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Alliance Quest Miniboss and Sentinel Refresh - April 2018 - Discussion Thread [Updated April 13]



  • KingCrooksKingCrooks Posts: 176
    Were all using "LOL" as a dislike button, btw. in case it doesn't seem clear. None of the player base is behind this idea....
  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    Quick question, should I rank 5 my 4 star duped thor to handle the map 5 sentinels?
    DSPSAAB wrote: »
    Considering so much ups and downs of new little changes in AQ. I strongly believe to run free maps or remove the cost of maps for first two to three weeks... So that players can gage the difficulty level which is increased due to change of defenders. Reason for three weeks is that all alliances will be able to face all three mini bosses in this span. As you know it take high cost to run the maps, by keeping it free... Players will not be frustrated due non completion of map. @Kabam Miike @Kabam DK


    Its seems that kabam is not ready for free maps... But contrary initiated free health portions quest... It should be active till one month... I am not getting positive vibes... They know sentinels will **** us.. And to safe gard their position they started free health portions... Its like diverting attention of a boy crying for lollipop...to piza with chills on it...
  • One lesson we learned from 12.0 was the importance of beta testing. Having your most experienced users test the updates, not just the users that reside within the walls at the Alberni St. office.

    So, has their been any community testing?

    Is their a beta set up to try out the Sentinels at a high level on map 5?

    A duel set up for fighting Morningstar? (Side note, funny that you guys realize the pointlessness of her souls in a defensive format. We think the same thing for AWd)

    A way to see what Void might be like for high prestige on day 5?

    I think the whole community was expecting and looking forward to changes in AQ. This isn’t exactly what we thought but it’s a start. Just concerned, from past performance, that proper testing was done BEFORE roll out, not duct taped and bubble gummed after roll out. Thoughts?
  • ItsTheBroskiItsTheBroski Posts: 492 ★★
    Does anyone else think that Kabam should increase the rewards for Alliance Quest with the replacement of Symbioids with Sentinels? The introduction of Sentinels in my opinion will be a game changer for AQ, especially Map 4-5. They are bleed/poison immune meaning that we will have to say goodbye to mainly Wolverine, and X-23. Also other champions like Gwenpool, etc. I believe it's safe to say that a big portion of the Map 4-5 alliance members use either X-23 and Wolverine in AQ. Sentinels to my knowledge generally have more health than your typical Symbioid (not 100% sure about that). They also learn (become harder to beat) with every hit you give them. Now this is a game changer for AQ mainly because one currently doesn't fight just one Symbioid in AQ, one on average fights at least 4 of them. Now with Sentinels replacing them, that means that your on average 4-6 Symbioid fights will be replaced with Sentinels. Now when day 4-5 come in that will make the Sentinels better (computer difficulty wise) and also have more health. Without being able to use bleed/poison, it will take significantly longer to "KO" a Sentinel. Even for the people who don't use champions like Wolverine and Gwenpool, in my opinion a Sentinel will be more difficult to defeat with their mechanic to learn and become harder to kill alone. Besides that, Sentinels are basically debuff immune. Any damage debuff placed on them gets immediately purified no matter what class they are. Not even armor break lasts enough to help at all. The only thing that seems to be effective are passive debuffs from power control champs. Power lock/steal are the only things truly effective on them (except in the debuff immunity path where only power steal works). To me, this will make day 5 of AQ more difficult than it currently is for everyone. I'm not saying it will be impossible because it won't be, but that it will in general be more of a hassle and use up more time, energy, and champions health. I'm not here to complain just simply stating with my knowledge that I believe the rewards for AQ should be increased with the information provided. I'm not sure if Kabam wants us players to buy more potions/revives or what but I am open ears.
  • Hemi_123Hemi_123 Posts: 9
    So you guys(kabam) didnt care about us means all the people here who comments against these changings... if u dont care about us than why you made this forum???
  • geoff78geoff78 Posts: 217 ★★
    So it's a given that despite all our complaints, rewards will not be getting buffed even though difficulty is. I think a good, fair gesture would be really down tickets for those of us that took up champs specifically for AQ mini bosses. I know several people that ranked wolfie and x23 specifically for aq path runners. I know several people that took up Quake, GP and Elektra just for Mordo and Rhino. Not everyone is swimming in resources to simply take up armor break champs for sentinels or bleed immune damage dealers just for Morningstar. What say you @Kabam Miike and @Kabam Vydious ? I feel it would be a very fair way to help summoners deal with these sudden changes.
  • mostlyharmlessnmostlyharmlessn Posts: 1,355 ★★★★
    IDK about anyone else... but I'm fearful of what will happen with any AQ refresh at this point. We see what they did with AW and how long it took them to bring AW into something useful again...
  • Marine31_Marine31_ Posts: 61
    edited April 2018
    So to boot all this the sentinals have 3rd specials wow you are absolutely unbelievable!!!
  • Il_JooOIl_JooO Posts: 459 ★★
    Mcord117 wrote: »
    Marine31_ wrote: »
    So to boot all this the sentinals have 3rd specials wow you are absolutely unbelievable!!!

