Summoners, we recently encountered an issue with the Alliance Quest Setup Phase Starting Timer that may cause the Setup Phase Starting Timer to display erroneous information, though we are working on a fix for it as quickly as possible. Additionally, if the Setup Phase does not let you plan your days in advance, you will be able to once the Event officially begins on the Alliance Quest Start date.

For clarity, the next Alliance Quest Enlistment Phase will begin on December 5 at 20:00 UTC, regardless of what the in-game timers display.

The next Alliance Quest Start will be on December 6 at 20:00 UTC. This is when Summoners should be able to enter each Map.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to resolve this issue.



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  • wow, so, you mean to tell me that there are STILL NO SOLO DUNGEONS???? aggravating. i give up.
  • 4* rhino, ronan, cyclops red team random 2star exclusives when was 5*DS available btw? same for abom, i always see references to those but must have missed when they were released, were they just like the black widow one time thing?
  • oh yeah, i definitely agree with you, i edited my previous comment to clarify my wording just a bit. have been taking a break from the game and the forum, but for those affected and for the frustration it's causing i do hope they do something about it if it's accidental. peace ✌️
  • reading more posts in this thread, my AI and gameplay rate is constantly fluctuating and it always has been. some fights are fast, some slow, sometimes they block like crazy, sometimes they dash in out of the seeming clear blue. *be like water.* i've lost thousands of fights due to what somebody else may view as **** up…
  • Insular perspective. I’ve won 20,000 arena fights, top streak is still 12. You don’t see me complaining. Thinking broadly, it may be an attempt to lower required arena scores for winning featured champs, which I would think most people would support.
  • thanks fellow @SummonerNR . i got the beacon but i did miss the part about "must be in an alliance," i did think that as they are referred to as "crystals" in the OP that I'd be able to "open" them regardless @"Kabam Miike" et al , albeit just to get a bit of gold and not trigger a mission. reluctant to rejoin an alliance…
  • Confused and looking to clarify, I am not in an alliance but have some antimatter from the EQ and calendar, when I go to the special tab in crystals however I do not see the option to use my antimatter, nor can I sell it or seemingly do anything with it. Is this because I am not in an alliance? I had read previously that…
  • FINALLY got a gwenpool. there was much rejoicing.
  • loved this quest. and i had to wipe my eyes through salted caramel tears when i saw i finally had a 4star gwenpool. nice one. <3
  • funfact: doctor voodoo née brother voodoo appeared in a beavis and butthead comic and was referred to as "brother doodoo" by beavis. he first appeared in marvel's Strange Tales series, and is now one of the New Avengers. Strange Tales also brought us Doctor Strange and Nick Fury. voodoo is a zombie, and Strange Tales was…
  • i have had a few fights against spider-gwen where she has evaded while under a coldsnap. it has been noted elsewhere to make sure you are distinguishing between coldsnap and frostbite, i believe only one of them 'stops' evade. i have also seen, but i forget against with which fights, my enemy while under a coldsnap are…
  • i got a 5star colossus. i laughed, but i didn't have him so i was still excited. free 5star was the best message ever.
  • he is definitely one of my faves! i guess he is kind of bare bones but there's something about him that i just really like. he is unique in one of his abilities as well - his class disadvantage ticks away as the fight goes on, which as somebody who tries to always bring in 5 different classes for quests, is a small but…
  • TASKMASTER and MODOK. i love them both now! particularly modok the old jack kirby illustrations, he is such a funny character. even in this pin-up, the caption of "just like the rest of us, our dear, sweet MODOK needs a little ME time to unload, download, and the like." an early anti-hero which i love. taskmaster was the…
  • @Zeronaut81 regarding your black widow evasion, it is fallacious to compare the two, as you are the receiver of many more hits from your opponent when fighting with black widow then the amount (i assume) of FGMCs that you open. in other words, the numerical value of 3% of incoming attacks aimed at black widow will be much…
  • if you need a bleed champ, i'd pick one of the symbiotes. if carnage is awakened i'd say him, he has the best awakened ability of the 4 imo. they are all great champs and great fun to play, so it may just come down to whomever you enjoy fighting with the most. in my experience sym supreme excels in some fights but not as…
  • it cant have been worse than that **** darkhawk event quest boss with the lag. still the most units i have EVER spent in game and i eventually just gave up and took the L. still hall of fame champion for me for most resources wasted.
  • thank you for your replies @DrZola and @GroundedWisdom i am new to the forums and wasn't sure what has already been "debunked."
  • @GroundedWisdom have you ever read Julian Jayne's "The origin of consciousness in the breakdown of the bicameral mind"? it's a fascinating albeit controversial book exploring how ancient humans may have interpreted the "voice in their heads" in a much different way than we do in modern times. there is another great book by…
  • i am currently re-reading the TOS, which also mentions trade secrets and consumer behavior, as well as "underlying ideas or algorithms" coming into play within the Service. isn't there room to interpret any of that to support that it is at least *possible* that it's not as simple as 1 in 6 chance for any one class or 1 in…
  • i guess i probably made it up then. has anyone ever seen the movie Pi? I always feel like the guy in that movie trying to spot patterns in the stock exchange. i swear i am on to something *cries laughing*
  • i always assumed the algorithm was more likely to give you more of what you had the most of, to "help" you "save up," did I make that up? my anecdotal evidence supports it at least. I have an overflow of t4 tech catalysts because I have never used one and i started off with slightly more of that then other classes. I have…
  • he's not a trasher he's a THRASHER BABY
  • goodies from today allowed two 4star openings, i awakened my Korg and my thor ragnarok! i am happy to have saved my 4 star skill awakening gem for sure. holding out for aegon or blade. happy with these openings, i will be going full RAGNAROK STYLEE on some questing this afternoon \m/
  • OP, 5 star sig stones are in the featured tab of the store today as part of the 24 hour random deals going on right now.
  • the way i always remember is, they go in order of class advantage, as shown in the diagram above. but if i know which one it is on any given day, i just in my head go ok, this class beats this class, which beats this class, which beats this one, etc, and count on my fingers lol.
  • oo, i really like this idea, and the implementation with the daily catalyst quests. kabam i like this idea as well!