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  • Over all I have to agree with many of the posts here. V4 has been the most fun I’ve had in this game in a long time. My only criticism would be about the 1* chapter as almost everyone in my alliance is in agreement about having limited 1* rosters despite never selling any champs. Whoever did the design of this variant…
  • iPhone 7 Plus Current IOS Cellular or WiFi Most recent game update Game mode:all My phone is overheating similar to 2-3 patches ago. It truly burns up my phone and 30 minutes of game play or more causes my phone to release an insane amount of heat. This is far worse for me than even the fabled ‘fire patch’. I’m…
  • GhostDog54. A good mate of mine and is damn funny. Even better when DDD gets to joke about his pulls. ‘Gladiator Hulk!’ New meme of the year.
  • It can be done with X23. It’s a horrible fight and takes what feels like forever but it can be done. Definitely one of the most frustrating fights in recent memory and that comes from someone that just finished path 5 of Lab. I get that the content needs to be challenging and all but for the rewards.....
  • Got Kicked after taking Meastro down to 42% health in a single go (had to start fresh) and had non stop lag since the recent patch. My phone is baking hot yet again and swipes aren’t registering properly. I’m on an iPhone 7-Plus with most recent IOS. Doesn’t matter whether I use WiFi or data as these issues are persisting…
  • @Marri Calling people stupid doesn’t help anything. Alliances at the top tell you to jump and you ask how far. Kabam has created a system whereby you follow or get booted. If you don’t know this pain then I’m genuinely happy for you. Juggs won’t stop anyone and Blade has ensured that, yet try to see things from the…
  • MD went hand in hand with specific champions. Whilst it was an enhancement, it was also the reason to keep certain champions around. Kabam also messed up with the previous diversity changes and many of us were asked to rank up mystics for our alliances to get better defence due to max MD and amount of kills you could wreck…
  • I’d honestly go with ST. Check out some war vids of him vs node 30 and then...bam. AA is great but I’d much rather pick ST for his long term damage, ability to take down immune champs and the fact that he’s part of the new ‘trinity’.
  • I’d save the gem for Medusa. Corvus doesn’t need to be awakened but he’s currently my favourite champ in game. The moment you get him I suggest taking him up no matter what. Corvus is one of the best....if not the best....attackers/attacker in game.
    dans Proxima Midnight Commentaire de SKOutsider août 2018
  • Hyperion doesn’t need the gem. Honestly it would be a waste of a gem and you’d regret it shortly after.
  • Currently have her as a 5* Duped and as a r4. Sorta regret that choice.
    dans Proxima Midnight Commentaire de SKOutsider août 2018
  • Proxima is a glass cannon. She takes a while to get ramped up but when she does then she hits like a tank. She has a very, very high skill cap compared to other champs and is only really good as an attacker or for a diversity choice. She can wreck IMIW as a heads up as she will always parry his basic attacks. In short, if…
    dans Proxima Midnight Commentaire de SKOutsider août 2018
  • @GroundedWisdom of course levels make a difference. Your arguments about tiers not mattering is exactly the issue here. Why didn’t Tyson fight in a women’s devision of boxing? Hell if tiers, sexes etc don’t matter.... Upper tier alliances spend a small fortune to stay at the top and any game outage becomes costly. Nobody…
  • @GroundedWisdom the assumption that everyone was equally affected is completely and utterly ludicrous. I’m not being offensive here but you defend Kabam without trying to evaluate what’s going on from other people’s perspectives. I’m actually assuming that you might not be trolling and that you might be genuinely not…
  • Kabam need to ban individual cheaters permanently. Alliance leaders must be informed of cheaters. No idea how to work out ratings etc as it’s getting to be really insane as others suffer. I don’t have all of the answers but more does need to be done.
  • He’s immune to the initial effects but can take cold chap damage if you are hit with a l1 attack. Same as he’s immune to bleed nodes but can take regular bleed damage. If you knew that already and it was a bug then apologies for pointing this out.
  • Node 30 or Spite node R5 duped Korg in tier 2 wars. Kabam employees.... Please can you guys show us how to beat him as we all lack skill. I don’t care what masteries you use or what champs...just do it in one go and I’d be happy with that. If you guys can achieve this then I WILL complete labyrinth of legends before next…
  • Love the server issues already. I feel showered with appreciation. Please sir, can I have more?
  • Personally I love Corvus. He looks and feels like someone that deserves respect. His l2 makes me feel like a proper swordsman every time (despite his weapon being a Glaive).
  • As a heads up this was a’s a moment of levity in an otherwise stressful moment. No need for jail time...please guys I can’t go back on the inside....I’m too pretty.
  • They’re bringing out a new evade mastery. It will cost about 8 mil units (subject to change) but you will have a 90% chance to dodge server disconnection issues.
  • People called it earlier. Summoner appreciation week would be riddled with downtime. We joked. Same few defended Kabam. Kabam had the last laugh.
  • Picture didn’t load but I just finished Lab Ultron...might legit hurt someone.
    dans Game down? Commentaire de SKOutsider août 2018
  • I feel so appreciated right now. Kabam are amazing as a company and nobody should ever claim otherwise..... This was my fault for my lack of skill. I need to learn to evade emergency maintenance.
    dans Game down? Commentaire de SKOutsider août 2018
  • Kabam won’t respond. After a mass exodus by both players and youtubers at the end of the season they will reply swiftly and come will be too late for the game by then. Youtubers leaving will seriously hurt their revenue and many will follow the youtubers. I can’t speak for everyone but from those that I do…
  • DDD stepping back and Rich the Man sounding as if he’s going to stop making MCOC related videos.... Seatin working on other projects. COW stepping down. The state of the game is driving many away. It’s honestly heartbreaking that a company can do this to something that had such potential.
    dans THX TRIPLE D Commentaire de SKOutsider août 2018
  • Kabam as a company are out of touch with not only their client base but reality it would seem. As of today we’ve had another big youtuber step out of his alliance and then mention the reasons. Another 2 have slowed down/have started other projects. Kabam has little left as the few people who would have defended them have…
  • Best champ in game. @"Kabam Miike" has to be thanked for his insight into champs. I’m still trying to figure him out myself. Lab runs are taking longer than expected but confident that I’ll get the hang of things soon.
  • I personally wouldn’t take up hawkeye for any of act 5. Jokes aside but King Groot is a beast for act 5.3. Ignore people’s jokes about him. Once awakened he can do 4-5 lanes out of every section almost solo. It takes forever but saves a lot of pots.
    dans Act5 Commentaire de SKOutsider août 2018