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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • Marvel2289Marvel2289 Posts: 1,008 ★★★

    Cyclops(Phoenix) would be great. Here are the characters stats and abilities I think he should have.

    All stats are base off a max 5 star.

    Base health 23500

    Base attack 2300

    PI(max signature) 11050

    Character Class: Cosmic

    Basic Abilities: Phoenix Fraction charges, Incinerates, Degen, Furry, Slow, Power Burn

    Hard Hitter
    Cyclops(Phoenix) has huge potential for damage from his furries and his incinerates. He also has a pretty good power gain and regen reverse.

    Specials Attacks
    Special attacks allow Cyclops(Phoenix) to build his incinerates so he can access more damage. He also has a good power burn but you must make sure the have enough incinerates on.

    Cyclops(Phoenix) has pretty good physical and energy resistance. He also has a good block proficiency.


    Cyclops(Phoenix) has a relatively low health pool and almost no armor but good physical and energy resistance.

    Debuffs Management
    Any one who can shake off or purify debuffs will be affective. Cyclops(Phoenix) will also lag in fights when the opponent is on a dubuff immunity node, since he relies heavily on the debuff.

    Cyclops(Phoenix) starts with 1 persistent Phoenix Fraction charges (up to 5)

    Each Phoenix charge grants an additional 20% damaging dubuff potency and duration

    Each Phoenix charge provides a Fury that increases Cyclops‘(Phoenix) attacks by 20%. If the furries are removed in any way, regain them after 15 seconds.

    All of Cyclops’(Phoenix) basic attack incinerates the opponent. Incinerates last for 10 seconds and deal 15 dps.

    Incinerates remove perfect block chance and reduces their block proficiency by 50% while active.

    Incinerates reduces the opponent power gain and Regen by 10%

    Cyclops(Phoenix) can put up to 35 incinerates on the opponent.

    All of Cyclops‘(Phoenix) basic attacks incinerates the opponent.

    If the opponent is immune to incinerate than Cyclops(Phoenix) will put a degen on the opponent that last for 10 seconds and deals 10 dps.

    Degen counts has incinerates.

    Cyclops(Phoenix) is immune to any debuffs the opponent has on.

    When the opponent has 10 or more incinerates on than they gain a slow dubuff.

    When the opponent has 20 or more incinerates on them than Cyclops’(Phoenix) special attacks become unblockable.

    When the opponent has 30 or more incinerates on them than Cyclops’(Phoenix) special attacks burn 75% of the opponent’s power bar for each bar Cyclops(Phoenix) spends.

    Cyclops’(Phoenix) presence incinerates the opponent. Every 2 seconds they spend near him the gain an incinerate.

    Block breaker:
    Purify 5 incinerates and deal burst of 2000 damage.

    Special 1:
    Put 3 permanent incinerates on the opponent.

    Special 2:
    Put 8 permanent incinerates on the opponent.

    Special 3:
    Put 15 permanent incinerates on the opponent.

    Gain a Phoenix charge (this can only happen once per fight)

    Signature ability - All Hail The Dark Phoenix
    Each Phoenix charge grants an additional 30% damaging dubuff potency and duration.

    Synergy Bunuses:

    The Phoenix 5 with Emma, Unst. Colossus, Magic, and Namor

    Unique Synergy: does not stack with duplicate synergies

    Cyclops(Phoenix) starts each fight with an additional Phoenix charge for each dead member on the team.

    Emma start each fight with a prowess and gets an additional 1 for each dead member on the team.

    Magik starts each fight in limbo for 3 seconds and each dead member on the team grants limbo a 0.5 seconds duration.

    Namor starts each fight with 10 outrages and each dead member on the team grants his bleed 0.5 seconds duration.

    Unst. Colossus starts each fight with an 1 indefinite fury and armor and each dead member on the team grants his fury and armor 10% potency.

    World’s best strategist with Cap

    Unique Synergy: does not stack with duplicate synergies

    All Avengers and X-men gain a 10% ability accuracy and attack .

    Romance with Phoenix and Emma

    All champions gain +8% power gain

    Successor with Phoenix

    Unique Synergy: does not stack with duplicate synergies

    Cyclops’(Phoenix) furies gain 10% potency.

    Phoenix’s incinerates gain a 10% potency and duration.

