To prevent exploitation, we will prevent new Accounts from being able to Gift enlistment crystals. We will also be taking action on those who are using 3rd Party Sellers, Bots and other farms to gift themselves mass amounts of Enlistment Crystals. Lastly, we will be adding an expiration timer to Enlistment Crystals. All unopened Enlistment Crystals will expire on Oct 18 @ 17:00 UTC. For more information, please see this post: https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/346104/updates-to-enlistment-gifting-event
We have adjusted the node placement of the new AW maps to better allow path traversal. As a result, defender placements have been reset. Please, take a moment to re-place your defender setup. We will be pushing out a message in-game shortly.

General Game Feedback [Merged Threads]



  • Charlie21540Charlie21540 Posts: 850 ★★★★

    @FreeToPlay_21 yeah you’re right. Changed it

    I fully agreed with original comment though. Just as an fyi
  • Annihilator13_Annihilator13_ Posts: 292 ★★
    It's really bored to play this game with some super duper dumb champions......Act6 is really horrible they want to.spend us money on the upcoming quests and events....
  • Charlie21540Charlie21540 Posts: 850 ★★★★
    Well along with the problem with the rewards is there are alot of champions that are not in the 6* pull that are great. I mean with there now being r3 6* champions of some really great champs, we still dont even have a 5* wolverine or scarlet witch, who could both definitely be added to the game at this point.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 34,695 ★★★★★
    What even is this Thread? Is it an ode to Seatin, or a mass vent?
  • Zuko_ILCZuko_ILC Posts: 1,418 ★★★★
    It's sad to see, he has a great channel with great information so seeing him take a step back is sad. Kabam tends to ignore the player base and take a we know better attitude which really turns off a lot of players. Never really understood that stance. We love the game, we want the game to be better, we don't mind spending. They always talk about the game economy but it just takes too long to do stuff. It gets boring, 2% of a T5C crystal in Plat 4 once an AW season.....WHAT? Like just stop it you are better off skipping War seasons and buying an offer if you really want that reward. AW has broken most people. Flow is mega broken and instead of taking player feedback and adjusting it to lower the power gain or lower the stacks they change it to be on parry only. They have the data on non-stun immune nodes showing that this node is still a money trap. I've spent a lot of money on this game, have a huge account and to be honest I'm feeling the same way. Whats the point? It's just not that fun anymore.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 34,695 ★★★★★
    The point is, whether it's Seatin or someone we don't know, threatening to quit to get our own way is an old and worn-out tactic. There are discussions going on about all of the issues presented and you can only pull on that rope long enough before it snaps and doesn't haul anything.
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