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  • MauledMauled Posts: 574 ★★★
    From what I’ve seen it’s very meh. Probably would have been ok if they made him hit ‘normally’ but he needs max sig and a few fights to ramp up before he becomes average.

    Not quite sure how the numbers are calculated but Domino’s numbers and some of the meh champs ratings aren’t *that* dissimilar to make such a massive difference
  • Denzel116Denzel116 Posts: 134
    Nope. He’s still a noodle poodle. Maybe this means he will be on the waiting list for a full rework. They said we are supposed to “fear the maw.” Maybe on the 5th the real Maw will show up?
  • Forgotten2Forgotten2 Posts: 34
    He has a learning curve. If all you're doing is parry and 5 hit combo like seatin and everyone else commenting yes you are going to say he sucks
  • Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 1,486 ★★★★
    I kept my awakened 5-star at r2 to see if the buff was going to make him worth ranking up. And there he will stay.
  • Aomine_Daiki10Aomine_Daiki10 Posts: 418 ★★★

    He has a learning curve. If all you're doing is parry and 5 hit combo like seatin and everyone else commenting yes you are going to say he sucks

    There is nothing to learn he his just a very hopeless champ at this stage of the game. After waiting for months for his buff he is still a complete noodle.
  • SentryPillowSentryPillow Posts: 209 ★★
    @Colinwhitworth69 the balance update was announced 6 months ago. It was then paused for over 3 months with no update and this was the best they could do. I understand that the changes were supposed to be small, but what was the point in holding the changes off for over 6 months and making them this small. Collecting the data and actually making changes this small does not take 6 months. 6 months is more of a time period in which champs are completely reworked (colossus and old man logan).
  • Timone147Timone147 Posts: 936 ★★★
    Honest feedback from my observations:

    This was an honest waste of your resources and time and has done nearly nothing for the game. HT may be better but I still dont see the ability to get to 20 in one parry with stun maxed. Real balance changes could have been pursued on one champ verses small and in most cases almost unnoticeable tweaks and data and charts being made.

    These changes did nothing to really change the worth of any of these champs and as a result largely most will not use/or continue to use the affected champs for the same reasons before as previously.

    For me What is the point of making these changes if they dont actually move the needle more than a smidge on the champ.... especially when the champ was completely not viable on the meta before. These changes will not have any impact on the contest as a whole from both a gameplay or use experience and thus were wasted effort/resources in my opinion.

    While I'm happy the Balance down didnt destroy champs I'm disappointed they did nothing to actually help the others for the others for the most part.

  • CliffordcanCliffordcan Posts: 1,041 ★★★
    Not sure where else to post this, so I will post it here. I don’t think the changes are too bad. I haven’t yet tried Namor in endgame content, but I don’t think I will sell him or Cull.

    But my issue is this, I opened 20 featured crystals with Namor and Cull in them, for Namor and Cull. I took Namor to R5 and Cull to R4. No other champs I pulled including Ebony Maw and Ronin did I take past R3. 20 featured is 100,000 5* shards EXTRA. That’s 10 basic crystals. I don’t think I would have gone for that featured if I knew these champs were getting nerfed or OP. So what do I do now? I honestly feel I have been “ripped off” for 100k 5* shards with this whole thing. I feel bad for those who spent $ as well. I doubt any compensation I will get will be worth 100,000 5* shards.
  • Rerun_9Rerun_9 Posts: 109
    Namor’s nerf was just raising his ability accuracy for his bleeds(might’ve done other things idk). When I saw it I was like that ain’t a nerf. Now he does a butt load of bleed damage.
  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 9,893 Guardian

    @PantherusNZ are you serious? Even Kabam admits it took much longer than it should have. We don’t want things done too quickly or too late. There is a perfect time interval in between that they should aim for

    @Kabam Miike is saying that the changes could have happened quicker in retrospect, but the amount of time it took to release these changes has nothing to do with how long it would take to make changes of this magnitude, rather the changes took a long time to release because Kabam had to deal with the player reaction to the initial balance announcement, rethink the balance methodology, spend considerable time figuring out how to best present the data behind the changes and also review the changes to make sure they fit the new balance change methodology.

    Miike is also implying that Kabam went even slower than was necessary to do all of that, so that Kabam could gauge player reactions to the new information being given about the balance change methodology changes.
  • PantherusNZPantherusNZ Posts: 635 ★★★

    @PantherusNZ are you serious? Even Kabam admits it took much longer than it should have. We don’t want things done too quickly or too late. There is a perfect time interval in between that they should aim for

    All I'm saying is that no matter what Kabam do, people complain.