    I like the idea, but I'm afraid a Third Cyclops would overload the game with effectiveness 🙂
  • KTM_726KTM_726 Posts: 8
    Cloak and Dagger
    Iron heart
  • SP1D3R_H4MSP1D3R_H4M Posts: 2
    Here's a list of characters I'd like to see added:

    US Agent
    Strong Guy
    Multiple Man
    Captain Britain
    Silver Sable
    Kitty Pryde
    Beta Rey Bill
    Doctor Bong
    Human Torch (android)
    Captain Marvel (original Mar-Vell)
    Adam Warlock
    Lady Deathstrike
    Alex Power
    Julie Power
    Jack Power
    Katie Power
  • Morpheus_123Morpheus_123 Posts: 792 ★★★
    I want Mystique. Or Jennifer Lawrence. Whichever is easier. Thanks.
  • SP1D3R_H4MSP1D3R_H4M Posts: 2
    Another list of characters that should be in the game:

    Absorbing Man
    Conan the Barbarian
    Doctor Spectrum
    Whizzer/Speed Demon
  • Black_Ghost_SPIBlack_Ghost_SPI Posts: 1
    edited June 2020
    I'll break this into a couple of segments. This first section are characters that seem like they should already be in the game (higher priority/higher profile):

    Professor Xavier

    Then we come to some to the next level, which should definitely be in the game:

    Black Knight
    Crystal (Inhumans)
    Black Cat
    Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde)
    Silver Samurai
    Adam Warlock
    (Alpha Flight - all of them)

    Baron Zemo
    The Wrecker (and the whole Wrecking Crew)
    (The Serpent Society - maybe not all, but a lot of them)
    The Leader
    Absorbing Man

    And there are a few cases where you've done CLASSIC versions of characters. Here are some I'd be most excited to see (powered appropriately):

    Hawkeye (Classic - w/trick arrows)
    Iron Man (Classic - "shellhead")
    Yellowjacket (Classic - Hank Pym)
    Angel (Classic - natural wings)
    Falcon (Classic - red and white)
    Captain Mar-Vell (Classic)
    Guardians of the Galaxy (Classic members: Starhawk, Martinex, Charlie-27, Classic Yondu, Vance Astro)

    Keep 'em comin' -- we love 'em!
  • My wishlist
    Angel of vengeance
    Apocalypse Robot
    Dark man
    Trevor Fitzroy
    James Braddock
    Christian frost
    Lord high librarian
    Warlord krang
    Hala the accuser
  • Flappy_Ninja64Flappy_Ninja64 Posts: 109
    Can we get Lockjaw as a fighter?
  • KTM_726KTM_726 Posts: 8
    Jessica Jones
    Cloak and Dagger
    Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde)
    Iron heart

  • pheonixcreatorpheonixcreator Posts: 69
    KTM_726 said:

    Jessica Jones
    Cloak and Dagger
    Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde)
    Iron heart

    I am so wanting cloak and dagger ! Imagine their utility !
  • FenicoFenico Posts: 306 ★★★
    I recently reread Civil War comics and it would be really cool to see Speedball which could somehow switch into Penance during fight
  • Kshitij36Kshitij36 Posts: 6
    Since I heard the release date of avengers end game I was waiting for endgame versions of character in this game like we got infinity version of cap and iron man and I was so hyped abt that...... So the question is what are the chances of getting endgame versions of character? Atleast og 6 avengers.........I would love to have them in my roster and love <3 to play with captain America weilding mijinir (idk how that spelt)........ :|
  • Dominic518Dominic518 Posts: 67
    I am asking for:
    Elektra Natchois (Netflix)
    Karolina Dean
    Tyron Johnson (Cloak)
    Tandy Bowen (Dagger)
    Lincoln Campbell
  • SayWhatSayWhat Posts: 16
    Infamous iron man.

    When Doctor Doom became iron man. Know we have alot of iron man characters but would love to see more characters like doom in game. Amazing power control with decent immunities and damage. Plus Doom is a fan favourite in game. Everyone loves him.
  • Metal_DaddyMetal_Daddy Posts: 33
    Lady Sif - cosmic
    Fandral, Hogun, Volstaag(Warriors 3) - cosmic
    Mack and May(Agents of SHIELD) - skill
    Coulson - tech
    Bullseye - skill
    Jean Grey - mutant
    Agent Carter - skill
    Agent 13 - skill
    Quicksilver - mutant
    Daken - mutant
    Mar Vell - cosmic
  • LegitBaconLegitBacon Posts: 10
    I have posted this suggestion twice already and yet it was removed twice. However, NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY.
    I think that I will give a more in depth analysis of how I would design this champion this time around, though. This is just an example of how he could be represented in the Contest, although I am open to criticism.

