• You completely missed the point of this post, there is a reason why its in bug section. Just as he launched sp2 prompt on the side said “Spells Paused” and same time game froze for more than 2 seconds while in the middle of his special (spell). It was in a joking way to point out that game still freezing when fighting…
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  • This ability is broken in so many ways.. After triggering power sting debuff she still gets her charges over time, while she supposedly should get those charges only when suffering from power sting effect.
  • I should try in with rest of damage reductions from Psionic transcendence
  • Its the same, it does not reduce passive degen damage after or before psionic transcendence. Just did a test with the bleed debuff, and its bugged as well but in a different way. Just as bleed is being applied it does first tick of damage and then reduce it. I am running Coagulate mastery 3/3 so my bleed potency should be…
  • 800 points for opening Paragon Crystal, it has to be a bug right? I thought players are supposed to be celebrating 7* release, not Kabams bank account…
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  • Its only ability name is called “Static Shock” and it does energy damage when attacked, its not shock damage
  • Its just simple screen space reflections, ray tracing does not exist on mobile phones:) PS5, Xbox and PC can barely handle ray tracing, so for mobile devices it will takes some good years to get that kind of supporting hardware, unless there is some kind of new groundbreaking chip will come out and change everything.
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  • Or actually after playing this stage few more times its more pleasing to the eye without that glare, maybe it even looks better the new one
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  • Just dont know if thats a bug or whats happening here because in hangar stage it looks like it got downgraded Pre update: After update: All reflections from floor is missing and looks dull
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  • Oh was it? I completely missed that part
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  • Example of what im talking about Old game version: New game version: (It looks worse in video because of YouTube video compression, looks much better in game) There are many stages that got new lighting and reflections looks like it and i love it
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  • Whats next? “Parry and Dex Express” for $10 a month u can get improved inputs? Or “Bug Express” get bug fixed 1 month before everyone else. Jokes aside this is rly cheap what they did, instead of increasing value with sigil store they are selling QOL updates, truly scraping the bottom of the barrel…
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  • The better question is why did you created a new forums account today only to talk for your “friend”, and u are trying way to hard to find a reason why your “friend” got banned on same ban wave as other modders who used mods in this game. Cheating in videos games are bad and that account has well deserved ban, hope you.. i…
  • U can use 10 devices if u want, thats not against TOS. Unless hes placing his champions on defence in lets say Europe and then somehow magically logs in from USA to same account he will get banned for account sharing. If he wasn’t sharing account that means he was hacking
  • 100%(base) + 200%(node) - 200%(rintrah) = 100% to proc buffs. Thats why KG still getting buffs.
  • Its becoming premium currency to acquire new champions. How is that not a downgrade compared to what we have now? Now u have to use already hard to get 7* shards to dupe basic champion 55 times to get chance at 1 champion from featured “titan” crystal instead of opening 30 featured from a get go. How can even a question…
  • I dunno but that sound like a downgrade by a mile from player’s perspective. I would gladly take ISO from 7* dupes and buy 7* featured crystals for 7* shards instead of duping ~55times 7* to get 1 titan crystal.
  • So you get 7* shards and 7* titan shards from single champion dupe? Or u have to dupe titan crystals champion to get titan shards? Something does not make sense here Edit: Nwm im lacking sleep, i get it now.
  • Im sorry but where did u heard that 7* titan shards are coming from duping 7* when Kabam in live stream said that titan shards are only coming from quests and deals?
  • Slow down the video to 0.25x and watch my power bar, i launched special just as my last hit connected, thats as close as u can get in chaining special. Ai has broken recovery timings that are way faster what player has. No one is arguing that 2x parry is Ai exclusive, its about the recovery time between actions. I would…
  • Ai is just overtuned way to much, happens all the time to me. Example happened today, Domino somehow managed to recover from being hit and parried 2x special hit in less then half of a second.
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  • U make absolutely no sense… why would they use mods to farm 3.2.6? U can do it on autofight with 5* without mods.
  • My point is you are nowhere close of preaching to other players how they need to get better or even talk about everest content. I have done Carina in first week that came out by spending countless hours of grinding revives. Now with this new change all players who haven’t done it before nerf it will take them at least 5-6…
  • Bro i dont want to insult you, but u talking about getting better at the game or talking about EoP or Carinas etc. Have u done at least one of the everest content in the game that you are preaching about getting better to other players? “ 2 revives a day is enough for those kind of contents “ The irony is pretty hilarious…
  • Hey buddy, maybe stop talking nonsense about getting better when content like Carina with 4* Starlord exists? Hows that “get better” works out for you in that content?
  • Hey Kabam, its time to balance out removal of revives farming by making inputs worse than it is right now (which is almost impossible), speed up Ai even more and reduce their recovery timings, let mods keep their rewards and play the game without any fear that they will be banned. But all seriousness are you doing any %…
  • The audacity, these modders are out of control lol
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  • Good. I hope that's the new norm. Modding and expecting 7 day slap on the wrist while keeping rewards its not ok.
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