Guillotine, A community choice champ and nerf? Are u happy with this buff?



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    Sal_84 said:

    All those things are merely speculations, the main problem is that Kabam is not communicating their struggles. Most of us work and understand that now more than ever companies are asking us to do more with less resources. If they were to tell us "guys, the buff did not come out as intended, give us some time to fix it, we will take your feedback into consideration", no one would complain, but what we are getting is "we are happy with the buff, we will just some minor updates to her regen" or "this is a homage to her previous kit" or simply avoiding the topic as they did in the AMA when the whole community has expressed their sentiments about this decision, with no validation whatsover from Kabam, is just not acceptable. What we need from Kabam is straight forward COMMUNICATION, we are their customers. Again if the final decision will be "we will keep her the way she is now", just send the rank down tickets and they can continue with whatever projects they have for the future, and we all just move on with a dissatisfaction feeling, but we all move forward.

    One of the worst customer service I've seen for a company with a huge potential of doing very well financially if they're not already doing so. Everything is wrong about this buff, not a single thing right honestly. Community choice buff and the community is complaining yet Kabam don't see they dropped the ball. You didn't have to buff her into Hercules, some of us don't have him and we're doing fine. We don't need Guillotine to clear contents, we've done that already and can do so without her. We needed another playable and enjoyable character that fits today's meta. This buff is cosine 90^. If you pulled Guillotine before and felt not worth the resources cos of your progression level, you won't change your mind now buff wasted. And if you enjoyed her before, you most likely won't enjoy her now which is actually < cosine 90^.
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    Itamar82 said:

    I think the Kabam response to the player base has largely become a bigger issue than the buff itself. I think their response indicates either a childish level of hurt pride and stubbornness, or is masking an inability to correct the problem. Perhaps they don’t know HOW to fix her. Either way, no business can survive treating its customers this way. I’ve spent a lot of money on this game, and it’s a big part of my free time, and believe me, I hate to use the dreaded boycott word, but with cyber weekend approaching, it would be an opportunity to really express our displeasure. I also think people would be well within their rights to ask for refunds on any rank up offers, or sig stone offers they bought and used on Guillotine. You don’t listen to your customers, you lose them. Simple as that.

    This is my first comment ever. I really like Guillotine design and I was looking forward to her getting buffed. Kabam's response is disrespectful, and I think that a Boycott is needed to remind them of the correct way to treat customers. I myself will not invest a dime, until Guillotine is rebuffed.
    "This is my first comment ever..." If I'm reading this correctly, it means this is the first time this player has felt strongly enough about an issue here on the forums to comment? I feel that fact alone speaks for itself. As to how strongly some players feel about the way this has been handled.

    Maybe it's time for a new vote. I'm sure if given a choice, most of us would vote for a full revert to previous state AND a new buff that preserves all of her previous qualities. One that adds utility, and improves upon her EXISTING playstyle. Which provided damage from basic attacks and sp3. Not heavy spam into sp1 or 2.

    But, if that is simply not an option, we would absolutely prefer to have her reverted even without a new buff. And/or rdt, as an option to recover our investment and move on.

    In my opinion, Hood is an example that a champion can successfully be rebuffed. I think his final state is perfect. A great mix of his old identity and the addition of a more useable phase mechanic and access to more damage. It's also my opinion that the notion that you have to take something away in order to add something has been successfully debunked with the Hood buff. Does anyone actually find him to be overpowered in his new state? I really doubt it. He's fun and effective enough that I do use him from time to time, but he has in no way become my go-to overpowered lane clearing champ or anything. 🙂

    So, we know it's possible. The question becomes, is Kabam willing to spend the time to make it happen for Guillotine as well? If the answer is no, that is certainly disappointing considering the vote was held and that she's an original Kabam character. But, if that's the answer.. so be it. But please revert her back and/or offer a way to rank down if this is the final position of the company. That you aren't capable or willing to allocate any further dev time to her. If that's the case, just say so. Rather than tell us our opinion is wrong.
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    DNA3000 said:

    as i said i agree with you. they need to express what they think freely without any harsh behavior from community. but they did ignored us actually. if you check back AMA again, most questions didnt get an answer and most of those that were answered, werent related to guilly buff. and again if you read this answer, you'll see this ignorance from kabam

    They did in fact answer that question, although just as with most people they often answer a slightly different question than the one posed thinking it covers more ground.