    Individual acts can absolutely be considered incorrect in hindsight, but while they were processing the change they would have been aware of all the times they pushed out new content only to have missed something in QA testing and had mobs screaming that they didn't test enough and/or rushed the content; meanwhile they take their time on other content, try to get it right, and have people saying they took too long.

    Of course the beauty of hindsight and distance is being able to make such claims but while they're in the thick of it, it's easy to over-compensate.
  • KDoggg2017KDoggg2017 Posts: 319 ★★
    edited February 5
    I am fine with these rebalances being minor tweaks. I just wonder if any of the champs chosen were the right ones.
    I have Namor at 5/65, and the rest of them as R2 5*s (except Maw)... and none of these rebalances change that. Cull might have gone up with added BP. Torch was going to R4 at some point anyway. We have a R5 Annihilus in my AW BG already, so his tweak on offense isn't enough for me to invest resources in.
    Namor should have been left untouched IMO. I can regen more in 1 fight with numerous other champs on my roster than Namor does in a full quest. Despite what those data charts "say."
    The champ left untouched is the one I was hoping got a rebalance the most. Invisible Woman is a tiny tweak away from being a viable option in this game.
    Long story short? Nothing changed for me. None of these champs get ranked up or down. No champ will get used more...or less. It's all just... 🤷‍♂️ MEH.
  • G0311G0311 Posts: 847 ★★★
    For me Cull was ok. An improvement for early fights,but the block is still real bad, especially since most of the time you have to perry to get off a heavy for armor break.
    I didn't notice much from my 6* HT
    Anilus and maw, were a waste of time
    Namor was unnecessary, and his regen was far from op
    Im just lucky to have a big roster, so im ok with any challenge I want to take on, these changes and the fact that we are going to keep having changes to champs in the future really turn me off from the game, i play less which is over all really good in improving my quality of life, and I just feel the next step will be greatly reducing my time to just doing AW, AQ and just the uncollected monthly. I think it will probably get to the point were all I'll do is check in the daily for the calendar then just stop, unless they do more positives for players. After 3 years maybe it's time to move on.
  • GluteusMaximusGluteusMaximus Posts: 1,122 ★★★
    Denslo500 said:

    These seem like changes you could have done at a whim.

    Kabam looks fantastically incompetent when they put in so much effort with so little result.

    clearly you've never worked for a large tech firm. this is called Wednesday.
  • 007md92007md92 Posts: 474 ★★
    But ebony maw? I mean he still hits like a noodle. Such an OP character.
    Smooth cool animation.
    Little bit of bleed DOT from sp2. Or a bit of slow debuff from sp1 would have gave him some attack uses.
    He is a defender for diversity reason. And still for attack no one will use him i think.
    He barely hits hard or with a crit. Saw videos from Brian grant and seatin.
  • psp742psp742 Posts: 290
    Blood, to answer your question.. nope, supposedly Ebony Maw degen is better than before.. before it was soggy noodle, now it’s wet noodle.. annoying defender with little bit of resistance.. unless he is in a node that boost him by 500% attack and 1000% health.. his base attack is just weak.. there are a lot of 3* with better attack damage.

    I hope I don’t get demerits for speaking the truth.. what if after the ‘buff’ people note that nothing seem to improve with the champions, will Kabam re-adjust or re-work them or say that’s it.
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 7,190 ★★★★★

    @PantherusNZ are you serious? Even Kabam admits it took much longer than it should have. We don’t want things done too quickly or too late. There is a perfect time interval in between that they should aim for

    They took it slow because of how the community reacted to the rebalancing announcement. Read Miikes statement again.
  • NojokejaymNojokejaym Posts: 2,207 ★★★★

    I'm gonna be very honest with you guys here. You're right that this shouldn't have taken this long, and these changes are very small. But this was done as a direct result of the reaction that players had to the announcement of Cull's rebalance. We always tried to make it clear that rebalance changes are meant to be small, and only make a few changes to numbers here and there, but understandably, players didn't know what that meant for Cull, and were scared of what it would be in the end.

    So, we wanted to make sure that we made you all more comfortable with the idea of Balance changes, and show you why we do them. Human Torch and Annihilus's balance changes were basically ready by the time we announced we're putting a pause on it. But in order to gather the data and present it in a player facing manner for all of these Champs, we needed to take some time.

    We made it very clear that these are not Reworks, and that these changes should not change your perception of a Champion if you love them.

    Going forward, if our players feel they're more comfortable with these, maybe we will be much quicker with them, but from what many of you have told me, you like the context, you like the data, and you like that we took our time to actually think about the changes.

    Human torch doesn’t go from 0-20 in 2 seconds and from his sp2
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