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  • I still wish I had the button-masher title.
  • I wouldn't bring a champ to r4 unless you plan on bringing them to r5, and I don't think SheHulk qualifies.
    dans Worth the rank? Commentaire de Rbvojtik novembre 2017
  • Mjolnir is a mystic hammer, which is why Jane Thor is mystic. OG Thor is cosmic because he is a cosmic being (Asgardian). It isn't consistent that he lose his cosmic status because he lost a mystic hammer.
  • Personally, I don't bring any champ to r4 that I won't bring to r5. She's an excellent champ, but her sig makes a big difference on her health steal from sp1, and her power steal from sp2. For some perspective, I do have her duped at r5 and am very happy with her. Not sure I'd go with her unduped though.
  • I agree that she's great on offense. Her power lock is the best in the game. Plus against opponents that have a lot of buffs, her sp3 can do insane damage. On offense though, her limbo really doesn't do much damage. Her limbo gets a great boost in AW defense; I just don't feel its a game-changer when on offense.
  • The only reason to spend that mystic gem on her would be if your alliance group didn't already have Magik as a defender (diversity). She is great attacking, but her sig's primary benefit is in AW defense.
  • I mis-read #1. Thought it was just about beginner difficulty giving experience. It is a flat value, and does not change based on what champs you use.
  • But it makes no sense to go for the long regen when he has near perfect health. All I'm saying is that is where you want to inflict heavier damage for longer. Having the regen buff active for a long period of time while you're at full health doesn't do you any good. GR is a beast, but you aren't playing him optimally if…
  • Wait for the 5* UC. He isn't that useful in AW right now anyway with the diversity scoring, but the 5* will get you more points in arena.
  • 1) Beginner level does add experience, even though you are playing with low level champs. However, event quests don't reward very good experience in general, regardless of what difficulty you are playing. Story quests and daily cat quests offer the best experience. 2) Arenas do not add to summoner experience; however they…
  • I know. But a beast is only a beast if he handles higher level content (longer fights). Longer fights is what my post was targeted toward, not just WS.
  • You could bring Quake and HE for that synergy.
  • Nice video, but it takes him almost 1,000 hits to kill WS that way. That's a great video on his regen, but in a longer fight like that, you want his fury and bleed to last longer than fate seal, power drain, and usually regen. When his health is about full, I typically hit the heavy attack right off to ensure the more…
  • Unless/until you dupe the 5* Ronan, I wouldn't say he's worth bringing to r3. It is worth bringing all 5* champs to r2 for the extra points you get in arena.
  • 5* Shards. DILLY DILLY!!! Science gem. To the pit of suffering and despair. DILLY DILLY!!!
    dans Compensation Commentaire de Rbvojtik septembre 2017
  • I hear DV will be in the next DS movie. He may be feature then.
    dans I want to know Commentaire de Rbvojtik septembre 2017
  • I've always thought it would be a good idea for Kabam to have a thread where they have each monthly quest story posted. A lot of these stories are pretty fun, and it would be cool to go back and see them (maybe be reminded of a fight or two).
  • I still can't warm up to her after the nerf. Part of it is because I just remember how good she used to be. Now her stun seems so short (especially compared to other champs in the game), her power lock is so short (compared to other champs in the game), her regen is so minimal (compared to other champs in the game), and…
    dans Scarlet Witch Commentaire de Rbvojtik septembre 2017
  • Other games have done similar things to the increase char level once it is maxed, like Zombie Gunship. The trick is there that you have to sacrifice 4 other 4* weapons to bring one to 5*. However, with how Kabam has planned on not releasing certain champs to 3* and 4* crystals (and selling some champs as 3 & 4* that were…
  • Vision, welcome to the backburner; this is Rogue and Loki.
  • Sounds like you're ready.
  • Do some practice runs to see how far you can go without using a revive or health potion. Get past Jugs and you're ready.
  • 6 months means you aren't addicted yet. GET OUT NOW!!!
    dans Uninspired Commentaire de Rbvojtik septembre 2017
  • I think **** had a speech with the same title as this thread.
  • What I typically do is bring a champ to sig lvl 19. That leaves an even amount of dupes before the champ is maxed, so it doesn't waste any sig stones. Most champs' sig ability (especially 4*), gets most of the benefit by then; everything on top is gravy. For 5* champs, obviously you want to focus on an awesome champ for…
  • A collective breath... I'm uncollected.
  • That's good. Kabam has me feeling sore back there.
    dans Mystery item Commentaire de Rbvojtik septembre 2017
  • I dig this post. The only problem is that it's 2 weeks too late.
  • I'm a fan of WW2 over OG Cap for his bleed on sp2. OG is still a solid char, with better stun. But again, I really like WW2's bleed.
    dans Rank 5 advice Commentaire de Rbvojtik septembre 2017
  • You should be fine for your first run through, and those will be fine for the enrage timer. Stick to the outside of the map, and it should be doable with your 4* SL. Do note, you will have to spend unless you have a lot of potions and daily crystals saved up.