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Update: Erroneous 'Bundle 1' for Thronebreakers in GWBB



  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 20,953 ★★★★★

    Small number. Only like what a few hundred thousand players... Thronebreaker and higher players should be given access to this. Just put a cap on it like you did at 10. Make it fair. Those who got that deal, it was a game changer for them. I have to watch my ali mate take a huge leap and get away with it while I can't now.

    I respectfully disagree that it was a game changer. I'm a seasoned player, Thronebreaker but not far from Paragon and I'm one of those who bought a number of bundles. I got exactly 2 new champs - Cull Obsidian and Symbiote Spidey - and a whole bunch of dupes for some 7* shards and ISO. I gained negligible advantage versus someone who couldn't access the deal.
    You can't seriously use RNG as an example of why it WASN'T impactful.

    FOR YOU.

    Someone else opened 10 6* crystals and got them AMAZING pulls and will progress them SIGNIFICANTLY in the contest. Which is great for them! But when all the rest of us could only open up ONE 6*, from the same amount of resources spent. Yeah, that's not good.

    The fact that it was a bug, it was live for near an hour, but only those who saw it - and importantly, had access to it (player level) - were able to take advantage of it, doesn't create a fairness in an "already unfair" game (the RNG aspect, which is only heightened in this scenario).

    If possible (the reality is anything *is* possible with Kabam for this game, they have proven time and time again with the weirdest and most specific issues in the past), they should be distributing Bobble's to all the other players, to help "cushion" the difference. Nothing will quite equate those who "took advantage" of this error. Nor does I think anyone to expect it to.

    But kabam screwed up, big time, and they need to level the playing field.
    Y'all complain if Kabam doesn't to "pro player" things and then complain when they do "pro player" things. Make up your mind.
    This is pro player for a selective group. Big difference.
    That's pretty much every situation the community calls "pro player bugs".
  • _DarthPikachu__DarthPikachu_ Posts: 14

    When you spend years of your time and money on a game, you’d expect situations to be handled better than they are. Either you took advantage of the glitch so your happy or your high enough player where 20 6*s wouldn’t matter.. either way if your not negatively affected from it, that’s great, but your opinion is irrelevant. I’m speaking for the people that could have grown their accounts by a long shot but chose not to because that’s what kabam has stated countless times to do or else get banned

    That’s dramatic at best. BGs and AW defense will be minimally impacted unless you think everybody who bought those bundles has a ton of resources just laying around to rank twenty new defenders up.

    If you’ve been playing this game for five years and STILL haven’t reached paragon by now, the newly acquired champs in somebody else’s roster are the least of your concerns.

    You’re borderline begging on the forums. It’s weird bruh. Do better.

    Don’t get me wrong, I hope y’all’s cyber pan handling pays off. If Kabam hooked y’all up the same way the others benefited, I’d congratulate y’all too. I find the game to be more enjoyable when I can be happy for somebody’s else’s gain.

    And yes, I am at a point in the game where twenty 6* crystals isn’t gonna be a game changer for my account.

    But let’s be real. You’re calling this the worst thing Kabam has ever done after the player community had to navigate though roughly two years of input bugs. Followed by the 3.2.6 revive nerf.

    Even your thumbs knew that was cap as you were typing it.
    I never said it was the worst thing they’ve done, I said it was the worst decision they’ve made. Unless they were “deciding” to leave the input issues bad lol
  • OmedennOmedenn Posts: 865 ★★★
    Ahh I see, already thought who is that guy with such a defensive replies which most of the time make little to no sense. Same guy different profile picture
  • Triclops1224Triclops1224 Posts: 106 ★★
    They certainly decided to nerf 3.2.6.

    And the way the input issues were handled, up to and including weekly comp being halted somewhat prematurely, yes, there was decision making at play there as well.

    Google the word obtuse.
  • _DarthPikachu__DarthPikachu_ Posts: 14
    Oh well what’s done is done. I just wish I would have bought it when I had the chance rather than trying to do the right thing and avoid getting banned. Next time there’s a goof up like this ima take FULL advantage! If I get banned ima rage lol
  • GiuliameijGiuliameij Posts: 1,849 ★★★★
    Good way to handle this. I wasn't quick enough to purchase it. But since a couple more 6* champs to an account wont 'break' the game I think it was a good choice to let them keep it. Others will be lucky next time. Hope those summoners good something good from their crystals
  • Darth_StewieDarth_Stewie Posts: 390 ★★★

    Although I know it was a mistake, I feel like the economy of the game has been tilted, meaning most of my matches in battlegrounds will have shiny new 6 stars because of taking advantage of the situation. It's pretty farfetched to ask for compensation and i get that, but it wouldnt hurt the new thronebreaker accounts.

    It hasn't. You won't even remember it 3 weeks from now.
    Until Kabam makes another mistake....its like an abusive relationship, right?
  • Darth_StewieDarth_Stewie Posts: 390 ★★★

    Dorky said:

    So what I'm getting is that thronebreaker got a massive deal while paragon don't get the same deal?

    Some players were able to 200k 6* shards. Not every TB, just some. Paragon doesn't have the offer that was bugged. We have different ones so it doesn't affect us anyway.
    Just some? Do you know the number and can tell us for sure, in comparison to how many many people play the game that you could casually use the word "some" to describe the amount who got it to who didn't get it? No matter if it was offered to these players and not those players...either way it's unethical and some hit the jackpot apparently and some are left with whatever other **** there is to offer. No matter how you put it "some" might of benefitted from the offer but "many" of us got cheated!
  • Rick_1Rick_1 Posts: 62
    Congrats to those that got a win from this and those who didn’t should lower expectations and take advantage of every update 👍🏼
  • DefCon3DefCon3 Posts: 2
    If the rewards were published ahead of time, then yes that would be taking advantage of an exploit. Knowingly going down the same path that you should only be able to go down once is different.
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