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  • I don't come here often enough to be on guard to the degree I should, so I missed it again by not checking the user name of who posts, but that guy is actually famous for being a Kabam cheerleading tool. Do your best to ignore the dreck he posts
  • OMG... we just did our first new map 5 on day 4. Please for the love of all that is good and pure... COPY THIS TO MAP 6 and just increase hit points! Map 5 is PERFECT. It's forgiving of people's schedules and time zones, it's got nodes you should at least read to not get in trouble but which don't hamstring you for not…
  • This. We went right at it, map 6 in all 3 BGs first 3 days. People hate it so much some actually expressed they'd leave if it stays like this due to excessive item use, and one dropped without a word (right after being tagged in chat that he'd taken a path and now the person who's path it was supposed to be would have to…
  • Not strange at all, you're just hard-flexing and lack empathetic abilities. Jump on a thread where the dominant sentiment is pain, and tell them how cool you are because your alliance thinks it's cake. What kind of response did you think you'd get?
  • I posted this in a thread yesterday which quickly scrolled off. This one seems to be getting more traction so reposting here: I was so excited for map 6 on paper. It looked like the hassle of begging people to get online and move regularly was over because there would be plenty of backup. Unfortunately that's not the case…
  • Some of us keep our glory at the cap until a values reset, then buy extra, then let it build again. Even with buying extra, I have no way to get under the cap unless I blow a bunch on ridiculous overpriced junk like t3cc. Thanks for the "compensation" guys.
    en Extra glory Comentario por Drake mayo 2021
  • Yeah, that's just a list of the best champs in each class that can take advantage of the node in some way. There are WAY better options. BWDO and Angela are both top of the list. Mole Man is surprisingly good. You just keep him in his useful phase (non-frenzy) but still do good damage due to the skill boost node. Heimdall…
  • I was disappointed with the health nerf last month and this month, but apart from that I am still absolutely blown away by the way CEQ has been designed. It even looks like you guys are getting better about not putting really annoying fights in the chapters where there's no good counter for them or only class disadvantaged…
  • Human Touch
  • Still way way too much focus on 4 star junk for Cavalier.
  • Doesn't just have to be bleed or incinerate. Use Dr. Voodoo and stack up those loas for big poison. BWDO for shocks. Heck, IF for armor breaks can work. There are tons of options.
    en Seriously!!! Comentario por Drake septiembre 2020
  • I could not disagree more. I literally came here to start a post for the first time in my 3.5 years playing this game to say THANK YOU KABAM!!! These health pools make it worth bringing these super high damage champs or champs that need time to build up to something mid-fight. I can actually get more than 1 or 2 flare…
  • I suggested they actually make him the first champ in the game that has role reversal as an ability. He's the single most extreme example of a champ whose relative power completely conflicts with the class relationships that MCOC chose to create. And of course he'll have major benefits over all #metal champs.
    en Magneto buff Comentario por Drake junio 2020
  • The answer is to make AW heals and revives free and crank up the number of times a node can be defended for points. Diversity caused a lot of the current problems. While we don't just want to see 10 Korgs, Dominos, Dooms, and Annihilii every war, they put in a mechanic to encourage diversity in a lazy way. Keeping it as a…
  • The first one lasts ten seconds. If you're telling me I can somehow get multiple stacks all at once, I hear you. But as you work to stack up shocks, that 3rd or 4th is getting applied as the 1st is getting ready to fall off. It was surprisingly difficult to get any meaningful damage with the shocks up. Check out BG's vid…
  • Very disappointing. Seatin was on an island by himself when he drooled over HB in the beta and did us all a huge disservice by gushing over how much he hoped HB would go in just like this. The ideas are great, but the implementation was clunky and frustrating. HBs heavy reach is way too short, and giving us no new mechanic…
  • Hype is the better champ against RoL WS. Or any fight where you need poison immunity. Or any fight where you can only use heavy attacks. SS is the better champ if you need shock, incinerate, or cold immunities. Or any fight where you need to armor break. Or any fight where baiting specials is tricky. They stopped making…
  • I missed the main thread going for these kinds of critiques. Moving mine there. Short version... I hate AW and don't want to do it any more.