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  • My point is you are nowhere close of preaching to other players how they need to get better or even talk about everest content. I have done Carina in first week that came out by spending countless hours of grinding revives. Now with this new change all players who haven’t done it before nerf it will take them at least 5-6…
  • Bro i dont want to insult you, but u talking about getting better at the game or talking about EoP or Carinas etc. Have u done at least one of the everest content in the game that you are preaching about getting better to other players? “ 2 revives a day is enough for those kind of contents “ The irony is pretty hilarious…
  • Hey buddy, maybe stop talking nonsense about getting better when content like Carina with 4* Starlord exists? Hows that “get better” works out for you in that content?
  • Hey Kabam, its time to balance out removal of revives farming by making inputs worse than it is right now (which is almost impossible), speed up Ai even more and reduce their recovery timings, let mods keep their rewards and play the game without any fear that they will be banned. But all seriousness are you doing any %…
  • The audacity, these modders are out of control lol
  • Good. I hope that's the new norm. Modding and expecting 7 day slap on the wrist while keeping rewards its not ok.
  • If you want BGs rank rewards u need to play at least one match in Gladiators Circuit, otherwise you are no eligible to Battleground rank rewards.
  • Its because Angela’s sig ability only reduces base debuff duration, even with 100 buffs she will have that .05-2.5s Double Edge increased bleed duration.
  • Well thats not how it works. If one player kills boss and reaches end node second player gets pop up to go in to next room or finish run prompt, second players does not even need to move once from starting node for this to happen. This is done this way just because if one player gets stuck on fight other can finish boss…
  • Sorry, you are right. Somehow i missed that symbiote tag. Interesting, it should not prevent Venom his own evade
  • Its because Venom is not science or #spider verse champion
  • Ok i found a quick fix how to finish this tutorial bug, it only works if u have at least 1 unbound Relic. You just need to click on Relics tab, DONT click on big blue prompt in the middle of the screen, instead click on bottom right corner to sort out Relics. Sort them out by Unbounded Relics, select one of those unbound…
  • If Tigra is fighting against non-cosmic champions and affected with Slow, Weakness or Exhaustion debuff it will disable her Miss and Unblockable mechanics. Joes fix it can apply Weakness debuff if he has 3 of a kind cards.
  • First thing that website is 3rd party and its not official, u could just have clicked on champions info in game and there is more information in detail. Second it did not took 18 posts to get answer for your question, u just again having same issue of unwillingness to read what its said. Literally 3rd and 4th person gave…
  • Stop blaming others for your unwillingness to read ability descriptions. In Tigra’s abilities it explains what does Neutralise mean and what does it do. U will never learn anything with this kind of behaviour
  • It will reapear every single time Galan uses specials if Tigra does not have Neutralise applied on him.
  • The problem is not the lack of knowledge but in not reading descriptions. 2 screenshots above says it gives a buff, u just need ti read trough before saying that this or that is a bug, u will save yourself and everyone else some time
  • Whats not buff? Solar intensity gives Galan True Sense buff that is being prevented with neutralise
  • Explanation is in your own screenshots. 1st screenshot your mate applied neutralise on galan before he launched sp1. 2nd Galan launched sp1 when he did not had naturalise on him self. Your highly skilled friend should know that.
  • In-Game Name: n0ux Device and Model: iPhone 11 Device Operating System: iOS 16.3 Cellular or WiFi: Both Game Version Installed: 38.0.0 Game Mode: Story Quests, Arena, Alliance Quest Description of the Issue: 1.After update game framerate are back to being always below 30, even frametime is inconsistent 24/7 its all over…
  • Im just gonna leave it here. Its from todays KT1 stream of Battlegrounds. Very nice I rly liked that Resist prompt for 1 frame…
  • Thats todays pulls, straight up ranked them up. Rly happy with my luck. I hope the best for your pulls!
  • This is one of the more funny interactions of so called projectile attacks. DaredevilOG signature ability gives him 100% chance to evade projectiles while Shuri all attacks are Projectile and u get this hilarious interaction
  • And for more examples of what champion which attack are Contact or Projectile u can visit this superb site Clicking on different champions and scrolling down it tells u which hit from what attack is based on what type, is it Contact Physical/Energy or Projectile Energy/Physical
  • Everybody is using these terms like Contact attack and Projectile attacks because its the game who defines these attack types, not players. You can have Projectile attack but it does not have to cover whole screen, like for example Shuri all her basic attacks is Projectile type and not Contact, so without Dexterity mastery…
  • I think your are right, now looking closely i can see that it has to do something with Model animations, it looks like when medium attack starts it readjust model position just outside the hit reach of incoming intercept and it disables lets call it “homing attack” what this game has to deal with distances. It looks like a…
  • At least others are experiencing same stuff. Slow down to 0.25 for full on glorious Ai intercept priority
  • Just to let you know that +9000 energy resistance is reducing nova flame damage by ~80%. Thats why it feels that u are doing almost no damage.