    The question that was asked was, and I'm paraphrasing here: why wasn't Guillotine targeted as a champion that would be useful to high tier players? And the answer was: Kabam learned that champions that get voted on need to be designed in such a way that higher tier players have a way to show off more performance with higher levels of skill.

    That is an answer, it just takes some thought to parse. It says the reason Guillotine wasn't targeted as a "high tier player champion" is simply because: it didn't occur to anyone to consider that was a requirement of the update…

    That seemed obvious to me (and I posted such elsewhere) but Kabam is saying this was not obvious to them.
    I think you’re giving them to much benefit of the doubt here. As you say at the end, this seemed obvious to you (and presumably others), but somehow we’re supposed to find it credible that Kabam just “learned” this through this Guilly buff experience?

    The most glaring counterpoint to this is the Hercules community choice buff that happened prior. Yes, there’s some variables to consider vs a new original champ vs a buff, but we were exposed to a lot of the process and I dare say in some of those Dorky Dave deep-dives it was underscored that in designing the champs they wanted to… do everything they said they’re learning now w Guillotine buff. We saw and heard Kabam Broc talking about different mechanics and making a champ that wasn’t too complicated but also allowed for the “skill expression” we recognize as missing from the Guilly buff. Perhaps their minds are erased after every champion design or buff is completed?

    If not that, then we’re supposed to believe all that considering of the community needs wrt skill levels etc for Hercules then totally disappeared because… this was a buff and not an original champ. They’re not saying we swung and missed. They’re saying “we just learned this now! Thanks guys!” I think it’s fair to see it as a slight to our own ability to connect the dots and speculate on more legitimate reasons they don’t want to revisit her buff. There’s a designers/community exchange here that ends w same results that feels far less insulting.

    My theory is they know/hope they have amazing champs and/or buffs coming December and those will make people forget about this debacle. Otherwise this is just Kabam botching the buff then doubling down w bad PR afterwards. I can’t even credit them w “at least they engaged” because it came off so disingenuous.

    But if the December Dr. Strange buff brings that iconic character back to relevancy, I think that’s another viable road to redemption.
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    It seems Kabam target the Guilly buff mainly for begenning and median players only. But my question is how about AA, Hyperion, falcon, ultron, venom, iceman, etc? Are those for beginners, median or endgame players? I believe the answer is clear. There are lots of characters for all levels of players but Kabam just refuse to do so on guilly buff.
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    Honestly at this point I'm more annoyed by the customer service than the original buff. Instead of logically describing the reasoning behind the nerf to the regen or the purpose of pain link in any content except as an annoying defender they dodged around the important topics and instead restated already known facts. At this stage I'm already tired of their train wreck of a game this past 6 months but I seriously think this has gone way too far. Please do better Kabam, a lot of people have made a lot of good suggestions and the players need to see that they are still actually being considered.
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    updates please....
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    The old saying goes, “no news is good news”. But in this case, I just think it’s being swept under the carpet.
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    I remeber the good old days of og guilly.
    Get 25 souls and fire sp3, that damage was so satisfying.
    Her regen was great as well.
    Personally, the regen is fine now but the sp3 has gone from top to rock-bottom.
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    Omedenn said:

    A community choice buff which turned out to be only good for a small part of the community, the beginning players. Very weird.

    Thing is, she's actually more complicated to play now. So I've never understood the claim that her buff had beginning players in mind. Even though it obviously doesn't make sense for a community choice buff regardless.
  • Not sure if anyone realized this or not about her SP3, but what happens against debuff immunity/Purify champs? Her SP3 is useless beyond useless in those fights. You might as well just have thrown another light attack
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    Hopefully they don't take this composure as a new overhaul because when they remade the hood, they gave us 1 less improved character instead.
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