
  • I thought he doesn't need the awakening gem. But i duped him naturally and I can clearly see the difference. His power gain, fury, regen everything gets better. He's just awesome.
  • Use your resources on mephisto till R3. He is good. You can leave Bishop in R1.
  • Probably looking for a help all button rather than pressing help 100 times. I am not sure why you guys designed it that way but it's not easy to press help so many times especially when you are in a sketchy network coverage zone. Earlier i was in the US so it was easy for me to do it even though it's painful. I moved to…
  • Looks like it's time for you to switch your alliance... I was like you before... Joined a good alliance which does 554 all week... Now my progress is much better... We put up about 60mil in the arenas... The glory helps me to get those t4b's and alliance health portions...
  • I have both at rank 5. Go with domino. She is crazy. AA needs to be duped and at least at sig level 30 to do ability accuracy reduction with neuro toxins. She is good with or without the dupe.
  • Go for Void. He was my first R5 too. I use him regularly in the alliance wars. He saved me a lot of portions than any other champ did. He is a beast. Hope he is awakened.
  • Don't waste the gem... What's your questing team like? I became uncollected recently with 4* 5/50 champs. Pretty sure you can do it with 4/40 as well . No matter what champ you have, collector will kill you... Be ready with some 20% portions and make as much damage as you can till you die. OG DD doesn't hit hard. He is not…
  • 500% is for 5star kill monger... For a 4* KM its 200%... 2% for every hit in the combo meter. OP since you have a 5* KM, go for 5* WS... He will be helpful in the long fights. Just keep the combo. Based on your questing team, i think you should stop upgrading 4 stars and Concentrate on 5*.
  • You need to build up his heat charges. He spends 2 heat charges to gain 5% health. If you do an SP2 without heat charges, he won't get regen.
  • 4 million easily. She has more interest than Kill Monger/Corvus... they both went for 3.7-4.0. You should target 4-4.1.
  • He is easily R3/R4 worthy. He doesn't need dupe to be awesome. With dupe he starts with 2 heat charges. He is a mystic/energy based champs slayer(Magneto for example). Build his heat charges to 10 and spam L1... he will do godly damage. He can regen 5% health on his SP2 losing 2 heat charges. His physical resistance…
  • For Hulk Buster, you can target 1.7. He doesn't have anything that's appealing. He would go low.
  • It depends on where you are at the game currently. If you are still growing your roster and not uncollected yet, you can R5 him. If you already have few champs at 5/50 or 3/35, you can wait to pull a good 5 star champ.
  • All Special 3's.... Sure.... you can still use Kill Monger with indestructible damage and take no damage Use duped luke cage when indestructible is active and take an sp3 with no damage use iceman with ice armor active and take 5% damage Use duped gwenpool and don't get killed... :smiley:
  • I was not aware of anything other than masochism and cold snap. Is there any video showing how he can do all that you have mentioned?
  • Exhausted? I did 272 matches to score 3.7 mil for a 4* Medusa. Had to grind all three days even couple hours I was awake :(
  • 5* Winter Soldier gets +5% attack with a 5* KM and +2% attack with a 4* KM. Check here http://www.marvelsynergy.com/champions/killmonger