    Kuurth, Breaker of Stone respect thread:

    Here's my amateur take on how I think he should be designed:

    -- Champion Stats and info (based as 6 star) --

    Name: Juggernaut (Kuurth)
    Tags: #Offensive: Burst, #Villain, #XL, #Psychic Shielding, #Metal, #Flying, #Male
    Class: Mystic
    Health: 43,600 (=Abomination or Crossbones)
    Attack: 3,169 (=Hulk or Darkhawk)
    Critical Rate: 351 (=Juggernaut or Groot)
    Critical Damage: 538 (=Juggernaut or Groot)
    Armor: 2,300 (>Doctor Doom)
    Block Proficiency: 2,524 (=Hela or Electro)
    Energy Resistance: 0 (=Standard)
    Physical Resistance: 0 (=Standard)
    Critical Resistance: -50 (<Standard)
    Block Penetration: 380 (=Terrax)

    -- Abilities (based as 6 star)--

    Signature Ability: Breaker of Stone
    "Debuffs applied to the Juggernaut only serve to frustrate Kuurth, increasing the effectiveness of Juggernauts abilities."

    Debuffs applied to the Juggernaut only serve to frustrate Kuurth, increasing his ability accuracy by a flat [+10%-50%] up to [+100%-500%] for each debuff that Juggernaut is currently suffering from.
    Additionally, the amount of (CYTTORAK CHARGES) that Juggernaut gains everytime he goes (UNSTOPPABLE) is increased by +1 up to +3 permanently for each unique debuff he suffers from.

    Juggernaut is sustained by powerful mystical energy negating any toxin, granting him full immunity to (FATIGUE) and all known (POISONS) of the battlerealm.

    Avatar of Cyttorak - Passive:
    The Juggernaut possesses nigh infinite momentum, granting him an (UNSTOPPABLE) passive while executing a dash attack, or dashing backwards.
    The Hammer of Kuurth receives Cyttorak's favor as well, granting (UNSTOPPABLE) passives when Juggernaut attacks with his Hammer.
    Whenever the Juggernaut goes (UNSTOPPABLE) he gains a (CYTTORAK CHARGE) that has no effect.
    For each hit of a Special Attack that the Juggernaut lands on the opponent, gain +1 (CYTTORAK CHARGE).
    Whenever the Juggernaut would have failed to go (UNSTOPPABLE) he loses 3 (CYTTORAK CHARGES) instead.
    Whenever the opponent would have removed one of the Juggernaut's (UNSTOPPABLE) passives or buffs he loses 3 (CYTTORAK CHARGES) instead.
    If the Juggernaut has less than 3 (CYTTORAK CHARGES) and he either fails to go (UNSTOPPABLE) or has an (UNSTOPPABLE) passive or buff removed by the opponent, gain +5 (CYTTORAK CHARGES).
    (CYTTORAK CHARGES) cap at 30 charges.

    While Unstoppable:
    All of the Juggernaut's attacks have a 20% chance to (STAGGER) the opponent for 8 seconds. The next time a (STAGGERED) opponent triggers a buff, that buff and all other buffs triggered at the same time will be immediately (NULLIFIED). (STAGGERED) debuffs cap at 2.
    If the opponent blocks an attack and the Juggernaut has 30 (CYTTORAK CHARGES), he has a 10% chance to inflict an (ARMOR SHATTERED) and (ARMOR BREAK) debuff to the opponent for 15 seconds. Afterwards, this ability goes on cool down for 45 seconds.
    The (ARMOR BREAK) debuff reduces armor by 1500 and removes an (ARMOR UP) buff.
    While (ARMOR SHATTERED) is active, opponents cannot activate their (ARMOR UP) buffs. Additionally, this shatters Robot Champions systems, reducing their ability accuracy and (POWER GAIN) by 100%.

    Special Attacks:
    If the Juggernaut has 30 (CYTTORAK CHARGES) upon activating a special attack, gain a (FURY) buff for 12 seconds which increases his attack by 2700. These (FURY) buffs can not stack.
    All (FURY) buffs active on the Juggernaut are paused during Special attacks.

    -- Special Attacks --

    Special 1 Attack:
    "The Juggernaut smashes the ground with his Hammer and then lunges into the air to perform a second, more powerful over-the-head Hammer smash."

    The first hit of this attack has a large hit box around the impact.
    If the opponent is (ARMOR SHATTERED), this attack stuns the opponent for 3 seconds.

    Special Attack 2:
    "The Juggernaut quickly spins in a circle hitting nearby opponents before hurling his Hammer acrossed the screen, and then calling it back to his grip. Finally, the Juggernaut charges the opponent ramming them with his helmet."

    If the opponent is hit by the second hit of this attack they are knocked down and recieve a (STUN) debuff lasting 4 seconds.
    If there is a (FURY) buff active on the Juggernaut, this attack is (UNBLOCKABLE).

    Special 3 Attack:
    "The Juggernaut initiates an all-out assault with his Hammer of Kuurth, finishing it off with a mean haymaker!"

    If the Juggernaut has 30 (CYTTORAK CHARGES) consume half of them and recieve an (UNSTOPPABLE) buff for 10 seconds.
    While the (UNSTOPPABLE) buff is active, the Juggernaut is immune to all debuff effects.
    If the Juggernaut had an active (FURY) buff upon using this attack, consume it and convert it into 5 (CYTTORAK CHARGES) upon the attacks completion.

