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New Arena Structure Feedback



  • togurotoguro Posts: 2
    I have two tips for improving the arenas.
    1st tip, place the Grandmaster's crystal on the arena landmarks Recruiter's ordeals.

    2nd tip, decrease the total milestones of the two 6-star arenas to 12kk points, keeping the 20 existing milestones.

    I believe that these changes will please the 3 publics, beginner, intermediate and advanced.
  • juanrojas53juanrojas53 Posts: 2
    We do not need more champs, we need more units.
  • Count_WillisCount_Willis Posts: 41
    @Kabam Miike I appreciate the fact that you are reading and taking all the feedback, hoping that we can see some updates before Mr Negative comes to arena!
  • DaddriedaDaddrieda Posts: 1,018 ★★★

    been using this method for years as long i can remember. i use this method when my 5* and 6* collection isn't stacked or have enough max ranked. this method with using 4* compensate that while buying enough time to let those 5* refresh timer to be finished only to be used again. I'm only able to do this method to continue playing nonstop because the amount of r5 4* is stacked. in this picture i still had lots of r1 5* to use and it wasn't long before the r5 5* finished it's refresh timer, but the point is that we shouldn't use this resort to get the units to continue our game progress with completing content and so on. if we could just remove the deathmatches then that would be great and face the exact same equal rank and star rarity that the opponent has.

    for example if i use x3 of r3 5* then the opponent will have the same rank, rarity and not throw us a 6* with r2 just because of an streak formula bug that wasn't supposed to be in the game but was left alone for too long that we now need it. Just get rid of the bug and cap the opponent's PI value to 1x or 1,5x with the exact same rank and rarity. Then cut the milestones to half while increasing doubling or trippling the other remaining milestones resources then all is great.
  • T1M_3YT1M_3Y Posts: 1
    Oh wow, its so Hard... no its Not possible to reach All milestones... two arenas for the same type of Champions... its not possible for me, to reach the last milestone in one of them.
    Im sorry but thats a very bad Update for All little accounts. There are always the the same Player, in the top 1000 for the Champions but we little accounts need to reach the milestones for growing...
    I was never a very big Fan of the Arena, but i have to Play 24/7 for this Arena, but that will Not Happen...
  • moon12moon12 Posts: 19
    An what players who are not uncollected your just gonna give us that crappy 4 star nexus arena atleast have that arena as the basic an still have the old 3 star featured arena to help us progress better I mean why should we miss out on new characters because we're not whales
  • Anonymous2kAnonymous2k Posts: 10
    hey dear kabam,

    it is always nice to see change in the right direction buy unfortunately this is not it.
    1. the milestones are a lot higher and harder to obtain.
    2. too many milestones to claim.
    3. it's either get to max milestone and get very low 6* shards or try to get to the 6* featured meaning thise days it needs to be more 6* shards while getting to the last milestone in featured and in basic.
    4. why 300 x 6* reatured and only 100 x basic? it should be a lot more basic than featured (like 500 of the basic champ) from the meaning of the word it is a basic one an older champ should be a lot easier to obtain. and even 1000 of the 5* version on the next one for whoever didn't get the 6*.
    5. make a cuttof like 15m and whoever gets to it will get the 5* basic and whoever gets to 25m gets the 6*.

    I play arena every now and then buy looking at the changes don't even want to bother.

    now as it stands only the ones with huge rosters can get the Champs and extend there roster even more, there no chance for the guy that actually need the new champ
  • MostiiiMostiii Posts: 1
    Pls Tell me IT is a joke
    Very bad; the milestones are too far away and the rewards are bad for the time invested
  • Austin555555Austin555555 Posts: 2,915 ★★★★★
    Mostiii said:

    Pls Tell me IT is a joke
    Very bad; the milestones are too far away and the rewards are bad for the time invested

    One can hope but most likely we won’t have an update on this till the arena ends.
  • Suju1Suju1 Posts: 2
    We need resources like units. Earlier it was easy to get units even if you don't sore too much. Now units are too lless in arena. Reducing units and increasing milestone is not good improvement
  • XAgneloXXAgneloX Posts: 3
    Some changes was very great, like the cavalier crystals, but I have to spend a lot of time for the same or less units.
  • DaddriedaDaddrieda Posts: 1,018 ★★★
    maybe they thought it was an great idea to limit the competition and decided to release those extra milestones gaps? since you basically need to pick one and go for that only to compete the rank reward champion while ignoring the other arenas.

