New Carrina's challenges thoughts?



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    MalchaeisMalchaeis Posts: 176 ★★
    Challenging stuff. I didn't think some of these wouldn't be a revive fest. I expected as much. As far as optional content, I'm okay with it as long as they don't have plans to use Deathless King Groot as an objective in the upcoming Spring of Sorrow. Would like to know this ahead of time please devs
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    Emilia90Emilia90 Posts: 2,027 ★★★★★
    Deacon said:

    The Stark Spidey challenge was definitely the only challenge that understood the assignment. Make it difficult and challenging and FUN. That's it. It's that simple.

    These other challenges just lack any type of imagination at all and lend to no difficulty, challenge or fun. Whoever can call upon Unit Man the most wins.

    Anyone could have created those ... use only a 5* Groot to defeat Eternity of Pain. See .. "super hard, difficult" content is easy.

    KarateMike’s avengers challenge doesn’t lack imagination lmao. If you listen to his thought process, it’s actually super good. The zemo one is just his personal thing, but the other definitely isn’t
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    Grub88Grub88 Posts: 229 ★★
    Motorola said:

    The biggest problem is the rank-up resources needed for Fintech and Karate Mikes challenges. The difficulty is kinda over tuned but if the difficulty were the same and I could do it by using 5 star rank up resources (like Lagacys), or I only had to rank up a 6star for each creator, that would be more reasonable. We have to, at bare minimum, rank 4 (but probably rank 5 or ascend) 8 six stars to do these challenges. OK maybe you have a couple of these champs already ranked like iron man and tigra, but mostly black widow og/thor/antman/Jabari panther/mojo are probably not rank 4 for even the top 1%. If you rank 4 every 6 star needed, that is 24 t6basics and 24 t3alphas, not to mention everything else like the gold and ISO (which is like hunting the great white buffalo with the iso/gold shortage) And don't forget, that is bringing them to rank 4, what if you brought them to rank 5, or god forbid ascend them (please dont guys!!!). Kabam please get in touch with your playerbase. I don't know why you don't put more effort into doing money grabs for cosmetic/other types of rewards, and make the content enjoyable and challenging, without having to waste rank up resources on champs you will never use after. You can make a lot of money if you design more emotes/titles/player flex items.

    What about when T6B and T3A become as common as T5B and T2A
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    CrcrcrcCrcrcrc Posts: 7,942 ★★★★★
    Mike did the avengers one on stream for 6 revives, so I’ll rescind my statement there. But the zemo one and both of fintech’s are still ridiculous
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