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  • Gotta love the random disagrees with NO FEEDBACK. Seriously, at this rate just ban all the top champs from AW. *heavy on the sarcasm* Apologies OP, HT is a solid investment.
  • I’m curious if kabam considered limiting the champ bans on any one champ to say 2 out of the 3 war matches in a week? It could make for a reasonable balance between their objective and players still being able to use those champs, rather than seeing ranked up HT being permanently benched due to everyone choosing spite.
  • 1. Best not to assume anything, 2. Never said mods only…mostly frustrations from familiar names responding in what ends up coming off as condescending responses, when a simple ‘probably not’ would have worked towards OP question.
  • Jfc just let Miiike say some long-winded “no” response and be done with it. Some of you people need to stop answering for the mods, they do not need the help…
  • 1. I was one that expected Kabam at the earliest to have rewards by normal reward distribution time (tomorrow) so this isn’t surprising to see happen. 2. I should’ve worded that better. I’m referring to that time gap players are referring to when it comes to getting the AW season rewards and moving to other alliances…
  • Question about that post you are referring …considering when it was posted to when the AW into its issue…Is it wrong to ask for some kind of initial delay or extension on the back end to the gifting event based on the time lost from the hiccup?
  • I could be mistaken, but if this is in reference to the gifting Event coming up and the minimum day requirement people need for it to count in a new ally, this delay does serve as a very inconvenient speed bump for those affected 🤷‍♂️?
  • I could be wrong, but I believe the fight duration might be the deciding factor in that match?
  • At this point, minor updates would do more wonders than the “thanks for your patience, please be patient, etc” sweet nothings. I’d hope people realize that it isn’t necessarily the mods fault this game decides to throw whatever tantrums at the worst time, they unfortunately take the brunt of what I’m sure other dept would…
  • Running into that issue in our ally too
  • So we can’t criticize them about it, when other solutions were provided? At this point I could care less about the rewards, it is what it is unfortunately. I’m curious if it would’ve been that much more of a pain in the ass to resend previous weeks rewards...compared to some people’ suggestion of delaying aq by a **** day…
  • Just tell the team to call it a week, prestige is already screwed up for people with that 30 minute aq round 🤷‍♂️
  • It’s damned if they do/don’t either way. Just find it funny they choose to screw over the mixed timezone folks and think 30-minute timers are gonna solve a sleep-scheduling issue. Doesn’t matter at this point since the day 1 timer is screwed up now
  • Just gotta change people’ work/sleep schedules and we’ll be good /s You know that time delay will cause issues with the players regardless of pushing the aq end cycle by 2 hours or not. Should’ve just cut your losses and dropped the week altogether instead of forcing it (I know that’s a week of rank up mats lost but what…
  • Yeah, figured it would be a pain somehow.
  • Looks like they updated the banner to mention 30 minute timers for this cycle
  • Understandable...same boat with epic mods map 7, just not worried if it’s pushed back, considering the stress this game provides (self-inflicted or not) a breather is never a bad thing
  • As much as it sucks (I’m in that boat as well) the window they gave did seem silly. OP might just want to express your thoughts to kabam and hopefully they look at it for next year 🤷‍♂️
  • It is trading, but does not have the expectation of getting anything in return. Although from what I (and I would imagine others too) have seen, most ally mates/friends are usually good about a fair gift exchange (ggc for ggc, or ggc for higher end resources) Short and sweet would be don’t gift randoms
  • glad to see everyone being heartless as usual 😅 Not blaming Kabam for this, but it would be nice if there some form a middle ground. I’d say similar to how people have to wait in incursions for the other party member to choose champs. Do it with trades and if it’s not up to par, cancel and restart. Otherwise it might be…
  • Sorry to see that happen to ya, OP. Sucks when the RNG works against ya.
  • Fair enough. Trusting them to adjust that is a bad move to begin with 😅
  • Allowing players to sell t4cc for t5cc shards would be a good start for that discussion...and giving whoever in the marketing team a proper upside that thought the cav deals was a good idea
  • A quick “longer than expected” message could go a long way for them to mention, short, sweet, and to the point. Yes AQ is still running so none of the alliance adjustments (booting, recruiting, etc) would be affected atm, but better to let people know ‘hey the rewards will be out...just need to make some adjustments due to…
  • Not sure how since it would take 2 runs of getting shards to notice the issue (further beyond that point would be where exploitation chatter would be valid) but whatever I guess... their game, their ****** rules
  • The wording suggests the quest can be run multiple times for the keys and souls, that should be fine...a second run and getting crystal shards is the minimum to know that something is wrong, and people should hold off until it gets fixed...🤦‍♂️
  • Glad to see the envelope pushing ****** is at it early in the morning... Safe bet is to hold off and wait for Kabam to respond. Put the ticket in and explain what happened. Better for them to have a time stamp and hopefully make adjustments, instead of “eff all” and assume everyone is guilty. Way too early for the high and…
  • When it comes down to it, if it was a broad stroke 7-day ban for everyone, seems a bit excessive. If they are proportional to what was done individually, then ok 🤷‍♂️ (Didn’t get banned, just annoyed with some of the regular smug gatekeeping)
  • Even if they didn’t/couldn’t catch it early on, why not have someone play it when it goes live and go from there?