    maybe they thought it was a good idea to help us to compete for those champion at the basic arena and would be another way to build up our collection to later compete for the featured champion in the future while ignoring the basic arena?

    we really don't know, but this isn't really Quality of life improvement at all.
  • ddomddom Posts: 541 ★★
    Too few units overall, otherwise quite good
  • AlecFantasticAlecFantastic Posts: 62
    I have an idea for how to improve the structure if you’re looking constructive criticism on the arenas here’s my idea for a new one. 3 arenas, 2*&3*, 4*&5*, 5*&6*. For the 2/3* arena top milestone 1m, 10 milestones with 15 units per milestone with phc shards each milestone, milestone 8 is the featured 3* hero, top rank reward gets a 4* nexus, 2-200 get a generic 4* crystal. For the 4/5* arena top milestone 6m, 10 milestones with 25 units each with 1k grandmaster shards per milestone, milestone 8 is the 4* basic champ, top 1 rank rewards gets a 5* selector of either the basic or featured champ and a R1 to R2 5* gem, 2-400 gets the basic 5* hero. For the 5/6* arena top milestone is 15m, 10 milestones with 30 units per milestone with 100 5* shards and 1.2k grandmaster shards per milestone, milestone 8 is the 4* featured hero, top 1 rank rewards get a selector of a 6* of either the featured or basic champ with a R1 to R2 gem, 2-400 gets the 5* featured champ with 750 6* shards. In both the 2/3* & the 4/5* arena the rank champ you bring in with the higher star value points are multiplied by 2k points so: R1 is 2k, R2 is 4K, R3 is 6k, R4 is 8k, and R5 is 10k for each win with that rank champ. For the lower star value champs points are multiplied by 1k so: R1 is 1k, R2 is 2k, R3 is 3k, R4 is 4k, and R5 is 5k for each win with that rank champ. For the 5/6* arena the rank champ you bring in with the higher star value champs points are multiplied by 30k so: 6* R1 is 30k, R2 is 60k, R3 is 90k for each win with that rank champ. For the lower star value champs points are multiplied by 10k so: 5* R1 is 10k, R2 is 20k, R3 is 30k, R4 is 40k, and R5 is 50k for each win with that rank champ. All arenas still have a 3x multiplier for holding a 5+ win streak, also for each arena you are matched up against an opponent who’s team mirrors the rankings of your team. So if I brought in a team of R3,R3,R4 I would be matched up with a team with R3,R3,R4.
  • CrusaderjrCrusaderjr Posts: 54
    Im not sure how people are calculating or seeing new arena as beneficial? Kabam simply waved shards around as ranked rewards but people don’t understand how enslaving its going to be to reach those milestones for the fraction of units/chips in return.
    I think the biggest thing is people don’t understand that you will need to split your 6* on both new arenas to get close to the unit comparison that is mentioned. But in doing so itll take longer due to 6* refresh unless payed for.... some people will understand the math and many wont...
  • Charlie21540Charlie21540 Posts: 542 ★★★
    Well.... I'm not sure if I should start exploration of the Abyss. If units are going to become alot harder to come by, it looks to be in my best interest to save the units until this new arena layout is fixed.
  • KnudiebabyKnudiebaby Posts: 3
    Agree with everything posted already -
    Milestones are way too high.
    The amount of units earned compared to time spent playing is a large decrease.
    What am I supposed to use my 2 & 3* for? ... the future content for those champions better give some extravagant rewards.
    But what bothers me most is newer players & players with limited rosters are totally side-lined. What does a newer player with mainly 2 & 3* & limited 4* suppose to do? Grind hour upon hour to get a few measly units?
    Oh wait, I know. Kabam wants to press more $$ out of people buying units and/or resources 😒
  • Charlie21540Charlie21540 Posts: 542 ★★★
    pete8388 said:

    We won’t be able to address this right away, and there will be more Arenas like this before we can implement a new plan.

    R.I.P. units :(
    Yeah the way this sounds to me is like they're gonna keep it this way for months to come before any chance of a change will happen. Looks like the future of MCOC is gonna be rough for awhile.
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