My Honest Thoughts on Cavalier Difficulty and a Response to Seatin's Video



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    As long as the content is balanced that people are able to complete it reasonably and it's fun, the rewards should be an afterthought as long as they still help you progress.
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    The rewards are fine. The game is little broken right now, if you have enough money and time you can beat act 5 in a week, act 6 in a month, and being endgame player after 2 months or 3. Kabam needs to do something to slow it down.
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    I agree OP, I really enjoyed Cav Difficulty. I actually am alright either the reward, I just want to see the six star shards bumped so that we can form a full six star between Cav and UC

    This. Difficulty is pretty good. Only node that i hate is the tech one because its never used in the quest IMO. I do think we should be able to form a full 6* from UC and Cav 100%
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    Absolutely agree here. I haven't fully explored yet partly because I haven't decided if im going to pick up the completion package or not and partly because I actually have to sit and pay attention to clear it, which it's been a long time since thats been the case with a monthly EQ. Ive already 100% UC after switching over when i saw the completion deal and thought I might want it. I rolled through UC like I usually do no issue at all.

    The difficulty to me is spot on. Good node design for the most part, just requires a wide roster to be able to counter everything and maximize the beneficial nodes. I'm still missing a whole lot of top tier champs (this games rng is the bane of my existence far too often) but still have enough of them to have at least one prime option each quest. They did say when act 6 and the cav title came out that a big part of getting it was a test of your roster so really not a surprise here, but there's still enough wiggle room to bring second and third tier options and get it done, a sign of well designed nodes imo. You don't have to use the designated class for each chapter to do the quest but you're rewarded for having those champs if you do.

    Like everyone else I'd like better rewards, but they were sufficient to want to do the content. I've always seen Kabam as having a less than generous attitude towards rewards so its about what I expected. Thing is with the way the whales spend (featured cavs) for new champs putting better rewards wouldn't hurt the bottom line so it's always baffled me why they're so stingy with rewards. And extra chunk of shards wouldn't change a thing but would have players praising them for the reward incentives, but that's not the key here to me. They made a fun, enjoyable piece of content and to me dropped a big winner in the first iteration of cav difficulty, and thats what matters most here. They've been doing a hell of a job these last couple months and a slight discrepancy in desired rewards vs actual rewards shouldn't overshadow that.

    This is getting too long winded now, great job Kabam, keep up the great work you've been doing lately and hopefully people will appreciate it for what it is and not what someone on YouTube thinks of it.
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    I agree. Posted in a different thread. Overall this content is great. The rewards and the completion change are my biggest gripe. The overall difficulty is good.

    I do think they need to true east path as well and to actually make completion serve the purpose they dictated. Also don’t feel like these rewards are capable of lasting because they feel lacking already(to much focus on the previous “economy”).

    Outside of those items the last couple months really do feel like Kabam is listening from the spring and trying to change e game
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    I’m not cavalier so accuse me for not fully understanding everything. From what I’ve seen this is quite fair and puts up a fun challenge. It’s quite fair and quite fun. But the rewards are not the best with a little bit of tuning they will be great. Watching seatins video Jesus Christ man. The only thing I agreed with him on was the rewards being subpar but other wise his points were kinda Wack.
  • It's definitely for endgame players not sure I'll ever be in that category but I think seatin is right the compensation makes no sense if you can run variant 5 for more rewards
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    slacker said:

    I bet most of ppl complain with Seatin aren't caliver lol

    Cavalier difficulty is not for all cavalier. Some became cavalier with 1 or 2 rank 5 5*, they can't play it yet and should be it.
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    My one and only problem for cav so far is mainly because of my severe lack of cosmic 5 and 6* so that buffed up quest hasnt really been fun for me lmao.
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    GOTG said:

    slacker said:

    I bet most of ppl complain with Seatin aren't caliver lol

    Cavalier difficulty is not for all cavalier. Some became cavalier with 1 or 2 rank 5 5*, they can't play it yet and should be it.
    Lol, i became cavalier with no 5r5 or 6r2, yet i now where i stand in right now, i can't explore all chapter 3 but i don't complain anything, and know when to quit but some young cavalier seem don't know to give up
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    Haven't done this content yet - I'm in no hurry to 'clear content' that's there to entertain me for a month.

    Good to read most of the comments though; and the general appreciation of the design (both 'interesting' nodes and the 4* milestones)

    I've been asking for years for Kabam to introduce a 23-hr event or milestone that encourages you to use lower-tier champs; so that all those older champs we ranked up to 3* 3/30 or 4* 4/40 don't just gather dust (and all those resources aren't wasted).

    It's a potential way to reduce the need for ever-more-powerful champs; if you're rewarded for using less-powerful ones.
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