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    qartweli said:

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    Exciting news Summners! A new GAMEPLAY MECHANIC is being introduced in this Meta Event! A new effect type, ROOT.


    When Rooted, a Champion's movement is locked. You can still perform any action, but you won’t move from your location when doing so. So for example, you can still dodge special attacks with Dexterity, Parry, and use your own Special Attacks (Unless a global buff says otherwise). You just won’t do any lateral movement associated with those actions. We hope to explore this new effect on further global buffs or even characters/buffs for players to use! So make sure to try them out and let us know what you think.


    Each day, on every difficulty, they’ll be a Global buff that uses Root in a slightly different way to give you a feel for it. The difficulty has been tuned around these buffs, so there shouldn’t be too much complexity going on around them. Unless you want to take a swing at Legendary, where an extra wrinkle has been added to keep you on your feet.


    Right HERE in this thread!

    We look forward to hearing from you all!


    Some newer champs even capitalize the term “Dodge” as if it were a term of art in game, like Longshot above.

    Dr. Zola
    Dexterity uses "Dodging" in its description so I assume that dodging is supposed to be specifically using dexterity to avoid an attack
    Dodging an attack doesn’t require dexterity; you can dodge without dexterity but not projectiles. Additionally champions like Invisible Woman, Vulture and Nightcrawler all have the ability to dodge projectiles absent the dexterity mastery.

    Here is Longshot proccing karma without the dexterity mastery by dodging attacks.
    Are all those dodges or misses? Or evades? Is it like a Tigra miss?

    Which is the root of my point...consistent terminology. It’s gotten better over the years, but could stand a solid language cleanup across the board.
    What? It’s a dodge. Perhaps the dictionary definition of dodge would help you understand.


    avoid (someone or something) by a sudden quick movement.

    If that doesn’t help you out the dexterity mastery says that while dodging backwards your champions are not stuck by attacks. It’s doesn’t give you the ability to dodge backwards it enhances that ability when used.

    Furthermore did you forget the screenshot that specifically states Longshot gains Karma dodging attacks? He’s gaining Karma from that action, he is dodging attacks.

    Miss and evade all have associated call outs.

    Where is anything inconsistent here? Dodge cannot be any simpler.
    At the risk of your providing me with an ever-so-helpful dictionary definition of the word “dexterity” (FYI it’s a noun, not a verb in ordinary English parlance), I offer this language from Korg’s description:

    “Dodging using the Dexterity mastery” is what I understand is meant here—hence, the oft-used “Dexing an attack.” Also why people take the Dex mastery off from time to time (like when Dorm was everywhere in AW) so one could Dodge without Dexterity-ing—just like your Longshot was doing.

    But that’s not what it says. It says “Evade or Dexterity.” Not Dodge. Not Dodge using Dexterity.

    Back to my point...we have Dodging, Dexterity-ing (which I presume Boo means when he says “[uncapitalized] dodge...with Dexterity” above), Dodging with/using Dexterity, as well as Evading, Auto-evading, Missing, Faltering and probably some other things related to attacks and movement and contact I can’t think of because I’m not sitting right next to my Webster’s Dictionary.

    Relevance? Because of Rooted and its potential applications. If a mechanic is going to affect every single one of the ways we have come to know for moving and playing the game, it’s fair to try to understand how that across all the different nomenclatures.

    Side note: you’ve played the game a long time—I’m sure you realize descriptions and terminology have many times been unclear and/or inconsistent and/or just not explained at all. And that long standing game interactions can suddenly become “unintended.” Rather than trying to score cute points, just share your experience and be constructive next time.

    Dr. Zola

    most people here will disagree with u because they dont go that deep into the mcoc

    i will bring one example which is probably not known but true and i am near sure 99.99% have no idea why stubborn activated killmonger still reverbs damage on u if u hit him when his armor is on and reverberation activated

    u deal zero damage because he is stubborn right? and u r shocked because u died on him with special and couldnt deal damage right?seems buggy?

    let me explain this to u as an example why zola has right when he looks in detail of description

    killmongers description says he reverbs incoming damage
    electros description says he gives back dealt damage

    did anybody read this difference?

    so killmonger reverbs the value what was incoming from u no matter if u deal it or not
    electro gives shock damage after the value he got from u after the hit

    no why i post this...because this game is way more complicated then most believe and when somebody says it they get disagree only. way too many opinions but too less people have an idea whats the case

    The part about elctro is completely wrong if you look at Destructive Feedback electro.

    Claire heals damage dealt. But when shield is active and you use sp2 against elctro he will reflect damage while taking zero damage while Claire does not heal even a bit
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    Greekhit said:

    Jestress said:

    Jestress said:

    Can't wait to be rooted while opponent launches an unblockable special

    That is covered in the 3rd and fourth sentence of the thread; if you can be bothered to read that far why bother replying?


    When Rooted, a Champion's movement is locked. You can still perform any action, but you won’t move from your location when doing so. So for example, you can still dodge special attacks with Dexterity, Parry, and use your own Special Attacks (Unless a global buff says otherwise).
    Let me rephrase, since you'd rather be snarky.

