No Anniversary Gift? [Merged]

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I run 2 accounts on 2 devices. I log into my secondary account today to see that I didn’t receive an anniversary gift? I got the title and profile pic, yet no anniversary shard gift. It’s a Cav account, so I find that a bit weird.

Am I the only one this happened to?
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  • HeroSeeker1HeroSeeker1 Posts: 14
    Hi everyone, Hopefully this reaches a Kabam team member. I have been playing tis game for about 4 years or so and really enjoy it but idk if I am the only one experiencing this but for the past 4 times I have logged in I have had to reclaim my title and pfp. I just checked my inbox and there was 2 titles and pfp in my box and not only that but 2 messages with the 15k 5 star shards and 5k 6 star shards for being a cav player during this anniversary. I claimed them hoping this was just a visual glitch but it turns out it wasn't. Any advice would be nice since I would like to not get banned for doing absolutely nothing other than claiming mail. Also on all the times I claimed the mail I checked my account titles and pfp and they were not there.
  • HeroSeeker1HeroSeeker1 Posts: 14

    I have also done one of those ticket things
  • Psychic_2002Psychic_2002 Posts: 162

    I already have my title, so I thought I might point this out.
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    Gotten it 4 times now myself.
  • I didn't receive mine in my main account as well. I got the gift in my second account before the emergency maintenance.
  • iAmMoushiiAmMoushi Posts: 2
    I didn't receive any anniversary gift..just received a title and any other messages
  • kamleshkamlesh Posts: 7
    Same here
  • Only have 1 account, but also did not receive anniversary rewards 😕
  • Yes same here half of the players recieved it in my ally !!
  • Hello,
    I still didn't get my anniversary gift. My other alliance members got already.
  • Maybe it got lost after the emergency maintenance?
  • soloski1234soloski1234 Posts: 0
    after opening the game i only got my anniversary title i didnt get the free gift
  • HikoseyyuroHikoseyyuro Posts: 1
    Same here, though I was the only one
  • I did not get the anniversary rewards. I did get the anniversary title. Please check on this issue
  • CyinoCyino Posts: 14
    Same here. I didnt receive anniveresty gift either just profile pic and title. No shards..
  • Etm34Etm34 Posts: 1,088 ★★★★

    Maybe it got lost after the emergency maintenance?

    That’s my guess. But I’ll say it was definitely disappointing. Thought I was gonna be able to bust open a featured haha
  • Buck9studioBuck9studio Posts: 82
    I saw it in my inbox earlier today but never claimed it... Sat down tonight to open and it was not there. Only the title and pic. Was there an exiration time of a few hours?
  • KingBumpkinKingBumpkin Posts: 2
    I did not receive my anniversary gift either. I am cavalier too.
  • KingBumpkinKingBumpkin Posts: 2
    I did not receive my gift either
  • CyinoCyino Posts: 14
    Anyone didnt receive anniversary rewards!!?? I received nothing. I am an Uncollected player in this account.
  • NoskillsNoskills Posts: 4
    I am uncollected on my account but still didn't got any gift just got the title and not the shards.

  • NoskillsNoskills Posts: 4
    I also post and issue regarding this I also received only the title and not the rewards Pls help
  • NoskillsNoskills Posts: 4
    I also didn't receive the gift only the title pls help .I am uncollected on my account
  • NoskillsNoskills Posts: 4
    My in-game name in mcoc is ALPHA001~1
  • VABBI2003VABBI2003 Posts: 37
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    Hey @Kabam Miike. I just logged in ans i haven't recieved my gift yet. My ign is VABBI2003 and I'm lvl 54 and cavalier. Please resolve this issue fast
  • Same here I didn't receive the mint rewards mail for the anniversary gift. @Kabam Miike
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