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  • Just out of curiosity do you find that using higher frame rates effects what you can and can’t do gameplay wise? For example you used to be able to dash back after a certain action or you can now block after something you couldn’t before?
  • I watched the videos, but the main problem with the boss I have is The Champion acted like any other champion in the game, his interactions with unblockable, unstoppable etc were all the same, yet with this new kang he slows down time and speeds it up. Watching videos doesn’t dex specials for you, and it seems like every…
  • wolverine/cyclops romance synergy is what this game needs most
  • it’s turned off on my phone and i’m lazy pretty much also marvel would have a say iv it for sure but there have been other marvel games with esports scenes (marvel vs capcom live i think) and let’s be real marvel aren’t the sort of company to say no to potentially loads of free marketing (and probably a portion of the…
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  • i’ll see if i can work it out in the morning but you’d expect so from the overwhelming majority of people i’ve seen complain about always running out of mutant catalysts lately. almost nobody has the same issues with tech or science and personally i have nearly twice as many mutant R5 or R2s then any other class, and hell…
  • this is hard but i might have to go Hiemdall (tried using him a few times and he was underwhelming, this is coming from someone who enjoys super skrull) Green goblin (just screw this guy, i manage to justify my hate for this shambles of a champion by convincing myself it was the version from TASM and not willem dafoe) iron…
  • @Wicket329 im not saying that these are definitive truths i’m just saying that, a lot of champs added recently have followed a great overall + niche but viable side champ formula (never said that was bad btw don’t know where you got that from), the mutant class has recently undergone far more profound changes then any…
  • cable solos abyss fights and psylock is an amazing champion too many are sleeping on
  • in game name is TP33, got a GGC to trade let me know or drop me an add in game
  • i don’t get it the guy hits like a freight train and has a laundry list of utility what do you need for him to be “good”
  • yeah it’s an odd one but i think it is intentional, it grants you 100% of power left i think is the way it’s worded so defo go and watch yt vids of people doing fights with him, they all get to exactly 39 (or 29 with synergies) hits and then throw L3, power meter counts as depleted and then from there you’re golden
  • well at least he got through it definitely better options out there for speed but in terms of ease, ebony maw is literally undefeated
  • honestly it was a bit of a long fight but so what if you literally can’t take damage the fight can go on all day doesn’t matter
  • don’t get me wrong i love my esla, just don’t see her used nearly as much as doom etc
  • I love carnage, he’s such a cool character and outside of the Punisher probably one of if not the most “adult” Marvel comics have gotten. Also add on the fact that in game he’s a complete UNIT and until I can see Knull for myself he holds my vote.
    dans Favorite symboite Commentaire de TP33 octobre 2021
  • i’ve got a sorcerer and she carries, but howard is so fun and unique he is one of my favourites to play, just wish i could justify taking him up over some of my other champs, i have a rank up gem for him though so he will get there eventually, until then it’s taking up namor
    dans A Fun Rankup Commentaire de TP33 septembre 2021
  • havok is great and really benefits from the R3 imo. some mutant champs like magneto or Namor just become overkill at R3, whereas havok greatly benefits from the extra health and attack, as often you use him for cheesing energy damaging paths where you want to be able to finish the fight in a single L2. i noticed that my…
  • yeah well wasn’t expecting anything at all so just opened it on my ipad as soon as i heard there were free crystals
    dans thank you brutal DLX Commentaire de TP33 août 2021
  • Having mole man stealthy and BWDO at high level I can say stealthy will benefit the most from R3. His damage just goes super high and he has great utility in his slow debuff which is great for AW and so much more. Mole man is great and honestly taking him to R3 isn’t a bad shout, I wouldn’t though because his awakened…
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  • precisely it’s really great it’s odd not loads of people are screaming in the streets
  • @mgj0630 mines unduped so i don’t gain the power in cosmic overload. i tried that rotation but it doesn’t really work without the sig which is unfortunate and part of the reason i kind of want them to give him some form of power gain on his base (for example heavy attacks grant you 25% of a bar extra)
  • sorry but this isn’t even a question. HT and spider gwen have very different utilities but torch still takes the cake by absolute miles. he’s almost a necessity for abyss and he definitely works outside of the mystic class. any energy damage matchups? sorted. even non energy non mystic fights he can deal with so well and…
  • i use them + ebony maw in war. absolute god mode
  • ok maybe i phrased this poorly but non-synergy related champion duos, as in 2/3 champions who complement each other’s abilities and can clear through most fights
  • yeah that’s what i meant he just did make an appearance in 6.4 which is why he kind of ticks that box more or less
  • chuffed with that sig 122 P2099
  • Magik would work Quake would I think Getting good at dexing also helps Ghost can phase Tigra causes projectiles to miss Also if you die to a special attack he starts with power so you can block his specials. Maybe read and learn how to fight it instead of ordering a change. Bishops buff is amazing and it’s turned him from…
  • Ok so further investigation shows that both namor and the overseer have higher unduped prestige then Thor rags, which intrigued me, so I did some further looking Now to find their respective sig ability prestige values and using the below numbers we get Namor: 3622 The Overseer: 3763 Both below that of Thor Rags however…
  • Oh well that’s just a sucky event
  • I’m pretty sure we can still get all of it. The only thing you gain from purchase is that items are just given to you straight away no need to do the actual event.