    -- Synergies --

    Enemies -- Cyclops, Iceman, and Emma Frost:
    All Champions gain +155 Critical rating
    Enemies -- Colossus and Unstoppable Colossus:
    All Champions gain +155 Critical rating
    Favor of Cytorrak -- Unstoppable Colossus and Juggernaut:
    (UNSTOPPABLE) buffs last 10% longer.
    Almost Family -- Thor, Loki, Angela, and Hela:
    All Champions gain +3% health for each member in the Synergy active.


    You may notice that this Juggernaut behaves differently then the other 2 Champions of Cyttorak. This, of course, is because they suck now. Jokes aside, I feel like certain aspects about this one are more faithful to the Juggernaut as a whole.
    First off, you'll notice that he is immune to FATIGUE and POISON. Well this is because A. Juggernaut does not tire because his body doesn't release fatigue toxins... and B. Juggernauts nigh immortality prevents him from metabolizing diseases or poisons. I honestly see no reason why Juggernaut should not be Poison immune. He doesn't get regen so why does it make a difference anyway? Just bleed or shock him. Besides, the poison would only serve Kuurth ;)
    Second, you'll notice that when Kuurth is moving back and forth, he is UNSTOPPABLE. That is because Juggernaut is.... unstoppable.... why is Rhino closer to comic Juggy???
    I say this out of love because Juggernaut is not nearly as badass as he should be.

    This is just a concept, a detailed concept but one nonetheless. I didn't want him to be too overpowered so I tried making it relatively difficult for Kuurth to reach his full power. But you know how new characters go... they're always WAY too overpowered haha...
    I made this post because I love the character and would love to see him introduced to the game. I have noticed that Kabam is focusing on uncommon Marvel comic characters; well, here's an uncommon Marvel comic character!
    I want some feedback because this was a cool idea to mess with. Lately I've been analyzing and comparing character stats and so I thought I'd try my hand at one of my favorite and all too underrepresented Marvel characters.
  • miguito66miguito66 Posts: 28
    edited June 2020

    These are my ideas, and the characters that I would most like to see come out.

    The classic Iron Spider.

    Wolverine's classic brown suit.

    Captain America Agent U.S

    And Iron Man UItimate.

    I hope that someday they will add them and that please, they are NOT exclusive characters, please Kabam.
  • Dominic518Dominic518 Posts: 67
    I would like:
    Elektra Natchois (Netflix)
    Karolina Dean
    Nico Minoru
    Tyron Johnson (Cloak)
    Tandy Bowen (Dagger)
    Lincoln Campbell
  • BluenightBluenight Posts: 1
    My wishlist
    Beautiful dreamer
    Flag smasher
    Mulholland black
    Superior octopus
    Hobgoblin 2099
    Thermal man
    Commander kraken
    Aliya dayspring
    D’chel the deceptor
  • Warpath19Warpath19 Posts: 76
    Okay my wishlist
    I wanna see skaar hulk
    A bomb which is a metallic hulk
    Sinister six villian maybe kraven the hunter or scorpion maybe sandman And shocker
    Villians maybe puma or bullseye
    Heroes maybe anti venom captain America wielding Thor hammer
    Etc weapon h wolverine and hulk or daken and wild child , cosmic ghost rider , punisher in war machine armor
  • DinvernoDinverno Posts: 4
    Death’a Head (both versions)
    Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes, Noble Kale, cosmic)
    Blue Marvel
    Captain America (Isaiah Bradley)
    Human Torch (Toro) Invaders Synergy with WW2 Captain America and Namor
    Captain Britain
    Adam Warlock
    Wonder Man
    Tyrone Cash
    Weapon H
    Spider-Man 2099
    Citizen V
    Lady Deathstrike
    Silver Samurai
    Typhoid Mary
    Daredevil (Black armored version)
  • manoj351manoj351 Posts: 7
    Thor (infinity war), i would love to see him with storm breaker.

    Kraven the hunter
  • Suresh548Suresh548 Posts: 19
    I would like to know why KABAM is bringing animals to to the contest instead of good champions, like Quicksilver, Valkyrie and Apocalypse and so many are there. They are pretty good characters compare to june month champions
  • wingedWarrior2099wingedWarrior2099 Posts: 124
    I want to see the trophy champions reworked so they can be useful. like you worked so hard (or in some cases payed for them) just to have a garbage champion. It wouldn't even be game braking since not that many people have them.
  • NiM3siSNiM3siS Posts: 1
    Gladiator and Apocalypse are 2 must haves. They are far far more relevant than tigra, hit monkey etc...
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