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    Dear All,

    Really Feel this is one of the pathetic deals for Cavalier its really a waste of time & money, I had accumulated a lot of units for such a deal & I know few fellow friends who have also accumulated units for such a deals but now all is in real vain & we all really feel negative about such deals.

    This Cyber deals this year is only & only to boost Thronebreaker Segment & Not Cavalier is really forgotten.

    I really feel sad for the people who had grind the arena really hard & given their precious time & effort to grind units, which is really a waste for them now.

    I hope there could be Fix for this if Kabaam team really want to make a difference in the Cavalier segment, which will help them to get to Thronebreaker.

    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Porthos @Kabam Lyra
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    I'm not a fun of Kabam's commercial policies, I find them in most cases wrong, greedy and sometimes even mean. And rather inefficient in terms of sales strategy. In most cases they focus on a very short term profit. Most of the woes that we come across in our relationship with the game resources and progression are a direct result of clumsy profiting at some prior day. I'm not talking about the game economy -that's just rubbish and I will not take it as an argument, it's just a game.

    But for the first time I'm in agreement with what they did in terms of strategy because, frankly, what the message is for me is:

    Money will get you units to use to help you play the game, not skip the game.

    What I mean is : You're a cavalier, you are prepared to spend 300$ to get half a CC5, but there's no way for you, hey, here's an idea, get your ass in Abyss, use the 10k units you have from buying the offers finish your first pass of Abyss and get a full one for you time, game and skill.

    It's a clear message imo, and for the first time I find myself in agreement with one of Kabam's strategic choices regarding progress and offers. Keep the units and enjoy the game.

    Go ahead, shoot me. I'll use my units to revive :)
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    Totally useless deals for the F2p players
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 26,321 ★★★★★
    Theronin said:

    Totally useless deals for the F2p players

    Right, because they don't need 5*s, 6*s, AGs, and Sigs.
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    wow the comment section will never end lol
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    Well, I'm cav and went for the 1k unit deal. Thinking back, it was a really dumb thing to do.

    The only "valuable" thing I got was the 2 tier 2 alpha. The 15k shards gave me a sinister dupe from the featured, so that was a waste. I simply don't give a **** about the tier 4 CC selectors.

    The 1k units could have literally been enough to nearly explore the entirety of 6.3, and get 10 times the value. As a matter of fact, I spent about half the price on variant 5 exploration and got the same amount of shards, 2 tier 5 basics, a 25% tier 5 CC crystal, a 5* awakening gem, and some more stuff. All I needed for it was a rank 5 5* sorcerer, Stealthy, Claire, and 4* Doom, Voodoo and Magik.

    I could have saved up to 5k units, but was wise to instead spend the units on deep wounds.

    My principle- for as long as I'm cavalier, spend units on masteries and content. Screw "special deals".
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    I did the test, I did one abyss run tonight and I changed from cav to thronebreaker and you get the new deals (for TB) when you are able and have time and the team go for it it’s a funny experience (especially iw without fury lol)
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    Theronin said:

    Totally useless deals for the F2p players

    Deals in unit store are useless and overpriced as well...compared to TB deals
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    Man, I really walked into a warzone coming into the forums today... Kinda upset that no Cavalier unit offers gave any t5cc (or very little, I forgot what the offers were), but I only had 1k units anyways. I did have very small expectations, and they were surpassed! Just not in the direction I was thinking of... But hey, maybe Book 2 chapter 1 rewards and Variant 6 can make up for it. Hopefully.

    If not, there's always Christmas, right?
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    Theronin said:

    Totally useless deals for the F2p players

    Right, because they don't need 5*s, 6*s, AGs, and Sigs.
    You've got your point across youve been heard. Stop trying to incite arguments
    Every point in this thread was already heard 20 pages ago
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    I recently finally became uncollected. I don’t feel I am that good of a player, so I need more options to rank up. While I was somewhat happy with T2 alpha and some T5 basic in the deals, it won’t be enough for me to work towards Cav. And listening to everyone complain about the deals, I don’t have an incentive either to work towards Cav. Glory store prices are ridiculous, and my AQ team will not reach a level that will help me. So I guess I will be uncollected for awhile. And a new alliance won’t help since I would clearly be the weakest link on the team and will be booted.
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    Cav deals are completely garbage I won’t be spending this weekend. How can you guys be so out of touch with what we need.
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    Do something pls i dont want to quit this Game u really **** up big time
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    reeeky said:

    Do something pls i dont want to quit this Game u really **** up big time

    If you dont want to quit then dont quit
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