    They said that they don’t. Did you fight one with an l3?

    I did, they can do the L3
  • superunknown012superunknown012 Posts: 413 ★★
    Marine31_ wrote: »
    So to boot all this the sentinals have 3rd specials wow you are absolutely unbelievable!!!

    Just because they have the third bar doesn't mean they can use it. They're just like fighting in heroic - sp3 disabled.

    Some people just love to complain and jump at it every chance possible. How's that egg on your face bud?
  • buttersbutters Posts: 116
    They use special 3 and I have had them put debuffs on me through blocks
  • Marine31_Marine31_ Posts: 61
    Hahahaa yeah I guess you just fought the same fight I did where it was used you dipshit
  • Spurgeon14Spurgeon14 Posts: 1,665 ★★★★
    573739 wrote: »
    Had a unduped 5* 3/35 NC today as war boss. Backed him down into a corner (as usual) commenced with the process of switching him, only to have him drop his block (mid combo) and pop an SP1 on my SL. Needless to say NC is completely broken most of the time all the time 😂.

    Sounds like he's operating as intended to me. 😉

  • TreoTreo Posts: 382 ★★
    Day one and lost a champ at first sentinel i encounter. Was this way in montly event with them ... hated them there .. will hate them here ... will hate the game more ... hate level going up ... enjoyment going down ... wonder when the scale will switch ...
  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    edited April 2018
    I still don't get it this is harder but we recieve the same rewards was it that hard to put in some more rewards? It aint fun like this.
  • TrendlyFynnTrendlyFynn Posts: 35
    Ascoop24 wrote: »
    420sam wrote: »
    So, you are making it more difficult yet not adjusting anything like rewards or even glory? Can I ask why? How does this benefit the players?

    As we said in that post, we are working on a full refresh. We are not at a place or time where we can increase the rewards or fully refresh the mode right now.

    If you aren't at a place or time to refresh the rewards then you shouldn't be at a place or time to refresh the difficulty. One should not go without the other. This is a great example of pure laziness

    But how are you so sure that the difficulty has gotten worse?

    Granted, Bleed and Poison champions may not be as effective in Alliance Quests as they were before, but Sentinels melt at the power of a Armor Break Champion, and a lot of the new Mini-Bosses have very common counters!

    How many armor break champions have regen?
  • MarriMarri Posts: 260 ★★
    So, nobody told me that with these changes to AQ they would also make the AI super passive and extremely difficult to bait. I just did 2 fights and in both, unlike last week, they would just stare at my face. Not attack, no rushing in, so forget parrying, and intercepting is hard to if they just stand there.

    Until you try to attack, that's when they punch you indaface.

    Sentinel wasn't too bad, no worse or better than symbioids (so ar...), it's the AI that bothers me.
  • Mr_OtterMr_Otter Posts: 1,614 ★★★
    @Kabam Miike

    A regen fiend Goblin you need more specialized counters for

    Bleed immune needed for morning star

    NC is bugged like fresh cow patties

    Crit champs weakened overall

    Armor break melts EVERYONE so saying sentinels are “weak” to them is like saying fire is hot.

    And the sentinels can store an additional bar of power and if their awkward Sp2 isn’t a perfect evade you are likely out of 1 of your champions

    HOW is this not a difficulty increase by even a little?!
  • KhanMedinaKhanMedina Posts: 927 ★★★
    Is there an easy to access breakdown of the new sentinel abilities? I was just fighting the science one and got a bunch of weird looking debuffs applied to me when I hit him with a special.
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