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New Carrina's challenges thoughts?



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    gohard123gohard123 Posts: 1,014 ★★★

    ok let's say it as it is, u made the hardest Carina Challenges ever, almost impossible good, nobody likes it ok? Now why would u give these rewards that we can get on a monthly base? There are just 7 star shards , emojis and 6-star crystals that everyone is tired of.

    Look if u make something so difficult u need to match the rewards, u can't put the 3rd of 7-star crystal, and expect people to rank 5 champs to get that, cmmoon where is the thought behind it? How that was allowed to go live ??? Justify the challenge with rewards that are hard to get but not with 5000 7 star shards what are we doing?

    The rewards are purposely not game breaking because they don’t want to force people to do the content. Instead people are complaining both about the difficulty and the rewards. The content is difficult because it is aimed at the very top of the player base and the rewards are such that divide between those players that do the content and those that don’t isn’t drastic
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    GamerGamer Posts: 10,372 ★★★★★

    Gamer said:

    LJF said:

    It's sad to see Kabam employees sticking fingers into their ears with these incredibly defensive responses. It's evident from each of Miike, Crashed, and Jax's comments that they aren't interested in feedback from players about these challenges. I was going to come and offer some thoughts on why, as one of those players (arguably) that these challenges were designed for, these challenges miss the mark. But I'm not going to waste time giving constructive criticism to a willfully deaf audience. So good luck I guess, hope you guys are happy with how this all turns out.

    This simply isn't true. If I didn't care about player feedback I wouldn't be reading through 200+ post threads at 10pm. I'm not being defensive, I'm simply stating how we see these challenges and their place in the game.

    We take feedback seriously and actually earlier today changed the design for an upcoming piece of content based on this feedback. However we aren't just going to roll over and acquiesce to everything that players tell us they want, because quite frankly this game wouldn't still exist if we did that. Our job is to find the right balance for the long-term health of the game, and I promise you that is what we all are trying to do.
    I understand there need something for the very very top like those with the skills of like Brian grants.
    I think you meant to say people like MSD, BeroMan, or Fintech himself. For all intents and purposes, I don't believe Brian is the "very, very top" of players or the best in any capacity. His whole novelty is that he is strictly FTP and is a likeable person on stream and has a large viewer base up there with the likes of Seatin.
    Yeah I did meant that’s
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    gohard123gohard123 Posts: 1,014 ★★★

    i don't think that was the thought process. if that would be the case then make Carina challenges available or only Valiant players, cause me with 6 mln roaster and 4 paths completed in Necropolyss, i don't have any of these champs highly ranked up beside the 5 star spidi. do I have to spend all the gold and catalysts on ranking average champions just to get some bad rewards?

    If the rewards are bad to you especially considering the cost of ranking “average” champions then don’t do it. It won’t be a detriment to you or your account, that’s the objective essence of these challenges.
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    GamerGamer Posts: 10,372 ★★★★★
    Crys23 said:

    Hey all,

    You are welcome to discuss the challenges and have your thoughts on them, but I want to be very clear, attacking any one of our creators directly will not be tolerated. Nobody "betrayed the community" by doing exactly what was asked, to create extremely hard content.

    We will not tolerate any form of personal attacks, and we will take action on your game account if we think that it is necessary.

    So according to Kabam logic, is "extremely hard content" just a revive spam? Because I don't see how doing Gauntlet with just Zemo is skillful because of some defenders like Korg and Ham in there who will be the worst.
    Dude, Zemo is actually a good Korg counter. He takes no thorns damage on basic hits. And he can also stop his evade, which is also good for Ham.
    Mike is actually the only one who designed a proper challenge. Almost all the fights can be soloed with one of the champs available for the challenge. But it requires skill and focus. Also some patience, since it's not something you can smash in 15min. But if you lack one or more, it will cost some revives. As any end-game challenge should.
    People asking "Can this be done with a 5* Zemo, or unduped 6* Zemo?", or anything along those lines, you have no bussiness even looking at this challenges. You are not ready yet. Your roster is not ready. So your opinion is irrelevant.
    Lagacy's challenge is actually too easy, like Uncollected level easy. That's good, so nobody can cry out they can't get their deathless KG piece. But if you expected all of them to be like that, then you missed the point of these challenges.
    Fintech's, well what can I say... it looks horrible, both in choice of quest and choice of champions. I doubt even him will be able to do it without a few revives. But I get the idea behind it. It is meant to make even the top of top 1% of players hurt.

