Beta Test - Technical Issues Thread [PLEASE READ ORIGINAL POST FOR STATUS]



  • Apocalypse189Apocalypse189 Posts: 943 ★★★
    The champs are fighting by themselves in quests
  • cmandycmandy Posts: 1
    Mine says cant connect. Then it goes to reconnect
  • RoninBRRoninBR Posts: 31
    RoninBR wrote: »
    The participate button is not active

    Please see the link in the Original Post up above.

    Thank you. I gonna wait

  • LariatLariat Posts: 23
    Reboots to this....
  • Can't get in?? Plz help
  • Can't join neither
  • Vdh2008Vdh2008 Posts: 966 ★★★★
    Mine seems to be locked in autofight. I can’t disable autofight because it’s already supposedly disabled... Lol.

    I’ll log back in tomorrow and see if it’s resolved.
  • Maximus_SpankersonMaximus_Spankerson Posts: 447 ★★
    RULK’s ability isn’t working on mystic symbeoid. He isn’t adding heat charges blocking
  • Mcord117Mcord117 Posts: 1,711 ★★★★
    I can get in on Android but not iOS. Funny thing is I have neither champ in my roster so even when I get in I can’t test anything
  • KZ91KZ91 Posts: 1
  • AuceAuce Posts: 146
    Same issue as others. I have the ability to choose the beta server but immediately disconnects and reconnects to the main server.
  • XôôXôô Posts: 9
    Para mim não habilitou o botão de "participar".
  • AuceAuce Posts: 146
  • GrubGrub Posts: 136
    Yep can click participate but just immediately disconnected. Testing on Apple IOS
  • after hitting participate it starts me a new game
  • Darkar123Darkar123 Posts: 15
    edited January 2018
    I have two devices (phone and iPad). I am currently on Beta server using my iPad. On my phone, I can access main game server with the same account AT THE SAME TIME as iPad is on Beta server.

    Is this intentional? I don't want anything that could cause a potential ban.

    @Kabam Miike
  • bgillimanbgilliman Posts: 3
    i hit participate and got an error that I couldn’t login to the beta server
  • rnr87rnr87 Posts: 295
    Y can I not access my inventory when I am in regular game mode after coming out of beta test???
  • Got into beta a couple times and worked great. Now went back in and there’s no option to get back to regular server
  • KonKon Posts: 2
    1 agrwe with comments that regular account resources should not be consumed.
  • QualozQualoz Posts: 28
    I was just wondering if going for a legend run is safe since I was selected for beta testing? Didn't want to mess up my chances of getting the title.
  • I'm also having problem to access my inventory and arena when I return to regular game (can't access my ISO to upgrade my Champions on the level up event)...

    During the test, I've used Luke Cage but when I've used his especial move it did not thrigger his invulnerability, even after the cool down...
  • T2cm9fysmubpq.png
    there’s no option to get back to regular server
  • katsutoshi82katsutoshi82 Posts: 12
    Back out of game completely then start in regular mode and arena and inventory will become available again.
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