Arena tab missing [Merged Thread]



  • brandinhobrandinho Posts: 35
    Disappeared for me within the last hour so far multiple restarts has not brought it back yet
  • ShinyuuShinyuu Posts: 184 ★★

    Shinyuu said:

    Kabam Boo said:

    Hi folks,

    Thank you for your report!

    Can you please let us know when you started noticing that Arena was missing?

    8 PM EST but shouldn't matter what time it was...point is it's gone for everyone...since you say you play the game is it on your game?
    No.. it's not gone for everyone.. but i'm guessing they are asking when it happened as there could have been something changed on the back end and they want to know if that's what is causing the issue.. so yea.. when it happened absolutely does matter..
    uhhhhh wrong unless I was in arena and it kicked me out and it was just gone then time does not matter which no player has reported it just booted them out of it...I got on a certain time to do my grind but doesn't matter what time it was because it could have been down an hour or 2 for all we know...the issue is AQ that's the only thing been changed in the last 24 hours...that's how coding works you change 1 thing and especially under a time crunch which they had to do and it could effect another part of a code
  • DGCDGC Posts: 59
    Same with me. iPhone XR was working last night woke up this morning and it was gone. Have restarted app half a dozen times still no luck getting it back.
  • CurtisisGod1971CurtisisGod1971 Posts: 75
    I e restarted 10 times and it’s still unavailable. I reckon it’ll be fixed with maintenance tonight
  • GiganteaGigantea Posts: 109
    I am having the same issue.
  • Yup. Arena tab is missing. Cant do arenas at all
  • Arena tab missing. I have a galaxy note 9 edge
  • KhthuluKhthulu Posts: 9
    My arena tab is gone
    Too ive exited and reloaded the app a few times and its still not there.
  • sacoma_sack78sacoma_sack78 Posts: 142
    Same here. Samsung A20
    Went to login 7:32 pm and see it was missing. Was hoping to cover alot of ground in t4 so I can continue my current run in Deadpool arrna.
  • CristalmanCristalman Posts: 517 ★★★
    Same for me on iPhone xr
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 19,050 ★★★★★
    there’s already a thread for this
  • FabiusBRFabiusBR Posts: 250 ★★★
    Seems like the Arena problems started after the new AQ fix was pushed out this afternoor. Probably created this problem when they tried to fix the AQ problem.
  • You can view the thread here. Also you can access arena by clicking on a champ
    and looking at the rank up materials needed
  • Cendar333Cendar333 Posts: 302
    Same for me. Just got home from work and noticed it was missing.
  • CacoSamaCacoSama Posts: 11
    I have no idea where is the arena when we need it the most.
  • MoeyTehrMoeyTehr Posts: 272
    FabiusBR said:

    Seems like the Arena problems started after the new AQ fix was pushed out this afternoor. Probably created this problem when they tried to fix the AQ problem.

    Not necessarily. I was working in the arenas for more than an hour with no problems. I stepped out briefly to check on AQ and then BAM! It was gone. I stepped a few times to check on AQ during that period of time before the tab disappeared.
  • ThēMandalorianThēMandalorian Posts: 182 ★★★
    Why can't things just... Work?

    I feel bad for the developers having to constantly fix things.

    This is getting a bit ridiculous though.
  • KhthuluKhthulu Posts: 9
    @Arsoz. You are amazing man. This works!!
  • GriffenGriffen Posts: 12
    I’ve closed and reopened app multiple times with no luck. Arena still does not show for me.
  • AfflictionAffliction Posts: 382 ★★
    Arsoz said:

    Both lead to arenas

    Good shout out! Look at the rank up materials for a champ that needs t4b! If it wasn't for that arena right now you'd have to open battlechips if having this issue!
  • Shepherd068Shepherd068 Posts: 7
  • jammybstrdjammybstrd Posts: 34
    So guys a good way to get in without spending bcs:

    1- Find a champion to rank up involving t4b, but where you are missing at least one of the catalysts
    2- Click 'find catalysts', go to the t4b tab and select the button to go to arena

    And you are in!
  • Championa10Championa10 Posts: 44
    I am also missing the Arena tab. Google Pixel 2.

    Hopefully the maintenance later today fixes it.
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