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AQ Map (various) Difficulty [Merged Thread]



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    DiablordDiablord Posts: 535 ★★★
    I play map 4 using corvus and the first fight takes a lot more time, it usually took 30-40 seconds, now it took 2.03 min
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    BrinxxyBrinxxy Posts: 1
    It’s so hard to love this game. Develop 2 champs a month. Increase the tediousness of event quests as well as difficulty. Only compensation package is war.. which most won’t play because it’s not fun and buggy. A year buggy. How much money has kabam made off of every KO and unit spent in their new act 7 content alone in this time. Did those aw comps help there? They must want to promote an entirely new game there’s no way a successful game could allow a core issue to persist this long and not get sued. Now the last happy place aq? Just as tedious as everything else. Booo
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    Little_Crocodili29Little_Crocodili29 Posts: 293 ★★★
    Thanks for the reply, Boo. You are lovely as always. But can you please get back to us on the exact issue that will be resolved??

    Coz we, the ppl loggin in to play this game mode day in and day out, we see what's wrong. Unfortunately many of us don't have any faith left that you guys know it the way we do. No, I'm no developper. I have no idea how to put a game file together.

    But myself and the active community know how AQ was working - disconnects and input failures aside - that's what we'd like it reverted back to.
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    MoosetiptronicMoosetiptronic Posts: 2,139 ★★★★

    Domino Evades

    11,449 1st hit

    10,434 2nd hit

    No nodes 2nd fight Sector 1...... damn fun (insert Prof Hoff comment)

    Challenge rating in action; she has higher penetration, crit rate, crit damage multiplier then before, as she's gone from 120 to 150 while your corvus stuck at 120.
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    AZOG_AZOG_ Posts: 39
    JJJmJJJ said:

    “as a gesture”? So, is it only kindness!?

    Kabam, we don't need your kindness but to get back all the resources wasted on this buggy QA cycle
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    PlantesanPlantesan Posts: 335 ★★
    Kabam Boo said:

    You will find a little extra in your AQ package tomorrow, as a gesture from the team. The issue is not yet resolved but should be done before the end of the week. We will be back to confirm when it is done. Thanks again for your patience. :)

    At this point, minor updates would do more wonders than the “thanks for your patience, please be patient, etc” sweet nothings.

    I’d hope people realize that it isn’t necessarily the mods fault this game decides to throw whatever tantrums at the worst time, they unfortunately take the brunt of what I’m sure other dept would rightfully deserve to hear.

    That being said, it sucks to hear players are going through the gauntlet because of this issue.

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    Crine60Crine60 Posts: 1,403 ★★★★
    hmdemera said:

    Kabam Boo said:

    Hi again folks, the team sincerely apologises that this has happened. As they are unable to make any retroactive changes, the team will consider some compensation for the inconvenience. For now, we kindly ask that you select a different Map until the team can get this issue fixed. We will let you all know when the issue is resolved. We apologise once again for the inconvenience. We will be back again once we have more information on the compensation, and also when the issue is resolved. Sorry and thanks again for your continued patience and understanding!

    I'm going to figure this out for you, so you can focus on fixing it. You changed the rarity of the defenders, changing them from 5* to 6*, however did NOT change the rank and level. You have the first ever rank 5, level 65 6* in MCOC. The champion attack and health boosts haven't been adjusted, thus making them even much more stronger.
    How no one at Kabam (supposedly programming experts) did not see this, even after being made aware of the situation is beyond me.
    They weren't supposed to be increasing the difficulty of the lower maps, that is why they were supposedly making the higher maps (higher difficulty and more points). This means it isn't just that they needed to make the 6* lower rank, they shouldn't have made them 6* at all because 6* has higher challenger rating which makes all the fights harder than before regardless of the rank they set them at.
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    SpawnssSpawnss Posts: 13
    Naz_786 said:

    Map 5 2nd mini is nasty af

    He's almost impossible to beat this is harder then becoming thornbreaker and the bosses on the way... the HT mini are ridiculous and making it so only a certain few can take them down with the right champs and enough revives in there pocket
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