    I haven't seen so much whinning on forums and chats in a long time. And it's from people who have no idea what they're talking about. It's both irritating and frustrating. Democracy is great and everything, but some people just shouldn't express an opinion if they haven't earned the experience. (These same people who thought it was a good idea to vote for 7* Colossus)
    Yes he can do all of the fights with the skilled of karate mike because he knows how zemo works I don’t don’t enjoy using zemo but karate’s mike isn’t to bad can done fairly cheaply with those skill
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    BigBlueOxBigBlueOx Posts: 1,631 ★★★★★
    Siliyo said:

    Name an average Player who can do Necro with Howard the Duck. 😉

    If the average player had MSD on call, along with the amount of revives BG farmed, I’m sure they can do it. Your comment lacks context of what happened.
    It’s called a joke. SMH
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    xLunatiXxxLunatiXx Posts: 1,277 ★★★★★

    Name an average Player who can do Necro with Howard the Duck. 😉

    Skill wise BG is not at the top like other CCP members.
    Also he had access to revive farming, I'm sure a lot of people could do it with a similar amount of revives, if they wanted to ofc
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    JefechutaJefechuta Posts: 1,212 ★★★★
    Ill be honest, Lagacy's challenge is kinda cool, Miike's one is achievable, not easy, but I think Ill be able to have it done, but Fintech's one is not doable, it is already a hard task to do it without any champ restrictions, but If you add that restriction, you would have to spend an indecent amount of revives and pots to be able to do it, you have to spend already 50+ for some of the "easy" EOP paths, this challenge will probably take you to 100+.

    Ill just show the pros and cons of this Carina's Challenges:


    1. Permanent content.
    2. Something to do when you reach the absolute end-game and you have nothing else to do.
    3. You can use the revives that would expire otherwise (if this is the case)


    1. The rewards are not the best one at least for the last challenge (Fintech's one), since you would have to spend more value in resources that you get by doing this challenge. (At least for me, the 7* are nice but I dont think I would personally spend that much just to get those specific champs as 7*).
    2. Half of them are skill based, and the other half are just a resource trash can to throw revives till you get past that point.
    3. Half of them are "enjoyable", the other half aint enjoyable at all.

    I mean, those are Carina's Challenges after all, those aint for everybody, they must not be for everybody, I think community lost the main meaning of the Carina's Challenge, those are meant to be done with a lot of revives, those are meant to be done for the people that has nothing else to do or has nothing else to spend his resources on.

    The fact that we got some achievable ones like the Guillotine's or the Act 7 content, it does not mean that this kind of challenges should be the ones we get each time they release a Carina's Challenge.

    We have to spend the revives on Winter of Woe right now, since it is the only content that is not permanent, after that the main thing would be spending the revives on Necropolis till Exploration, and just after that, we can start to think about doing the Miikes and Fintechs challenges with all the resources we have that we are not using, but only if you really want to do them, if not, just let them wait till you are able, capable, or you just want to do them.

    I dont think this is a L for Kabam, and I dont think we should see this as end-game content like we see Necro or Abyss, this is supposed to be looked at like we looked at the first Carina's Challenges, not that fun, not that easy, not doable without a decent amount of revives. And we must not blame those Content Creators that had the idea of the challenge itself, since thats what they were asked to do.

    I dont think I have anything else to say, just stop getting mad by things that are not made the way you want them to be made, but the way Kabam wants it to be done.

    If you dont wanna do this content, dont do it, you wont be losing anything that you absolutely need, those are just "regular" rewards, some 7* Shards, a couple emotes, a couple titles, and some temporal trophy champs as 7* which are not a must at all.
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    Vegeta9001Vegeta9001 Posts: 1,484 ★★★★
    Seems like we're past the time of fun and challenging content and back to the roots with horrible "challenges" made for draining wallets. Least the sparky one was fun. May do the Zemo or Avengers one. The rest can wait. Forever.
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