    How do you plan to mitigate being rooted while an opponent launches an unblockable special that cannot be evaded with ease, such as an aarkus, storm x, or apoc sp2?
    If you cannot easily evade it what does it matter if you’re rooted or not? And those specials are not unblockable.
    Some specials can be dodged only if you have the correct distance.
    The most common example is Yellowjacket’s sp1. If you are very close to him (memphisto aura, omega deathfield, close encounters etc. range) you can’t fully dex it, as the last, third beam will catch you no matter how perfect your timing is. You need a minimal distance to be able to fully avoid it.
    Root mechanics is going to create problematic interactions with specials that require not only correct timing, but also correct spacing 🤔
    First off Yellowjackets special 1 is not unblockable letting you block it while rooted so you’ve created a fictional scenario. Secondly it is fully evadable up close and is a matter of timing (his animations fake you out causing you to dex early, watch the stingers not the body). Have a gif.

    You're a treasure
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    I can’t dodge any hit instead my attacker is moving forward while using dexterity.
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    Kerneas said:

    So here's my feedback after first time trying it (completing whole legendary diff side quest):
    1) it is really nicely done graphically. It feels like the character can move a bit and that actually makes it feel good
    2) this form (rooted while sps) can teach players to dex, however it can mess up your combos a bit, since you dash in only a tiny distance
    3) against unblockable sps (Colossus) it can get quite annoying
    4) NEVER combine this node with Counterstrike. It'd be pure cancer, I mean it

    who were the champs you faced?
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    Can someone clarify this, is the root mechanic in the new side event quest?
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    Can someone clarify this, is the root mechanic in the new side event quest?

    Yes. It activates when they use Specials. You'll see an Icon and a glowing circle under you.
  • TrashPanda12TrashPanda12 Posts: 313 ★★

    Can someone clarify this, is the root mechanic in the new side event quest?

    Yes. It activates when they use Specials. You'll see an Icon and a glowing circle under you.
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    This is what happens to Ghost.

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    This is what happens to Ghost.

    not bad. seems doable with Ghost. but Rogue is a super easy defender. imagine evading thing sp1? and some others i can't think of right now.

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    Jestress said:

    Jestress said:

    What I want to know is why add a mechanic that freezes you in place when we have controls that are lagging more lately, and AI that is unpredictable and leaves hardly any room to counter? I'm not one to take this point of view, but it's the last thing I want to see right now. Game play on my end has been lagging behind an AI level that already Intercepts most things. This might be a cool mechanic, but the timing is off for me.

    For once we'll have to agree on something. My lag seems worse with 29.0.
    I mean, I get that they're separate issues. The mechanic itself isn't bad, really. I was still able to Dex in place. I just think it's a bit counterintuitive.
    I was able to get through Legendary relatively easily. The rogue fight was the worst for me. Tried to dex through her SP1 and couldn't get it. Her SP2 is difficult too. I guess you could just block through it, but that makes it even more dumb.
    It was tricky. I got it the second time. It's an adjustment. The lag is what drives me nuts. I'm just hoping it's not contributing.
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    While I don't necessarily like the mechanic, I don't hate it either, but I don't think it should've been added when so many people are still facing lag issues and whatnot. The first fight for me was terrible with the lag and root combined.
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    First impression is interesting. I am not an OP summoner so sometimes I just need distance to evade. As currently applied in Shadow Base Raids the mechanic is more challenging vs champs that gain distance during their specials. I am not a fan in any content outside of endgame story/cavalier EQ. Also would be an interesting pre-fight for some champs as opposed to just AI.
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    Cool mechanic. I can still dexterity. But sometimes I can't dexterity the whole special since I'm too close. It's not to bad of a node.
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    just completed legendary difficulty. to try out that root mechanic. it wasn't that bad, but the only reason i think this mechanic was brought over is for all of us to get hit by mistake, get more blocked hits, so on and so forth. your timing has to be perfect. i was able to one shot that colossus boss using my 5 * Doom. Pretty easy. i managed his power meter with my sp1, got to my sp3 and do my rotation. colossus never launched any special possibly mainly because i was holding my block i think.
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    there's some weird stuff that has happened to me with ghost

    this one might have just been me going in too early, but it certainly is annoying.

    Something else that happened that I didn't record was me phasing a special attack, and I used a medium and it was like I had finished my combo with a light attack. I didn't move at all and my hero had that down time when you recover from a combo and the opponent dashed in and attacked me. super weird
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    I actually like the Root mechanic in most fonts, it allows you to fire off a heavy straight away (for champs like HB and AA it’s really useful).
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    Think about it this way. This is a way for the game to make you dodge non-projectile attacks. Since non-projectile attacks can be dodged completely just by creating enough distance, they are usually not a challenge to dodge. This new node essentially adds a layer of new difficulty/skill required because it converts non-projectile attacks into projectile attacks. It's not really an unnecessary mechanic in the sense that it adds a new layer of gameplay into the game.
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